Star Trek: Season 11 Episode 1

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JP by Meds, Crystal, Jen & Just X [part 2 of 2]

D'Callan stepped closer to the dais, excusing himself asthey moved towards the woman who was now trying to tinker with the device. "Move back please." The seconds were ticking and Joe had little time. He glanced back at the Romulan security at the door, upon spotting him emerging from the side, they moved forward.

"Not today mates." Joe murmured to himself as he used a few of the gathered crowd to block the officers approaching him. Then he moved forward even faster. This caused some disruption but it was the best he could do, outside of shouting at the top of his lungs what was really going on and sending panic through the room. The Romulan's were slowed as they were forced to sort through the people blocking them.

Shelby was prompted to take action of her own to help D'Callan but she also knew the value of staying under the radar, Joe had the situaiton handled, she moved in from behind and watched the Romulan woman and waited.

Glancing down at her bracelet Rheylan growled out. "Dhaaaaaattt" The woman screeched and quickly searched the area for an other weapon she might be able to use. She spotted Joe approaching her and with a cold glimmer of understanding she grabbed a glass tumbler from a nearby table she threw it at him.

The unexpected impact of the glass, which shattered against his forehead, sliced into his skin. The attack took the chief off guard
and he stumbled backwards, nearly losing his grip on his vid-com.

The seconds it took for her actions to register sent Shelby into motion, she grabbing the senator from behind and the pair went back into a table colapsing it. An uproar came from the crowd and security had to start fighting the fleeing people.

Without a pause, Daelen got back onto her feet as did the senator, she swung at Shelby but missed as the security officer ducked. In return, Daelen spun around and kicked the woman right in the mid-section and sent her staggering into an aide who quickly untangled themselves and ran from the scene.

Diving in through the pain, Joe grabbed the distracted romulan woman's arm and ripped off the device with one move. Then he stepped away before she could stop him. A cry of angish came from her and almost desperately she grabbed at a large ornate figure made of metal. With a warrior's scream she ran after Joe, raising it up over her head with
the intent on bringing it down on his head. She was on the verge of taking him out when an unexpected body came flying across her path from the side and tackled her.

The two women tumbled onto the floor, followed by the statue which echoed in the hall amid gasp and some shouting. The Romulan security officers who had been approaching Shelby and D'Callan ran in and pulled the woman off Daelen. Joe moved over to Shelby and helped her to her feet, pulling her away from the tangle of woman and security officers.  "Arrest the Senator. She's is the one who murdered your people." Stunned but still awake the woman fought the guards.

"He lies!!!!" She screech, "I am a patriot!"

Holding up the jeweled bracelet, Joe pulled at the reddish gem, giving it a last twist the facing came off exposing circuitry underneath. "Does a patriot have a device which controls nanites that kill?!" Joe said only loud enough for the officer to hear him. "She's an enemy of the Empire. She was was going to kill more of your people tonight with this!"

One of the men took a better look at the device and he turned and said something to the woman in Romulan. Then the pair spoke quickly back and forth.

"She lies it is still active..." Shelby interrupted the pair and the woman glared at the half Romulan.

Shortly after that the security officer nodded his head and the woman was dragged off screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Stretching out his hands to prove that he had nothing in his, Joe spoke, "I need to deactivate it."

Stepping to the chief Shelby looked at the device. "You sure about this?"

"If I do something wrong we'll know right away."  He said with a wiry smirk as he lowered his eyes to the device.  After a moments thought he didn't look up at her, he just put his hand out "Hair pin, please."

Shelby put her hand behind her head and pulled a pin out letting a roll of her curly hair drop down as she crouched down next to him she offered it to D'Callan.

Flicking his eyes up he caught her hair with his finger. "Nice, you look good with it down." with a wink he turned his attention back to the device. "I need to get the activate nodule depressed. Time?"

Shelby checked the vidcom "fifteen seconds Joe"

Joseph stuck the pin into the device and listened to the gentle clicks and movements "We cant just destroy it, I need to break the
programming so that it is rendered inactive permanently. Time?"

"Ten" came Daelen's clear voice.

The green light suddenly began to glow brighter and brighter and the device began to heat up.

"Five seconds, four, three, two....." Shelby said in a lower voice.

There was an audible click and Joeseph sat back with a gasp of relief.

"Well that was close. " He looked up at Shelby and threw her the trigger weapon. "I'm afraid you're hair pin is melted into the neutron flow"

"I'll live.." she said with a smile.

Turning and addressing the Romulan security officer, Joe explained what the Senator's plans had been. With some reluctance but in the end with an understanding that all the Senators would need to be checked out, the Officer began to round up the other Romulan's in the room.

Standing up Joseph looked at the crowd of people who had remained, some were bewildered and they were unsure of what to do next, walking forward he tapped his com badge "D'Callan to Captain James and Doctor Drett, the situation is under control. We have the suspect in Romulan security's custody and the device is disabled. I will get it to Bella as soon as I can. Doctor Drett I will arrange for the Senators to come to you for the nanite removal"

Ryla answered back "Understood. Good work Joe, look forward to that beer you owe me"

After Shelby and Joe assisted in organizing and removal of the senators to the Arabella's medical bay Joseph smiled as he took a deep breath and  put his arm around Shelby and drew her close "So about this breakfast in bed rule of yours, care to explain"

Shelby smiled at Joseph and whispered as they walked "Later, much later"