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Star Trek: Season 11 Episode 1

Started by X, January 05, 2010, 07:36:09 AM

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On of the great things about Ensign Hermaratlo's current post aboard the Arabella was flexibility. Well, at least for now. Who knew what a new Chief will bring to the the department, but for now Herm was able to come and go pretty much as he pleased, as long as his duties were attended to. Herm loved his work, so it wasn't often he was away from his lab space, but this morning he was aboard the station.

Sutpak Choro was driving him crazy. The elderly Romulan was a bit... eccentric... at least by Romulan standards. Since the first murder, and now another, he seemed to be becoming even more erratic. He was so desperate to meet with Herm that he had called him at least once an hour all night long. The only way to shut him up was to meet with him. Maybe if Herm did that, he could get some sleep.

Herm had not had an opportunity to visit the station yet. When your career involved working with small artifacts, things like starships seemed huge. By that standard, the station was mind boggling. To think that sentient beings are able to build something that hangs in space that can house more than 1.5 million people... There were times Herm could not wrap his brain around it, in spite of his Starfleet Academy training.

As he entered the main plaza, Herm took several minutes just to stand and stare. It was so much like his home Risa, at least how he remembered it when he was young, before it was destroyed by the Borg. The only thing it lacked was green plants, but other than that, this could have been any city on Risa. The mosaic floor, the ring of shops around the edge of the square, even the lighting made it appear as if the sun was rising over the city. Amazing.

Herm walked over to a control panel to let his host know he was here. After several attempts to contact Sutpak, Herm asked the computer.

"Computer, locate Sutpak Choro."

A very serious Romulan voice came in reply. "Sutpak Choro is not aboard the station."

Great. Stood up for breakfast. It's possible his host had business aboard the Arabella or one of the other ships of the fleet currently docked. Nothing much to do but wait.

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. - Mark Twain


Joint Post by Meds & Crystal.

Walking along the gantry Dunn yawned and stretched out his arms. Combing the area had been about as much fun as being shot out of a torpedo tube. No one was very talkative and he was going to start talking to himself as a relief option if things didn't change soon.

He scanned the area of the promanade one last time before heading back, as he looked up at the impressive green tinted glass dome his eyes fell upon two women, one Romulan and another with a half-mask and too many veils to be sure of any species other than humanoid.

Dunn squinted and studied the pair of women. One of them, with long dark hair reminded him very much of his friend and collegue Shelby Daelen. She wouldn't be running around on the promanade though in civvies; would she?

Chris cupped a hand by his mouth and shouted up through the air. "Daelen!" Dunn whistled as well and went to wave but the two figures continued on their way as if they had not heard anything. Curiosity, a trait drilled into him by his chief, got the best if him and he took a turbo lift to the promenade balcony. Where he last spotted the pair.

By the time he got out of the lift though, the women were gone, searching the area with diligence he came up empty. Stepping out of the main thourghfair Dunn activated his vidcom and scanned the area, still nothing.

Pressing the black and yellow checked button Dunn pointed the vidcom to himself.

As Joseph walked his com badge chirped "Incoming holo message from Ensign Dunn"

Unclipping his own vidcom and accessing Dunns holo cube Joe acknowledged the transmission. The man's face loomed a bit too close to the vidcom giving him a 'fish-eye' appearance; the type one might get when peering through a security magnifying hole in a door.

"Back away from the bloody cam Dunn you look like the back end of a spoon" There was a hint of humor in Joe's voice but his expression did not betray any other emotions.

Dunn held it further back "Sorry Sir, I'm on the higher promenade and..well Sir I could have sworn I saw Ensign Daelen, she wasn't in uniform and she didn't answer me when I called out to her. She also had another person with her but I couldn't make them out....I've not seen her since the ceremony...did she take some time off?"
Joseph leant into his vidcom, he knew when he let Shelby and Nalah go that this was always a risk but he also had made a promise to Shelby. Relaxing his tone a little more D'Callan responded casually.

"I shouldn't worry Christopher, Shelby is off duty i'm sure you will see her later tonigh. Probably just seeing too many Romulan's for your own good. Report back if you see these two people again."

"But if it is Shelby what is she...."

Joseph cut Dunn off mid sentence "You need to finish the vid-scans and get those back to me. I can handle Ensign Daelen. Off you go now, D'Callan out"
The holo images on D'Callan's side snapped off and Christopher Dunn stood looking into blank space. He took a deep breath of the station air, it tasted bitter and made his mouth dry. He felt somewhat shined on by the Chief but then he reminded himself that the man was under a lot of pressure at the moment.

Lowering the device he replaced it in it's case and he headed back into the main throughfair. He walked a bit more then he found himself a nice looking beverage bar, this would be the ideal place to keep a watch on the area and to have a drink. The man settled down and ordered himself a refreshing synthahol while he watched the crowds go by

Shelby D

JP by Bryan & Crystal

Walking down a deserted corridor Nalah and Shelby made their way silently towards their destination.

The pair was careful to avoid the security cameras which they now knew were in certain spots on the station and they moved with a skillful ease in and out of the shadows in the sections they were not sure of. Eventually they exited at a corridor near where the door was that Shelby had brought Joe to.

Slipping inside Shelby was the first to talk once they were secure. "We need to get this to D'Callan." her eyes seemed focused. "How, is the problem...." reaching into her pocket the half romulan gave the matter some more thought.

"Well, we could just sneak aboard the Arabella. I hear their security personnel are pretty lax..," Nalah teased with a shrug.

While Shelby shot her a 'I'm not so amused' look she added. "Very funny." pulling out the data padd the security officer began to sort through the information one last time. "He really needs to see this, so he can clear you first of all and then maybe he can figure out who really 'did' do this."

"We could always use a surrogate," she suggested while she worked to remove the half mask and the veils from her face. "I gotta tell you something here. These things are not made for air flow efficiency." Setting them aside Nalah thought back to earlier when the pair had ditched the security officer on the promenade.

"It's a possibility, I need someone who isn't going to rat us out though and that will take the information directly to Jo - the Chief."

"How about that guy we ditched earlier?" she grabbed a dry cloth and patted her face. "Not sure who he was but if you trust him.....that just might be the way to go."

"Dunn?" Daelen went silent for a bit, "I trust him well enough. I'm just not sure what he knows though at this stage."

"It might be the only chance we get before D'Callan starts hunting us both."

Taking a deep breath, Shelby glanced over at the Romulan woman. "Yeah, you're right...." she paused thinking about any other possibilities they could use to their advantage. Sending it to him directly wasn't an option as his transmissions were being monitored; they knew that from their jaunt with the Romulan security men. "All right. I need to be the one to approach him then. I don't want him trying to arrest you. Since we are back in my territory this is what we are going to do...." 


JP by Meds, Crystal, Bryancd

Nalah stood in the far corner of the darkened room, watching intently through the half mask as Shelby made her way towards the bar. She carefully strode towards a table where the Starfleet Security officer sat, his head down staring intently at a PADD while he sipped at what was left of his drink.

Shelby moved to sit across from Dunn, her dark hair long and hiding her ears, as she glanced around to ensure they were alone. "Chris..." she said softly.

Dunn looked up at the scruffy Romulan opposite him and then back down at his vidcom, suddenly he flashed his eyes back up to Shelby's grey orbs.

"Bloody hell Daelen. What have you been doing? Cleaning garbage chutes?"
Shelby smiled " Actually cleaning your room. Look I need you to do something for me." she could see the skeptisism in his expression.

Dunn put his vidcom down "You want me to buy you some soap?"

Shelby ignored his joke " No, stop with the joking, I need you to get something to the chief. It's very important and it's got to be done quickly"

Dunn still smiled as he leaned back. "I have to know something first. He leaned forward and glanced around before he spoke, "Was that you on the promenade earlier?"

Sighing Shelby sat back and scowled, placing her hands down on the table and staring down the man, "Chris this is serious. I need your help."

Dunn frowned "No one has said anything to me." his face began to become unreadable; he was already suspicous this wasn't going to be easy. "Tell me what is going on."

"I've - " the revelation that if she exposed Joe's involvement in this to this man risked everything stopped her cold. "been busy. I can't go into what. Just trust me when I say that this is very important that D'Callan gets what I have and my time is runnng out"
"I'm not doing anything til I get a few answers." Dunn shifted his eyes around the room, seeing if Shelby was alone or if she was with anyone he might recongnize.

"Chris, look, a lot is on the line please. No one is supposed to know. I'm not even meant to be speaking to you. The only reason why I'm talking to you is because we - I trust you"

"Who is 'we' ?" the man's eyes darted around the room again and this time his gaze fell on the shadowy figure of Nalah in the corner, who he couldn't really make out from the table he was at. Looking away, Dunn diverted back to Shelby. "More like I'm the only mug you can find"

"It's not like that, if the chief doesn't get this my career is at stake as well as other lives..." pausing the woman thought that there was a softening in his eyes. "Help me, please."

Dunn swirled the small amount of liquid in the bottom of his glass, his thoughts mixed with anger and a bit if resentment. Slowly he lifted his eyes back at Shelby, she looked tired, dirty and worried. "Sure, ok, where is the information"

With relief, Shelby fought the urge to look back at Nalah and she reached into her jacket pocket. Pulling out a data disc. "It's a disc. I made sure it was universally formated. It's in my hand under the table."

Leaning forward, Dunn smiled at her as if she was saying something nice or funny to him, he reached with his hand and felt the rounded edge of the item. Taking it he smiled even brighter and he sat back again. "I'm taking a big risk here Daelen." he said with an even stare.

"It'll be ok, thank you Dunn." rising to her feet, Shelby leaned down close to the security officer and she gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Watch your back and take the long way home. Don't use the comms to notify him of anything. Just get it to Joe straight away. He'll know what to do.

Christopher watched her walk away and he noted that the figure in the shadows, although it didn't blatently get right beside Daelen, the shadow fell in shortly behind the security officer as they left the bar. It had been these two that he had seen earlier, he was sure of that now.

As he waited to leave, sitting there, suddenly the disc in his fingers felt different. It felt heavier than before, more of a burden and with Shelby's warning so very dangerous.


"Ensign! Good morning! Come, walk with me!" Sutpak was shouting from somewhere behind Herm.

Surprised, after having been told by the computer that Sutpak wasn't on the station, Herm turned to see that he was already walking away from him, headed toward one of the cafe's at the edge of the main square. Herm jogged up to meet him.

"I thought you weren't on the station.", said Herm.

"Why would you think that? I told you to meet me here.", replied Sutpak.

"I didn't see you, so I asked the computer to find you. It said you weren't on the station."

"Oh, that... it... uh...it must have just been a glitch."

Herm was suddenly concerned for two reasons. In the short time he had known his Romulan friend, he had never been at a loss for words. Also, he had never heard of any Romulan anywhere referring to anything made with Romulan hands as having a 'glitch'. Obviously, Sutpak was hiding something, but Herm didn't press matters. They strode for a while in silence.

Herm was again impressed with the massiveness of the place. The Arabella could hang from the glass dome above him. Ok, maybe not quite, but the city square was larger than the small town he lived in as a child on Risa.

As if sensing his thoughts, Sutpak broke the silence. "How are you feeling, Ensign? I know when I called you the other day I had interrupted a mourning ceremony. It was the anniversary of the Borg offensive, was it not? When Risa was destroyed?"

Herm was not surprised by his knowledge of the event. While many Romulans were "Romulan-centric", focusing on Romulan matters, Sutpak was much more personable. Maybe it was his age.

"It wasn't a ceremony, as such, it was more a personal thing. I don't talk much about it. I was on Earth when it happened..." Herm trailed off. Sutpak had been on Romulus when it  was  destoyed, escaping  at the last second on  a transport. He  had watched the planet crumble beneath him. But even though Herm hadn't seen  his home world destroyed, he still felt a stabbing pain in his chest when he thought about it.

"Maybe, someday, your people and mine can sit down and talk about it, but I don't think any of us, Romulans, Vulcans, Risians, and many others who have seen devastation in the past century, will ever be able to share one on one about our loss. It's too personal."

Herm could only nod in agreement. The had arrived at a traditional Romulan cafe' and had taken seats in the "outdoor" area. Sutpak took the liberty of ordering for both of them in Romulan. Herm was disappointed when the food arrived moments later, the tell-tale sign that it was replicated, but supply lines were still being established so he shouldn't have expected food made from scratch.

Before Herm could even look at his plate to try to figure out what he was eating, Sutpak started talking.

"Ensign, it's time I told you who I am and why I was on that ship with the senators."
When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. - Mark Twain


Ensign Christopher Dunn held the security disc tight in his hand and kept that hand in his trouser pocket. He looked round the corridors as he walked and for some strange reason this disc seemed heavy.
Thoughts ran through his mind 'Who was with Daelen?, What was o n this disc? Why hadn't his chief told him about Daelens work? He shrugged it off and bumped straight into a set of Romulan Imperial guards. Dunn smiled and clenched his hand tighter around the disc. "Ah hello there. kind of lost, don't suppose you'd be so kind as to direct me to the portal dock for the Arabells?" The guards looked at him and sniggered. "Federation newbies. Ha. Go down corridor z1 cross section sixty two, take the left tunnel, upper deck turbo lift and then enter the third corridor on your left, second exit"

Dunn smiled and nodded "Thanks" he moved around the guards and headed in the direction they pointed and as he rounded the corner stopped, took his vidcom out and checked the directions he knew he already had. Unsurprisingly the directions the guards had given him would have sent him on a full circle back to where they were. Taking his own directions it took Christopher thirty minutes to get to the portal dock, once on the Arabella the weight of the disc seemed less heavy.

Joseph stretched his arms out and looked at his monitor. All the data collected from his interview with Ryla, K'an, Oryn and the meeting with Margon that he just come from had all been processed. The information from the other investigators under him had been handed in and the only two things left were Dunn's vidcom account and Shelby Daelen coming back with Nalah. he checked his monitor clock, Daelen still had time. To his right lay the PADD with the autopsy report from the latest victim. Blood samples showed a high level of metal minerals in the blood stream, he didn't like what the report stated one bit. Hearing a noise coming towards his office Joseph put his hand under his desk and held his phaser, suddenly through the door came Dunn, out of breath and looking very tired.

"Been sleeping Chris?"

Dunn dropped his hands to his knees to catch his breath he then took the disc out of his pocket and handed it to his chief. Joseph took it and held it up to the light "Explain?"

Christopher stood up and took the chair in front of the desk. "I saw Shelby, she told me to give you this, she said you would understand. Sir whats going on?"

Joseph smiled a little "Lets have your vidcom"

Dunn handed it over and Joseph connected the com to the computer, once again the words 'sync came on the screen' waiting for a moment Joseph looked back at Dunn and then to the screen. "Right lets connect all this together and see what we have aye Chris"

The monitor began to assemble all the data but one section was missing, part of the gala evening was missing. "Right this is a pain, this is blocked"

Chris lent in "Yeah when i was scanning the vidcom would not pick up this area of the gala room, there was a camera above me which would have recorded the ..."

Joseph put his hand up and twirled the disc around his fingers "You thinking what I am thinking"

Dunn nodded and Joseph put the disc through the vidcom and suddenly the file was complete. "Chris this file is just way to big to view here, we need the holo suite and then we will have the total reconstruction. I'll meet you there, holo suite number one, you know enough you may as well be in on the whole thing but its between you and me. Right"

Dunn smiled he felt better knowing the chief trusted him. D'Callan tapped his com badge "D'Callan to the Captain, could you meet me in holo suite number one. We have the entire reconstruction of the Gala and evidence to go through and i have the reports with the blood samples."


"I'm currently in a meeting," Aeric said in reply to Joe's communication. Any command officer that had not had some part in the investigation were now with him and the young woman in a gold operations uniform. While he stood in the room with her, the others were in the dimly lit observation room. There was no sign of rank insignia on her collar, but there was a tangible sense of awe in the air.

"You should meet with him captain," the young woman said. "He might have made a break in the case. Lieutenant Dunn is requesting use of holodeck one. It might be connected."

Aeric paused and nodded. "Clear them for use of the holodeck."

The woman nodded slowly. "Access granted, but Ensign Bolamare had to be rescheduled and moved to holodeck two."

"Thank you Bella." He replied with a slow smile. She was learning faster than Titan had. In limiting her role to specific departments, it had allowed her to grow faster in her specializations.

The members of the crew that had been allowed to witness this did not know what to make of it all. Aeric did not need to read their thoughts to feel their emotions. There was no doubt that new life stood before them and she was amazing.

"James to D'Callan." Aeric said with a quick tap of his badge. "I'll be in route shortly, I'm in the process of bringing our new operations manager up to speed. James out."

"Operations manager?" Bella asked with a twinkle of delight in her now green eyes.

Aeric nodded. "Computer, grant Bella title and responsibilities in the role as operations manager on this stardate. Authorization James Beta seven six gamma two.

"Access granted," replied the computer in a voice that had been remodulated to match Bella's softer tone.

"Everyone to your posts." Aeric ordered and made for the door.

"Aye captain," Bella offered before vanishing and reappearing on the bridge and leaving the organic crew to make their own path to their posts.


Joint Post by Meds, Feathers & justx
Joseph stood above the gala party which was still being built by the holo-emmiters, all information from the vidcoms, the interviews, and the disc that Dunn had given him were all being computed. The door opened and Aeric walked in, Joseph turned "Sir. All information is being processed including that from the other investigating teams. We have had a little bit of luck with some information that was hidden, this I hope will piece everything together."

Aeric looked sincere "We need this finished Joseph, our reputation is on the line here. I have someone I would like to bring into the investigation" Joseph smiled sure, oh I asked Mr Galdar in as well, I think its important he sees how the investigation is going"

Aeric nodded and tapped his combadge while heading to the arch. "James to Bella, could you please join us on holodeck one."
"Aye sir," replied the disembodied female voice over the open communications channel.

The arch opened as Aeric reached it and Galdar walked forward, silhouetted for a moment against the diagnostic display visible on the panel opposite the door. "Captain, Mr D'Callan", he acknowledged as the servos closed the door behind him. Joseph smiled at the Ferengi "Sir, would you care to view the information here"

As he walked to the side of the taller human, the Lieutenant unconsciously drew himself up to his limited height. Drawing level with the Security chief, he cocked his head slightly as Joseph began to explain about all the vidcoms and investigation padds that had been handed in. Unaccustomed to working in this role or with this company, Galdar endeavoured to absorb as much of the rapid flow of information as he could. 
A young dark haired humanoid woman in early adulthood quietly appeared in the holodeck, dressed in the gold uniform of an operations officer with no pips of rank to be seen. "How can I help you sir.?"
"I want you to observe the events and assist with any operational needs that we might have." Aeric said softly to the young woman. "We want to know of we missed anything outside of the visual and aural spectrums."

Aeric looked across at Joseph and nodded. Walking in what looked like mid air above the Gala Joseph took his position so as to be able to explain the events that would now play out below them as they were re-created.

"Computer play programme D'Callan investigation alpha three."

The scene unfolded with the Gala in full swing. "As you can see I'm over there by the drinks table, Ryla and Galdar are now on the dance floor"

Galdar put his hand up "Erm, Mr D'Callan do you think we can skip this bit please? It's hardly material to the murder. We weren't that bad..."

Joseph smiled "I'm afraid not sir, its the background we need to concentrate on. Anyway I've witnessed your dance moves back at the academy so for me its old hat." Turning his attention back to the floor, the lieutenant Commander resumed his commentary. "In the background you will see this this section here, This is the information provided by the disc from Imperial security"

Aeric walked forward "I was under the impression that Oryn had made it clear that some matters would be held by Imperial Security"

D'Callan didn't look back "Really Sir, its amazing how information slips through the hands isn't it. Here is Nalah Jarok, she comes into view here"

From above the Gala they could see Nalah pull a gown over her head and stand still for a moment.  turned to the others "Computer slow the speed down by 4 mili"

Joseph walked around "Take a look at the senator, Oryn has just talked tyo her and is now off heading towards the centre of the room to make his speech, Navash is looking fine, no obvious symptoms, in fact she is smiling so Oryn's statements obviously didn't seem to bother her. Oryn begins his speech, Nalah can be seen just inside the doorway of the servant's, but just as she gets ready to leave the area, Navesh begins to shake. Galdar and Ryla are by me now, Mr Galdar you turn straight away as we see, obviously your delicate lobes are on form at this point." The Ferengi bowed hs head slightly, acknowledging the comment but remaining focussed on the portrayal in front of him. D'Callan continued, "Nalah is shocked and retreats back into the kitchen area, we then see the blood begin to seep from Navesh's eyes. This is the point about now when the senator collapses and everyone turns. Nalah then leaves the scene before the order to seal the room is issued."
"Are we sure that suspect Nalah Jarot is clear," Bella asks. "Without a murder weapon, anyone one of the current suspects should still be suspects. It could have been a delayed device or something that was done by remote trigger."
Aeric slowly takes in the scene but refrains from giving his own opinion. "Anyone see anything else that might narrow down the suspect list?" 

Joseph walked across the air and stood above one person "Everyone is looking surprised and shocked and looking directly at the point of interest except this person here."
 Aeric examines the image of the person. "She's the one that saved Navesh on the transport."
Below Joseph stood a lone figure, looking away from the incident and holding a small smile "Why does she not look shocked or at least surprised? She expected this to happen.

Joseph handed Aeric and Galdar a padd each. Raising a brown in mild annoyance at being over looked, Bella briefly closes her eyes to gain access to the contents of the PADDs.
 "Has the autopsies revealed anything to connect the two deceased former senators?"
Joseph tapped his own PADD and looked up " Indeed it appears both blood samples have a strange mineral content, almost metal like"

Aeric looked at the frozen image of Josephs suspect " it's a bit thin"

Bella interrupted. "Lt. Commander is correct in assuming that his suspect might be the killer. I've accessed the passive sensors and beyond the normal frequency overlap from all of the communications device and recording devices, a highband micro pulse was briefly activated from the new suspect's location and less than thirty seconds later, the senator begins experiencing symptoms."
Bella inputted the information straight into Josephs PADD and ge quickly read it " Thank you Bella. I agree, with the configuration if the sensors recorded along with Bellas information the second data burst was picked up moments after the first with the second coming from Navesh's location. I'm guessing that's this is some kind of confirmation code, a trigger if you like. "

Aeric put his hands behind his back "excellent, carry on Mr D'Callan I want your suspect in and I want you to tidy up any other matters you may have"

Aeric arched a brow, Josephs means were not always by the rule book and he gave his security chief a knowing look. Joseph stepped forward " Sir Ryla is obviously free to go, I would have liked to have seen her myself but i need to get back over there"

Aeric smiled slightly " it will be my pleasure to get the good Doctor for you, I'll send her your regards. Mr Galdar, Bella please cone with me"

Joseph watched the door close and he walked towards the suspect, " I need some help here"


Joint Post by Jen and JustX

The door to Ryla's quarters slid open and the diminutive trill strode out; her full attention on the two guards rushing after her, not on the man standing just outside.  With a sharp gasp of surprise, her small frame slammed into Commander James then staggered to the floor.

"Sorry Sir. She suddenly dashed toward the door! We should have been prepared, but the doctor has been more than cooperative these past few days. We were caught off guard."

"Speak for yourself," grumbled the Romulan sentry.

Ryla got to her feet and straightened her civilian attire. The trill's smoldering gaze rolled from her 'company' to the commander's cold gray eyes, "with all due respect Sir, this is ridiculous. I should be helping Mr. D'Callan in his search for the true killer not wasting time organizing my quarters and dusting knick-knacks."

"At ease," the commander said to the guards then turned his attention to the trill. "Not only are you late for duty, doctor, but you're out of uniform."

Drett seemed to brighten at the accusation.

Aeric's eyes darted back to the guards. "You can both return to your other duties. Dismissed."

He had promised himself that he would avoid the investigation, but even if Joe had managed not to find additional suspects, Aeric had fully intended to return his CMO to her duties.

"Joe filled me in on the state of the investigation and the autopsies. I want you to compare my personal files to what you uncovered and see if it can confirm a hunch."

Lifting her chin Ryla gave him a sharp nod, but the smile framed by dimples belayed her attempt at a formal military posture. "Aye sir." She turned her attention to the guards as they left her quarters. "It was nice to meet you Gertrude... swing by any time."

Never pausing in her march toward the exit the Romulan replied, "It's 'Jill"... remember?" Doctor Drett stared after the stolid woman with a baffled grin.  "What do you know? She has a sense of humor after all."
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"Something is coming." Aeric said aloud as he paced about in far emptier quarters and for the recording log. "I have heard their voices before, but never this close. I can feel the tug of the string and the music they sing. They know know of me, but my nature is curious to them. They want to meet us and I can almost feel them bending the strings to do so. I don't know when or how they will arrive, but I know that their intention are peaceful. They whisper wonders that call to my father's side of me."

Aeric took a sip of water before continuing. "Once again I must force myself away from the distraction of arrival to the events of now. Joe has a new suspect and Ryla has access to my notes and project data. If I am right, I wish that I could have seen the connection sooner. I might have been able to save lives. My instincts tell me that we're on the right track to the murder weapon. I just hope that if it is the case, infection is isolated. We can't allow specters of the past to taint our future."

"Bella, end log and open up a channel to the station. I'd like to check on my family."


Joint Post by Crystal and Hawkeyemeds

Joe was staring at the frozen effigy of a romulan woman whom he had become focused on after watching the recording which Dunn had brought to him for the second time. As he walked around her he studied her, assessed her and those around her.

He could see others whom he knew and had interviewed. This woman though, something about her didn't set well with the chief and he was finally getting the feeling that he was bordering on being able to link all the information he had together. Then it hit him, from his conversation with Ryla when she had returned from the ship, he knew who this was, the doctor had pointed her out to him. This was the woman that had broken Drett's wrist.

Joseph tapped his com-badge "D'Callan to Captain James," he received a quick response to which he didn't wait for much of a pause, "I need to locate one more suspect. I believe that the same woman who injured Doctor Drett during the away mission is someone of interest in the investigation. I am going to move forward and arrange a search party immediately"

When Joe did not hear any discouragement towards the actions he wanted to take he breathed out in relief. Stepping back from the holo-projections. "Thank you. D'Callan out."

The chief rubbed his eyes as he contemplated everything that was going on. He glanced at the clock. It was almost time. He shifted his gaze back to the projections and with resignation he lifted his eyes and spoke clearly. "Computer end program. Then secure data under D'Callan-dash-453SD." Joe turned and left the holo suite and made his way towards the causeway which bridged the Arabella to the Romulan station.

Standing nearby the docking door, Joe couldn't shake the dark, foreboding feeling that the empty corridor gae him. His eye flicked back to his vidcom and he stroked his chin, now dark with stubble. There were few scant seconds remaining, Joseph sighed, he knew he would have to do this; he dreaded it. This wasn't the way it had to be, hesitantly he raised his hand, he felt gutted inside for the call he was going to have to make. The seconds seemed bent on sealing his fate in the matter; He would have to order his own people to seek out one of his own security officers and the Romulan ex-suspect. He had hoped that Shelby was right about everything and that Nalah was not involved.

Just as Joe's hand reached the metallic device on his chest, he stopped, he could hear the sounds of a pair of rapid footfalls. As he waited a moment more, he pivoted and strode forward onto the Romulan station. He didn't care if they had an issue with it. As he moved forward he watched the doors glide open, in the causeway ran a disheveled looking Shelby Daelen along with an equally mussed Nalah in tow.

Nearly colliding with the man, Shelby ran straight into him and in response Joe reached out and grabbed her tight. Gazing into her eyes and letting them just settle there for a second. Although she looked dirty and worn down that there was no mistaking the glint of life in her gray eyes. Becoming conscious of how he held her might be perceived, he gave her a glimpse of a smile before he let her go gently.

"Ladies, your timing is impeccable, by my clock you had two seconds left to spare. Welcome back."

Nalah walked forward and into his eye line.

"I will not be judged by you. I am innocent." she said with pride.

Daelen shifted her eyes to Joe and her belief filled them. She tried to read what he was going to do.

Joseph walked around Shelby and stood in front of the Romulan. "Nalah, that is all in the past. As I am sure the ensign told you, I had a job to do, good or bad, I had to be objective. What you have provided to me though is more than I expected and...." His eyes went from Daelen to the Romulan woman. "You are correct though, from this moment on, you have been cleared of all charges made against you."

Joseph smiled and walked a few paces back. "What you two did, the whole Romulan government was not going to do for me. You provided me with the last segment which I have been trying to get from Oryn and his counterparts but I have been so far denied and for that I think you both." Shifting his eyes around, Joe began to move further into the Arabella as they spoke,"with your assistance. I was able to ascertain many previously undisclosed details"  Slowing as the group reached the lift Joe turned to Shelby and he spoke in a low tone. "I think I know who is behind this. We just need to find them now."

Nalah walked forward to speak but Joseph cut her off  "You, go get cleaned up and get something to eat. I don't want you involved in this." He could see that the woman was considering arguing but she stopped short of it. Moving away he nodded to a nearby security officer and he moved to lead Nalah away.

Joseph turned and upon seeing Shelby he knew that he would have to re-instate her fully, because right now he needed  his best officers and she was one of them but that was going to have to wait. They had very little time. "I could use a hand, if you are amicable to it. Will you help me?"

Shelby smiled "Is there any chance I could get cleaned up as well."

Joseph looked at the women, she was even more disheveled looking than he had first thought. "Yes, we can go by my quarters, save some time, let you clean up there," he began to walk faster with her. "while you do that I can grab some gear too."


As former Chief Science Officer Zremm tossed in his sleep, wracked with fever, the images flashing across his mind seemed startling real.

"Push now, Marie."  Doctor Drett said a bit more loudly that she intended.  In a sickbay similar to that of his own ship on the Arabella, Zremm saw what looked like a familiar woman obviously in the grips childbirth.  Even more surprising was the tall, blue-skinned person at her side, holding her hand tightly.

"You're almost there Marie.  Just hold on a little longer.  I can see the head."  A voice Zremm knew very well said, since it was his own.

"Easy for you to say, blue boy.  Ughhh,...."  Marie Barton cried out as she pushed once again while clamping her hand down on the andorian she appeared to love who stood next to her.  Zremm tossed in his bunk as the images played across his mind.  He had been in and out of consciousness the last few days.  But for the last few weeks he had not felt like himself.  Something had been nagging at him even before the Rigelian fever had taken hold.  It had distracted him so much from his duties that he had been forced to resign as CSO.  The captain had understood and been very gracious, allowing him some personal time off.  In the middle of the current situation aboard the ship, Zremm had felt both relieved and guilty.  But it had been necessary.  He had been getting glimpses of another reality – another place – another time.  At first meditation had helped him focus, but the images eventually returned and even stronger than before.  Zremm had tried to talk to others about it, especially Margon, but it had done little good.  Now his current dream was the most vivid set of images yet.

"I'm here for you Marie.  I'll always be here for you."  The Zremm in his mind said as he saw the blond woman grimacing as she pushed one final time.  Then he saw the doctor reach under the sterile field and soon the cries of a newborn were filling Zremm's mind.

"Ryla – is she ok?  Please – is our baby ok?"  The woman who had just given birth said with surprising force after what she had just gone through.

"She's more than ok Marie – she's beautiful.  Scans show everything is looking good.  Let me just finish up and you can hold her."  The doctor said as she worked quickly with her nurse.  The Zremm in his visions wiped the woman named Marie on the forehead and kissed her lightly.  

"You did it Marie.  Everything is fine."  This different Zremm said, with some relief in his voice.

"We did it Ch'Fras.  We have a daughter."  And with that she smiled as the doctor brought over the newborn, wrapped in a white blanket to her arms.  Marie took her and smiled as tears welled up in her eyes.  As Zremm tossed in his bunk again, he could see down at the very light blue shape in this woman's arms.  Two tiny nubs of antenna poked slightly out of her head that was covered in very fine and very pale blond hair.  

"She's beautiful Marie.  Just like her mother."  The andorian said as he pressed in close and put his hand lightly on the babies head.  Zremm could feel himself smiling in his sleep and was starting to feel a different warmth besides the fever flow over him.  In fact, his body seemed to calm itself as his fever broke.

"Well, hello there little one.  I'm your mommy, Marie.  And this big, blue guy here is your daddy, Ch'Fras Zremm.  Welcome to our universe, Zoe Zremm."  The woman said as she began to cry.  As Zremm watched the images began to slip away as he saw this other Zremm embrace this woman and child.  

A few moments later his blue eyes snapped open and the images vanished.  Zremm felt a sense of loss as he sat up in his bunk.  He quickly went over what he had experienced in his mind and what it meant.  Of course, from his science training and Starfleet experiences Zremm was well versed in parallel and mirror universe possibilities.  There had been numerous incidents over the years, but Zremm had never been part of any of them.  He shrugged as he got up and moved to his desk and computer terminal.

"Must have just been the fever.  But I do feel better.  It's just, that woman's face.  I know I've seen it,...."  Zremm said as he rubbed his weary eyes.

"Computer, please access Starfleet personnel files.  Cross reference the first name Marie, human, blond hair with known matches."  Zremm said as the computer sprang to life.

"Working,....  There are 143 known matches of active Starfleet personnel that meet requirements.  Please narrow search parameters."  The computer said.

"Umm,....no,...that is too easy,...  uh, computer, cross reference with current Arabella crew manifest."  Zremm said as he focused on the woman's face.

"One match, displaying on screen.  Ensign Marie Barton.  Current assignment is engineering, U.S.S. Arabella."  The computer said as Zremm felt no surprise for some reason.

"Computer, locate Ensign Barton."  Zremm said as he grabbed his uniform tunic and slipped it over his head, then grabbed his boots.

"Ensign Barton is currently on duty in auxiliary engineering."  

"Close search computer."  Zremm said as he quickly finished dressing and then raced out out of his cabin.  As he made his way to auxiliary engineering a smile started to form on his face.  When he got there he saw several crewmen working on a nearby maintenance console.  One of them was wedged under it he saw as he approached.

"Commander.  Um, sir what can we do for you?"  A male tellarite ensign said to Zremm.

"Hey!  What's going on up there?  I asked for an impulse field coil spanner.  Do I have to do everything down here?"  A woman's voice said as she pulled herself out from under the console.  Zremm grabbed the nearby tool and handed it to her as he also helped her stand up.

"Here you go, Ensign Barton.  I think this is what you needed."  Zremm said as he still held her hand after helping her up.

"Uhh, thank you commander.  But I'll need my hand back sir, to finish this upgrade."  Ensign Barton said as Zremm shuffled and quickly let go of the woman's hand.

"Oh, yes.  Sorry about that.  Well, everything looks ship shape down here.  Carry on.  Um, Ensign Barton.  If you have time later when you are off duty, would you like to meet me in the Afterburner?  I have some, uhh, things I'd like to discuss with you."  Zremm said, stumbling over his words.

"If you don't mind me asking, but do I know you sir?"  Ensign Marie Barton said, flushing slightly.

"Well, not yet.  So, what do you say ensign?"  Zremm said as he felt the eyes of the other crewmen staring at the two of them.

"Sure.  I think I'd like that."  Marie said as she felt herself smiling for some reason at the tall andorian.

"Very good.  Now please, carry on."  Zremm said as he made for the exit quickly and door closed behind him.

"What in the galaxy was that all about Marie?"  The tellarite said quickly as the engineering doors closed.

"I'm not quite sure.  But that blue boy seems kind of familiar to me.  Guess I'll have to see where this goes."  Marie said as she smiled again and found herself looking forward to getting off duty later.


Joint post my Jen, Chris, Meds, and Mike

A holographic display of Aeric James' controversial nanite project floated in the air of Sickbay as he and Ryla Drett worked to put together the final pieces of the puzzle. Aeric had several decades of experience on the subject of nanites; of his design and of the Borg's. He had also done research into a Federation catom project, the synthetic and customizable atoms of the race that removed the borg threat.

With a quick move of his fingers, Aeric brought up the reports of each of the autopsies and began to filter the scans for an energy signature. "So, what do you think Doctor? Are nanites the cause of death?"

Ryla frowned, "I've never heard of 'death by nanites', but the evidence suggests just that Commander."

"I could give you a dozen examples, but what do your instincts tell you?" Aeric asked while trying to piece his own hunch together.

"A self-destruct system? Spies have been known to ingest poison when captured by an enemy. Could it be possible that the senator was also spy?"

"Nanites are undetectable through standard testing and poison pills or implants would have been easily identified during the physicals you preformed when the senators came aboard." Aeric nodded slowly, "Being a spy would make some sense, but it wouldn't explain why we have two additional corpses; all eliminated through the same means."

"What if the nanites were meant to prevent defection?" He asked himself aloud.

"That's an interesting theory, Commander...and not at all far fetched. She was after all a Romulan Senator." Ryla began to pace as she ticked off possible triggers. "...what would activate killer nanites? Distance? Environment?"

"A device?" The doctor ceased her repetitive stride and pivoted on her heal to face Galdar. She smiled reflexively at the Ferengi who had slipped into Sickbay unnoticed.

"Yes. That sounds more plausible. A device." Replied the Trill.

"Nanotech weapons..." Aeric muttered.

"Very...profitable", Galdar said quietly as he moved forward to join the Commander, staring at the image before him.

"If it didn't cost most than some shuttles to make, I'd agree with you." Aeric said to his acting XO. "It does make a statement when a dose of poison or a phaser blast could do the same far cheaper. There's an opulence to these crimes."

Joseph tapped his combadge "D'Callan to Captain James. I have the woman identified. Are you with Doctor Drett?"

Ryla looked quickly at Aeric, "Here Joseph."

"The murderer is the same woman who broke your wrist. Captain. I have a scan of her but a full facial image would help me locate her quicker."

Aeric nodded to Ryla to access her records.

"Another thing Sir. I've had reports that a meeting of all the remaining senators have gathered in the open rec area on the station."

"Why the hell would they do that?" Aeric growled low to himself. "Joe, we have reason to believe that the weapon being used is a nanite assassination device that is already in the senators through the use of some sort of activation device. Have station security return the senators to their quarters and bring in Senator Miskel for questioning."

Joseph looked at the holo image and then at the womans right hand and it was clearer now that he knew what he was looking for that she had some sort of device. "Sir, if she is near the senators before they leave then we could have a massacre on our hands. We're heading over, Joseph out"

"Sir?" Galdar looked worried. "Would it be totally out of place for a Federation starship to hit a Romulan space station with a blanket jamming field? Get the right frequency and we could probably forestall that masacre. Get it wrong, though, and we could possibly trigger it ourselves."

Aeric's brow rose, "I think you might be on to something. If we lock on to everyone with the nanite signature and beam them out, we can lock them in transporter stasis until we get this cleared up. Ryla ... Galdar ... get a lock on those signals and get them out of there. I'll try to cut through the red tape and keep this from being a diplomatic incident. Let's move people, we have minutes to get this done."


Joint Post by Meds and Crystal

Joseph collected his kit from his office lifted  and breathed out heavily, what to do now, he knew that this was going to be a balancing act. How could he delicately separate the woman responsible for the Romulan deaths so far without arousing any suspicion. Rising from his desk Joe moved over to the bold painting which was on the wall in his quarters.

As he studied the brush strokes he mulled over the conundrum. On the negative side, they didn't know the proximity the device had which made removing the senators by the use of a transporter or other means very risky. They also couldn't surround and arrest her  for the same reason. All it would take would be one touch of the button and everything would be over as well. Pulling up his padd in his hand Joe looked over the medical scans quickly, there was no way to trace who was lined with those nanties and who wasn't.

He switched to his list of the senators, the vidcom chirped back as he scrolled down to the name he was searching for: Senator D'har Rheylan, assistant to the previous praetor, age forty-two. Some military service, no criminal record, her career is speckled with accommodations and various awards for her work in the Senate and with her local Romulan community. During his time as a Senator there have been rumors that she might have some ties with the Tal-Shiar but nothing could ever be proven.

Punching in some information, D'Callan was about to transfer the information when his door chimed, "Enter." he said while turning.

The door opened and in walked Shelby Daelen, she smiled slightly as she made eye contact with him and as she stood there now wearing her uniform and looking much more revived than the last time they were together, he smiled inwardly to himself. "Daelen." he said while turning back to his wall computer.

Shelby walked up beside Joe and let her hand just touch his leg as she observed what he was doing. He brought up a group of screens with information on Senator Rheylan. "Who is that?" she asked.

"That is our prime suspect."

"I've seen her around." Shelby said with interest.

"I have too..." Joseph pivoted while keeping one eye on the image, he flicked a switch and Rheylan's profile grew into a larger breakdown.

"Shel we need her in custody straight away, no messing..." his voice was grim. "I understand that the senators are congregating in the recreation area on the station." Shifting his eyes to the woman, "Any idea's come to mind? You didn't happen to see her on the station when you was living like a hobo?"

"I was not living like a hobo." Shelby said while poking Joe in the side. "Far as idea's are concerned I think we should go in fast and hard and surprise her. Minimize the damage."

Joseph shook his head "We can't. If she suspects anything she could activate the trigger device she has in her possession we'll have a massacre on our hands...." He pressed a button on is vidcom and the image from the station rec area came up. There before them were many of the Senators who had been rescued from the crippled Romulan ship. As the seconds went by more were arriving as they watched.

"Look at them all. We don't even know who have these nanites, it could be all of them or just a few. Either way we have lives to save and little time. We need to either get that device off her or hope to hell that Galdar and James find a way of either blocking the device frequency or at a last resort beaming the lot of them into a buffer."

"Hmmm, you're right...." Shelby mused what  D'Callan said and she added, "In that vein though wouldn't transporting them into the ships buffer possibly place everyone on the Arabella and the station at risk? The nanties will still be active so if she activates them while in the buffer there is no way of knowing the results."

Joseph activated his vid com and handed Shelby hers. She connected the device onto her belt and put a small capsule into her ear.  A sudden cackle made her jump as the device activated,

Joseph smiled at Shelby and then tapped his com badge "D'Callan to The Captain and Galdar.   We're heading over and going in silent. I've got my vid com activated and locked into our ear connectors, you should see what we see. We have a query, if you manage to beam them out into one of the buffers how can we know if the signal of the trigger device won't activate in there? "

Joseph nodded to Shelby and the two made their way to the Romulan station. Joe continued his report to the two command officers and Bella "Can you try and figure a way of blocking the frequency first and using transport as a last minute solution."

Shelby D

JP by Meds, Crystal, Jen & Just X [part 1 of 2]

After making their way through Quirinus Station, while also giving the appearance of a social visit, Joseph and Shelby finally arrived at the edge of the recreation area. The many entrances, combined with the various items which decoratively dotted the large room allowed the pair the luxury of using various objects to obscure their presence; for a time at least. As the pair skirted carefully into the room a soft chirp almost exposed them.

Stopping for a moment Joseph put his hand to his ear and listened to Aeric James "Joe we can't transport the Senators out. We don't know how far the wave length of the trigger signal reaches. We have worked out a temporary blocking blanket for the trigger device. If you can get within two meters of the device the code will work."

"Affirmative, Sir."  Joe started, as he looked at Shelby who was watching the meeting beginning, to tighten up. Soon the gathered members would be listening to the woman who stood smugly on a dias at one end of the room; awaiting her chance to address the crowd.

"Joe, it will only block the trigger for sixty seconds you have to get it off of her. Once you do that then it can then be deactivated. Dr Drett will need to see all of the senators, once everyone is safe so she can remove the nanites from them. I'm sending you the code to your vidcom now. James out"

D'Callan looked at Shelby who'd heard the entire plan via the shared link. In response she used hand signals which Joe had given her. They would each take a side and circle round until they were in prime positions. Then they would make their move. Briefly Joe and Shelby watched one another, then they moved apart and headed for the end of the recreation area in which Senator Rheylan was now busy discussing something with a romulan aide.

The time seemed to drag as Shelby took her time getting to the front, as did Joe, neither of them wanted a blood bath on their hands and they knew that spooking the senator might give them just that. Coming closer and closer to the dais Daelen's view became clearer. So far Rheylan suspected nothing.  

Watching the woman, Shelby took in as much as she could about the romulan, her mannerisms, the way she held herself, the way her eyes kept moving back to the crowd expectantly. What she also did notice, as she neared, was a small elaborate bracelet. It was quite ornate and it ran along the length of the woman's forearm. It had thin metal wiring which wrapped all along her bare skin at the wrist and on the back of her palm there was a stunningly deep red jewel.

Joe spotted the same elaborate gem and his gut told him that there was more to this woman than just a pompous senator. Still he wasn't here to worry about minor details he needed to make his move. Spotting Shelby in position on the other side of the room the two security officers watched the armed Senator quieting down the crowd and preparing herself on the dais. At the podium she rested a hand over the jewel and she smiled sweetly to those gathered.

"I have asked you all here to make one last plea to dismiss the Federation from our lives. We do not need them to help us. They do not want to help us." her eyes scanned the crowd with intensity, "hear me my fellow patriots."

Murmurs began to filter from the crowd and some simply shook their heads and looked at their neighbor or associate to see if they held sway with the Senator's opinion. D'Callan watched as the woman tensed her hand on the jewel. Joe moved his hand onto his vid-com. The speech wasn't going off so well. Nodding to Shelby, the chief watched as Daelen moved into place now.

"This is your last chance to cast them away! Romulan's do not need any help we have this station." Her eyes seemed almost desperate as she watched a few starting to walk out. "You are not patriots. You are all weak!"

Looking at his gauges on his padd, Joseph stepped out and into range; activating the vidcom and he made his move towards the Senator. The center of the jewel dimmed just as the woman attempted to trigger the device. She pressed it again then looked down at the jewel, seeing that it had shut down she yelled at those leaving.

"Traitors!" she said as the now splintering group of Romulan's began to mull through the room.  Some were approaching the woman, curious at her behavior or wanting to be supportive. Some asked her to come away with them where they could talk and others simply began to leave.