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Star Trek: Season 10

Started by Jen, June 26, 2009, 08:48:44 AM

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Standing by the table Joseph lifted a small tankard, popping the lid he took a sniff and straight away backed off.


Looking at it with dubious eyes he decided to take a small glass. The flowing liquid had a strange blue colour but when rested in the glass seperated into two different shades. Looking around he smiled at some of his collegues who all smiled back. Tipping the glass to one side the liquid did not move.

"Hmmm this may not be a good idea"

Shrugging his shoulders he took a sip, swilled it around his mouth and then swallowed. Coughing suddenly he felt the burn in his throat and quickly turned and brought the liquid back up into the glass. Putting it down and grabbing some water he looked back at the bottle and turned it round. ' Condoit Cleaner' raisng his eyes Joseph picked up the bottle and put it under the table before picking up the obvious ale of his home land and joined the guests while running his tongue over his teeth.


Music played well into the night as new musicians arrived to replace tired ones and new foods steadily appeared. Politics had been temporarily put aside to allow various houses and their blood enemies to mingle in peace. Too much had been lost for the romulans gathered to not welcome the festivities. Senators, in name only, from both halves of a once sundered empire now conversed with their former political and ideological foes. Hours after he had last been seen, Imperial Praetor Oryn returned to the festivities.

Like any good noble, Oryn moved between various circles with compliments and smiles. Both the Empty Chair and the Sword of S'Task had been transfered to the new senate chambers aboard the station and placed under high security. While many of the nobles masked their emotions from their face with false smiles to their foes, Oryn could see genuine smiles on some of them and most of the gathered officers. Those romulans that favored the political scene were already hard at work trying to build new allies and strengthen their status for the new elections that would be required.

Oryn's smile faded when Nevash separated from those she mingled with and headed in his direction. Even her smile was predatory as she moved within conversational range.

"It is good to see that the Imperial Heir has rejoined the festivities," the elder romulan said and drew closer to Oryn. "Hopefully, spending time with your people hasn't disrupted your personal activities too much."

"What do you want?" Oryn asked through clinched teeth. The call that had interrupted his conversation with Cyra had been a warning from the Federation. Someone, the very someone standing before him, had been using the station communications systems to inquire about Cyra and her family. Nevash wasn't the only one looking into the half Orion that held quarters in the noble district, but she had been the most determined in gathering that information. "More to the point, what are you trying to accomplish?"

Nevash smile simply grew, "Who am I to begrudge a man of your status his slave girl? I simply wish that a woman of my status maintains her own position. It is good that you have offered her your protection, but you do realize that her family might be still vulnerable to those wishing to influence you."

"Be careful of the next words to leave your mouth," Oryn warned.

"You have me wrong." she offered. "I am no threat to your concubine or her family, but I know that there are those who are hunting for your weaknesses now. It would not bode well for this empire or alliance if they found them."

Oryn brought up his own false smile and leaned close to the senator to whisper into her ear.

Nevash drew back with fear apparent on her face, but quick found her composure. Seeing that victory could not be obtained at this point, the senator retreated back into the crowds to ponder the threats that Oryn has whispered to her.


A piercing scream erupted from a small corner of the Imperial Courtyard that brought the music to a halt and every eye in the room turning towards it's source. Jade blood flowed from almost every orifice of a obviously vulcanoid figure laying face down on the cool stone floor.

"She needs help!" a younger romulan woman, the source of the scream and splattered in blood, yelled as it continued to pool on the floor.

Medical personnel from both the Federation and the empire rushed towards the scene as other party goers moved aside to clear a path.

"Clear the area." Ryla Dret, the first to arrive, said and quickly moved to the side of the woman to check her pulse.

Unable to find a rhythm or beat, she tapped her combadge. "Drett to Arabella and Quinirus Medical Station. We have a medical emergency in the Imperial Courtyard!"

Several heartbeats past before the hum of transporters could be heard and the emergency medical team of the station appeared.

Humans and romulans rushed to the side of the patient with their medical tricorders already gathering information. Some scanned the downed romulan while the others checked the blood splattered woman for signs of possible contagion.

"What's the status?" one of the romulan medics asked Ryla, who had no doubt who the woman was.

"No vitals, no observed cause of symptoms." Ryla said while taking the tricorder from the medic with no apologies. "Patient is Senator Nevash I treated her on the Arabella."

"Can you save her?" he asked.

The single tone of the tricorder confirmed what her initial evaluation had discovered. "We need security to lock down the area. Senator Nevash is dead."

To be continued in Season XI of the RPG....