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The Walking Dead

Started by Geekyfanboy, September 10, 2010, 10:23:51 AM

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I'm loving this show and I'm not a Zombie or horror fan.

Definately a must watch.


Quote from: Dangelus on November 12, 2010, 01:02:22 PM
I'm loving this show and I'm not a Zombie or horror fan.

Definately a must watch.

For sure!  The series has the potential to be a major hit for several reasons-  First off, the Zombie Thing isn't the focus of the stories. Instead, it is a tool used to create some incredible drama.  Second, Kirkman is churning out gold with the comic series.  The writing is great, and the way the book is structured lends itself to TV serialization.  And he's already put out enough top-quality material to keep the series going for several years. :)


This show is quickly turning into a favorite.  The most recent episode was really excellent, well acted and gripping,....

(lots of plot stuff ahead...don't read unless you don't mind spoilers)

[spoiler]I am shocked Rick has already found his wife and kid.  That's the kind of thing series would usually drag out.  Just the reactions and reunion were amazingly real and genuine, I thought.  And I really like how Rick has manged to keep his moral center, at least so far and had to go back for the guy they left behind.  As compared to his buddy (Shane?) who was hooking up with his wife before Rick came back.  That guy has become a loose cannon.  The end part where was just beating on that guy was hard to watch.  Anyway, loving the series so far.[/spoiler]


Watched the latest episode last night (11/28).  Another really good one.  The ending was cool too - setting maybe some things up.  Only one more episode for the season next week.  Like I said on this week's podcast, we are only getting 6 episodes this season - sadly.


Season finale tonight!  (12-5-10)


So I finished season 1 and I'm still just iffy on the whole thing. It's not a bad show, but it's hardly amazing to me. I think it could be better. Maybe it would help if I actually liked the characters. I want to love it, but it's just not there for me. So might I pose the question why does everybody else love this show?


I liked the season finale.  Interesting and different episode.  A few comments....

[spoiler]For me, the show is about the characters (obviously).  I actually like most of the characters and find them sympathetic.  The only guy right now that really bugs me is Rick's old partner - the creep still trying to get busy with his wife.  He's a bully and not a good leader or person.  But, I can understand him.  The fascinating thing about the show is how people deal with such a terrible situation.  Some revert to a more animal way of life, while others try to hold on to their humanity and civilized ways.  Looking forward to the next season.  Hope the wait isn't too long[/spoiler]


I haven't seen this, I'm not even sure we get the channel it's on. In light of that and against the day it appears somewhere I can see, my question would be about how it all hangs together if they make no attempt to explain the hows and the whys of what's going on. Doesn't the lack of that information detract from the show?

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Well, it's only been six episodes and for me not knowing what caused the outbreak hasn't bothered me - yet.  I know from what some have said, the comics haven't explained it and they have been running for years.  The last episode of this season touched on it slightly, but with no real answers.  But, I think the show (and comic) is a character study, not really about the why or how of their circumstances.


So, I borrowed 68 issues of the comic. I read about 43 of them today. (Hey! It was my day off!) If they stick loosely to the comic books, I see this show running for many many years. The last 3 episodes of the show weren't in the comics (at least what I have seen yet), but the comics have good stuff in it.
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One of the teachers in my daughter's school won one of the shuffle on roles.


The thing that makes this show so great for me, is that we are seeing a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of survivors over a greater length of time than usual. Most zombie movies cover a shorter period of time than this. Any that do last few weeks usually have 90% of the survivors time spent hiding out away from any zombie contact. Also, most movies end with the survivors either dying or riding off into the sunset to try and find some kind of sanctuary. Here we get to follow the survivors in an ongoing struggle. Strong characters who wouldn't normally associate with each other are also extremely interesting...We even got introduced to some characters that aren't really in this season much and are sure to appear at some point in the future....can't wait. Highlight of the year for me!



Hope everyone can hang on a long time.  Season two probably won't start airing for about nine+ months!


Halloween 2011 if I've heard correctly....give me chance to catch up on Smallville. I'm nearly through season 2 :?


Quote from: ori-STUDFARM on December 11, 2010, 07:05:26 AM
Halloween 2011 if I've heard correctly....give me chance to catch up on Smallville. I'm nearly through season 2 :?

I hope it's not quite until next Halloween, but we'll see.