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LOST - Season Three, second half (might contain spoliers)

Started by Geekyfanboy, January 18, 2007, 05:32:31 PM

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Never trust the others -- or anyone who associates with them.  They are evil and the evilness is contagious.  If Jack had involved Kate, Sayid or even Sawyer in his little "thing" with Juliet, I would be far more willing to trust him.   He only told them the truth at the last possible second.  I think he is also pulling the wool over Rousseau's eyes as well -- BIG mistake.   I think Rousseau is one of the others who rebelled when Ben came on the scene.   Guess we just have to wait and see.


While I have no issue with lightheartedly calling the Others evil, and I can definitely see the actions they take being wrong because of the negative impact they have on the Losties, I really think if they had started the show completely from the other's perspective we would be much less willing to declare them "evil". Misguided, definitely; ill-informed, assuredly; but evil?

Looking at their current actions, from Losties perspective, it sure looks like evil. But if you think the Dharma initiative was exploiting the island, performing unethical tests  on the inhabitants, the "hostiles" had to eradicate them to gain their freedom, they started dying out because of the lasting effects of the Dharma Initiative experiments, they felt they needed to protect themselves when flight 815 crashed, there were children that would grow up to hate them and kill them on the flight, they wanted to keep the properties of the island from killing the pregnant mothers and they felt the Losties would not understand but later would come around, and indeed some have ...

Very long sentence, but all of these points from the Other's perspective would not only prove them to be the good guys, which they truly believe, but considering how many of them the Losties have killed, they could see the Losties as the evil ones.

Not that I am particularly empathetic of the Others, I just don't think it's fair to paint them all with the same brush, as I really feel most of them are perfectly sane and rational, and don't truly understand what is going on.

Ben, on the other hand, is IMHO evil.
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LOST season finale!  Wow - just wow!  Loved it!  Will write more tomorrow.


Yes, it was pretty cool, did not expect the flash forward for Jack, as I spent the whole episode trying to figure out where it fit in Jacks backstory. My guess for the person who died in his flash forward will be either Locke or maybe Ben.
Caught me off guard with Charlie, but they gave him a very fitting end.
Hurley to the rescue, sorry to see Tom go though.
Not really sure what to make of Locke, I liked how they worked Walt into the epsiode. Locke is definitely walking a different path from everyone else.


I knew it was a Jack flash forward from the very first moment.. not sure why I just did but then he made several comments about his Dad like he was still alive. So I figured I was wrong and it was a flashback, since his dad died before the plane crash...but then we got to the end and it was a flash forward so what was the deal with Jack talking about his dad as if he was alive... that is my only complaint about tonight's episode.. everything else was AWESOME.

We all knew Charlie was going to die, he has been marked for death since early in season three.  Not liking Locke at the moment. I think it was Locke who was in the casket that no one went to.

Now we have to wait eight months before we get more....


My head is still kind of spinning from everything that happened in last night's show.  Lot's of good, good stuff happened.  I really enjoyed this finale - a lot.  The people were starting to act like I think they should.  Mainly working together to get off that darn island.  The look into Jack was very interesting.  I have to say, I was glad they finally fought back and took out some of the Others.  Way overdue for what they have put them all through.  Sawyer has really turned to the dark side now.  I'm not sure what to think about everything that Ben said about contacting the outside for rescue, etc.  Seems a bit to convenient.  I have to say it was kind of fun to watch Jack pound Ben in the face over and over. 

Now as far as the flash forward several questions come up.  Is Jack's dad really still alive?  Was him "dying" just a ruse to get Jack on the Oceanic flight?  So it appears at least 3 of them get off the island, Jack, Kate and, person X  (the dead body in the coffin).  Who was dead that no one came to the funeral?  Why is it Jack thinks they should of just stayed on the island?  And of course, why is Jack so messed up now in the future?

Lots of questions to ponder over the long wait for new shows.


This is why I love Lost...the name of the funeral home in last nights episode was (Hoffs/Drawlar) anagrams to "Flash Forward"


Here is a screen cap of the piece of newspaper... everyone is trying to figure out who died in the flash forward.

We know it was a Man.


I thought lost was great last night.

Finally Jack says no to Ben.  Ben is such a great creep. :starwars:

Sawyer.. DARK!  oooooooooo. :ninja

Charlie...  :'(  Maybe he swam out the window?  I could always hope. :angel:

Penny?  Hmmmm?????? :lamo

Jack's dad... ALIVE?  or just dillusions of a drunk man. :smilie_bleh:

Go Hurley.  I never seen a VW bus used as a rescue plot.   :metallica:

Jack and Juliette?  smooooooch! :love

Gold passes for the survivors. :flying

Oh, there was so much to see, and so little time.  And now we have to wait.

My wife said, I bet they are going to do the whole show from the future now, and show flash backs from the Island.  I laughed.

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Quote from: moyer777 on May 24, 2007, 09:44:27 AM
My wife said, I bet they are going to do the whole show from the future now, and show flash backs from the Island.  I laughed.

Well that is the popular rumor at the moment.. they kept saying the finale would take Lost in another entirely new direction.  I wouldn't be surprised if they brought to the  show to present time 2008 and showed the past three years in flashbacks.


Here is a better shot of the newpaper.. you can make out Man first name J....... last name is ....ntham he was from New York


Man Found in Downtown Loft

The body of J? ?ntham of New York was ?? (found?) shortly after 4am
in the ?? (a number and block?) of Grand Avenue. ?? doorman at
The Tower ?? ntham's loft heard loud noises ?? the loft ??
safety, he entered the ?? discovered the ?? from a beam in the



Ok, I'm back to Lost Fandom.   Woweee -- what a show !!  This was a long time coming - even with that ending.   The supposed flashback.   Didn't Jack look younger ?  His hair more black ?   I wonder also -- is this a possible future or just the one that would result if things continue on their present course ?   It can go just about anywhere in the next 3 YEARS.  Almost wants to make me get a physical -- I must see the end of this freakin' show !!   Locke is just getting plain spooky.  I'm sure he only thinks he saw Walt.

Hurley saves the day -- YEAH !!!
Charley didn't have to die.  Seems like he had plenty of time
Mikhail is a COCKROACH -- he just won't DIE !!!
No way would I go off with Ben alone -- whatever he has to say, say it in front of everyone
That was nice with Rousseau and Alex
I would just wrung Ben's neck -- Jack is still too nice sometimes
Hurray for Sawyer "I don't believe him" -- its gosh darn about time
What's the deal with Locke ?  Did he have to go number 1 there at the end ?  :D

I'll try to be on the skype call.  So much to talk about