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Star Trek: Season 11 Episode 1

Started by X, January 05, 2010, 07:36:09 AM

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K'Tan gave his shoulder an experimental shrug, wincing at a fleeting stab of pain.  He wasn't sure which had hurt worse- having the shoulder dislocated by a surprisingly strong Romulan child, or the "treatment" he had received from Dr. Drett. 

He leaned back in his chair, resting his boots on the polished black desk as he savored a sip of raktajino. On the viewscreen before him, the now familiar lines of text scrolled- You are hereby ordered to assume the duties of Strategic Operations Officer, effective immediately.

As he reread the notice, his eye strayed to the child sleeping in the next room.  One perk of relocating to the station, he thought.  The little one will have other children to interact with.


"Computer, disengage safety interlocks under my authority," Aeric James said from the seat he occupied in the Arabella's primary computer lab. "Authorization James delta delta one six gamma."

"Mainframe neurolocks disengaged." replied the voice of the computer. "Avatar option is now available."

"Initiate White-Blue Ascension Protocols." Aeric confirmed.

"Working." replied the computer. "Main computer rest in sixty minutes."

Aeric sighed. Arabella would have to do the rest on her own, but starfleet had confidence in her. They had confidence him him and the crew. Like the Aurora, the Arabella was his baby. Not only did he help to conceive the redesigned ship, he helped to create her. There were few people that could match his knowledge of the vessel and her limits.

In his heart and despite the wars that he had to fight, Aeric was still an engineer and it showed in how he ran and maintained his command. Now, after years of analyzing the results of the temporary ascension of the Titan, Starfleet was ready to see if another Federation ship could achieve that success. Where better than one of the few ships that had her designer and an engineer as the captain.

The hardest part would be the waiting.


The lift doors glided open and the somewhat self-important Starfleet Commander who'd been standing in front of them stepped smartly out into the accommodation corridor before him. The air of tension that had been almost tangible within the small vehicle seemed to follow the human. Obviously the remaining passengers, a pair of uniformed ensigns, were acquainted with the newly departed officer.

The doors closed smartly and the lift resuming it's almost silent journey. Even Lieutenant Galdar's excellent hearing struggled to detect a note of equipment noise. The station was definitely as new as he'd been told.

Uniform still masked beneath his long civilian jacket, cut in a 'human' rather than 'ferengi' style, the Ferengi was on his way back to the Arabella.

"Looks like they've fingered the Arabella's Doctor." One of the ensigns, a Bolian in engineering yellow, ventured to his hitherto silent colleague.

The human, in command red, glanced at him and sighed heavily. "How do you manage to pick up every little bit of gossip doing the rounds,Drax ?" he asked. "This is an enormous space station, much larger then the ship and yet you still seem to be a hub for all information of dubious provenance that you can find."

The Bolian shrugged, "I can't help being a good listener. Anyway, didn't you hear me, I said it was 'one of us' who's responsible for this! I can only imagine what effect that little gem is going to have on relations with theRomulans and right now we're pretty dependant on their hospitality. I mean I know we're out here to help them but the presence of this station gives them a distinct tactical advantage if things start to go downhill."

"Give it a rest." the human muttered, jerking his head at the Ferengi.

"Yes," Galdar said conversationally, "I would if I were you."

"Pardon?" The human turned, eyes narrowing as he regarded the Ferengi properly now.

"I said I would encourage your friend to be quiet if I were you." the Lieutenant repeated. "If nothing else, a Romulan turbolift is an inappropriate place for the conversation you're having which, I would also like to suggest, is an inappropriate conversation to be having in front of me."

"It's also a private conversation," the human snapped back, "and while I accept that you might be right in your assessment regarding the discussion of fleet matters in front of non-aligned species," he glared as his friend, "please keep such opinions to yourself."

Sighing, Galdar straightened a little, regretting his lack of stature for what felt like the seven millionth time since joining Starfleet. "That would be 'Please keep such opinions to yourself, Sir'." he said quietly, unfastening his jacket. He was far enough from his meeting withHarne that he figured it probably didn't matter now anyway.

As the lift doors opened to reveal a section of the commercial sector of the station, the Ferengi's red duty uniform and twin rank pips were highlighted by a wash of fresh light. "After you." Galdar gestured to the exit. Neither Ensign spoke as they stepped from the lift.

"Shall we begin this conversation again, Ensigns?", Galdar spoke pleasantly but forcefully.

"Sir." Both officers stood at attention.

"Names and ship assignments should suffice for now I think." Galdar looked thoughtful for a moment, "Along with confirmation that you'll consider being a little more circumspect in both the time and the nature of your discussions while aboard non-fleet facilities."

"Yes, Sir."

"Unless, of course, you wish your time aboard such facilities to be curtailed by order of the Fleet Captain."

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Walking out of his office the next name on his short list of suspects was a Romulan. Senator Ketlech. Working his way through to the station Joseph rubbed his temple and his mind drifted through all the suspects including Nalah on the station with Shelby. Suddenly his com badge burst into life "Security alert, Joseph D'Callan emergency code zero one."

The alarm bells rang in his head as he ran into the station plaza. Joseph D'Callan stopped in front of several Romulan Imperial guards and two of his own men. "report"

Darius Shane walked forward and handed a PADD to the chief, " He was found five minutes ago chief"

Reading the report Joseph caught his breath "who by?"

The smaller of the Romulan guards stepped forward "me sir, names is Tion."

Joseph nodded. " Take me to the body"


"well, he looks a bit cleaner than Navash"

Jospeh just turned his head to Darius Shane and his flippant comment and shook his head "Thats Senator Nevash Ensign Shane and for your lack of respect for dead you've got night watch over the body"

Shane went to apologise but stopped as he saw the look of tiredness flow over his Chiefs face "Understood sir"

"have the area secured, in the morning I'll be back and we can move on. Send a report over straight away to the Captain and the Emperor"

As Joseph walked back to his own quarters he relief that this would help
If not prove Rylas innocence but on the other hand Nalah was on this station with Shelby. Thoughts rushed through his mind, had he made a mistake, shaking his head he looked back at the station and yawned.

Shelby D

Staying the bar for about two hours, 'Telis' and her business associate, 'Stala' mingled and chatted with a few of the locals. From everything they gathered there was a general air of anxiety as to what was going to happen next.

Of course, as in any stressful situation on such a massive scale, there was some unrest over the matter. This was manifested by the grumbling of some as well. 'It was the Federations fault', 'They hadn't reacted quickly enough.' or 'They hadn't told the right people and now they were going to scavenge what was left' 

Shelby, when this was said, nearly reacted but she had enough sense to hold back which was accompanied by a look by Stala reminding her to let it slide. As the evening wore on, eventually, the two Romulan women settled nearby a small knot of both Romulan and humanoids occupying a table in the corner of the bar.

They had been availing themselves of the establishment's fine beverages and chatting amongst themselves, sometimes loudly.  It would be one of these conversations which Nalah overhead as Shelby and her slid up to the far end of the bar to get a better listen.

"There I was..." the man said loudly and boisterously, "that close!!"

His friends began to guffaw and wave him off, "No, really, I was there...I was...I was with Rhaner and the next thing I knew we were right by our self proclaimed emperor when it happened!!!"

"Right Tavvan...telling stories again.." said one of his friends.

Another one chimed in quickly. "Rhaner didn't say nothing about you being there."

"I wasn't there long...before it happened....and Rhanner wants all the glory for himself..." he snorted and waved off the man.

"Right!" The laughing started up again even louder and the men deteriorated into picking on their fellow Romulan.

"Wait, wait I got it...Sub-Commander Tavvan at your service." this elicited even bigger chuckles from the group of men including the one who had been talking.

The laughing started up again but Nalah stared hard at the garments he wore.

Shelby noted her intense interest. "What?" she chuckled in a low voice as she lifted her glass to hide her mouth. "He can't be telling the truth...to much Romulan Ale.."

Nalah's brow furrowed as she continued to regard the man. "No, it's not that. It's what he is wearing. It looks identical to what I saw...what I saw fleeing from the reception," her eyes moving back to Shelby's.

After a bit of thought... "Hmmm, I think we need to make ourselves a new friend." Turning her gaze to the man. Nalah stood up from the bar seat and looked over at Shelby.

"I think this might be more my area of expertise," she said. Shelby looked at her with an element of surprise on her face and a lifted brow. "Not that....I mean deception," she said with a smile and she slunk towards the men; using the veils to entice as she moved.

Shelby watched, with not so much surprise but admiration, as Nalah glided between the men to secure a place at the table at which they sat at. She did so in a manner that immediately drew their attention and approving glances. She said something to them and they all broke out in hearty laughter.

Nalah returned the laughter in a suggestively flirty manner as one of the men tried to peak beneath her veil. Nalah playfully slapped the hand away. Then she gestured towards Shelby and she began walking back towards the bar, two of the men in tow.


Galdar sat in the Afterburner, a Starduster at his elbow. It had been a surprising day to say the least but quite a satisfactory one. The promotions, both temporary and permanent, had been quite a surprise but on a little reflection, he wasn't unduly worried at his new responsibilities. The XO position would be a stretch for sure but the longer term position of Second Officer was something he felt he could get comfortable with quite quickly.

As 'a Ferengi without ambition' as his father would have described him, he'd probably been more surprised at his reaction to the appointment than Aeric had, a sign of just how well the captain knew him. Even discounting his father's opinion, as someone who in his own mind he had simply wanted the opportunity to fly spaceships, his eager seizure of this new role was not something he would ever have predicted. Ryla's face had been everything he might have wished for at the news too. It was lucky he'd got to break it to her himself. Not that her position as a murder suspect should really be described that way.

He frowned a little and his mood blackened slightly. Ryla's...restraint...at the hands of security was the reason he found himself here alone this evening and it was a problem he'd tried to devote more than a little thought to during the day. His new duties certainly hadn't helped with that he thought wryly.

Without interfering in the ongoing investigation, there was very little he could do to aid her out of her situation yet, with the arrival of Harne as part of his father's party, he now had access to a certain amount of...resource that probably wouldn't be available to either the Empire or the Fleet security officers. His father wouldn't give him the time of day but Harne was a friend.

A friend fallen on hard times, Galdar acknowledged, thinking of his conversation from earlier in the day. and raising his glass to his lips.

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Normally, Herm could get along with everyone. In his short time in Starfleet, he hadn't encountered anyone that really got on his nerves. Until now.

Sutpak had contacted him no less than 14 times in the last 16 hours, making for a very restless night's sleep. As Herm drug himself out of bed, trying to wake himself enough to get through the day, the communicator chimed again.

What was suddenly so urgent that the  Romulan needed to talk to him NOW? Herm still had duties to perform. With a murder investigation going on, it was as important as ever for everyone to stick to their routines and be at their station.

Yawning, stretching, and sighing heavily, Herm got up and hit the button on the screen. Sutpak's wrinkled, dignified, face popped into view.

"Ensign! Good morning! I would like to invite you to a traditional Romulan breakfast here on the station. Please come right away."

Without waiting for Herm to respond, the screen went blank.

Herm was hungry. He had observed a day of fasting - a habit he had picked up during his time as the Risian equivalent of a monk before joining Starfleet - the day before. And if he didn't meet Sutpak soon, he was sure the Romulan would find a way to use a teleporter to get him onto the station.

Stumbling sleepily to the sonic shower, a light went on is Herm's head. Suddenly he knew what Sutpak wanted to talk about.

Two minutes later, the Ensign was running out of his quarters
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Commander James rose and stretched muscles that were sore from hours pouring over the data as it came in. He would soon need to report for duty, but progress had been swift with the project. Dozens of specialists, including Captain Data and White-Blue, had been consulted on the project and agreed that the Arabella was a more than suitable candidate for the ascension protocols. Given the changes that had been taking place within the Arabella's primary computer core, they had been right. Only one part was missing from the equation.

Aeric took a deep breath and tapped his com badge. "Captain James to engineering. Please see to all necessary preparations for a complete reboot of the main computers within the hour. James out."

Another tap of his badge and he continued, "James to all command staff not currently involved in the investigation. Please report to my location in the primary computer lab in one hour. James out."

With that said, Aeric moved to the replicator and ordered himself a drink of water. If all went well, they would have perhaps the most qualified operation manager to grace any starship. It was true that not all the ships with the fleet had the potential for what would happen, but the Arabella had never been an ordinary ship.

"Computer, pull up the avatar holoforms within the Ascension matrix and display in a 500 millisecond rotation." Aeric said and returned to his chair. With a sip of the water, he looked up to watch countless holographic images scroll by. If all went well, she would need options.


Joint Post by Jen and Hawkeyemeds

Joseph D'Callan stood in the station's operating theater, tugging uncomfortably at his long blue medical gown. The room was cold— the entire station was for that matter, but the low temperature was not the source of his goose bumps. The security officer had seen dead bodies before—too many times for his liking—yet seeing their innards being poked and prodded like someone's noonday meal, made him more than a little uncomfortable.

From the safety of a nearby corner, he had a clear view of Doctor Myella Peterson as she worked over the remains of Senator Ketleck.  Knowing what would come next, Joseph cringed as the slender red head adjusted her laser scalpel before cutting below the base of the corpse's left ear. The gentle hum of the medical implement,  accompanied the muted sound of splitting flesh. Like a painter making the final stroke of her masterpiece, she guided the scalpel beneath the chin.  Joseph swallowed reflexively as she then lifted the tissue to access the tongue.

"Slight swelling at the base of the tongue. Purple bruising is visible on the surface."
Joseph winced as the scalpel's beam then splintered through the chest cavity. Even with the advanced instruments she skillfully utilized, Myella still had to use her hands to remove the organs behind the ribcage.

"Oh.  Commander... come look at this."

Though queasy, Joseph managed a glance. The heart in her hands was much larger than what he expected. "I'm not a doctor, but even I can see this doesn't look quite right."

Myella smiled at his response as she handed it to Susan Caine to be weighed. The young nurse quickly scanned the distended organ, "twenty ounces, doctor."

"That's nearly double the weight it should be, Commander." A frown slowly creased Doctor Peterson's forehead. "Susan, take blood samples. I want to compare it with the samples taken from Senator Nevash. "

"Yes doctor."

Susan gave Joseph's arm a supportive squeeze as she left the room.

The doctor returned her attention to the cavity and set to work removing the lungs.  "Every organ has swollen near to bursting. Navesh was the same way."

Joseph orbited the table, rubbing his chin, "no way of telling how this came about I suppose..."

Myella shook her head. "I have a few more tests to run before I can give you a definitive answer."

Joseph coughed slightly as a the body's aroma wafted his way. "I'll... er.... leave you to it then. There are a few people I have to interview. Let me know as soon as you have something."

Lost in her work, Myella nodded absently. As Joseph moved toward the exit, he flinched again at the sound of a breaking rib echoing within the frigid, sterile room.

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Oryn paced the floor of the throne room like a predator that had caught the scent of some exotic prey. Another of the former senators was dead and there were still no answers. The hows and the whys were quickly becoming unimportant in relation to the need for resolution. Anyone could be next and that's what worried him the most. The people he cared for could be in mortal danger.


"It's your turn, Jill."

The Romulan woman hesitated a moment before drawing a long rod from the tangled mess on the Kal-toh board. Her up-swept brows dipped in consternation as she pondered where to place the piece next.  After a brief moment her coal dark eyes flicked to the smiling Trill, who held the game board up before her. Despite the Romulan's best efforts to dissuade her, the diminutive doctor had persisted in a relentless effort to entertain her 'guests'. The Romulan officer that Ryla had named "Jill", grumbled as she carelessly stuck the pin in the center of the chaos.

"There," said Jill.

"Are you sure that's where you want to put the pin, Jill?" Asked the Trill.

"I'd rather drive it into your eye, Doctor... but that would not be considered a diplomatic move by my superiors."

Ryla considered her a moment before stepping to the curly-haired man standing opposite his Romulan counterpart. The Trill held the game board out to him carefully as she gazed side-long at the Romulan. "Your friend isn't a morning person is she? Your move."
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Christopher Dunn had mapped the whole of the Gala room and corridors on the vidcom apart from one section. For some reason serious interferrence hindered his work. He'd tried every setting and after searching the area decided the obvious green dome that housed a security monitor was the cause for his problem. Without this section of the room it would hinder his work for D'Callan.
Taking a deep breath Dunn decided to venture further into the station and take notes.


JP by Bryan & Crystal

Shelby/Telis sat next to one of the men, while Nalah worked on Tavvan. Daelen's Romulan was named Kavot, he was a sub-lieutenant along with his friend in the security force on the station. They had been on Qurinus since the start.

Running her finger along his tunic 'Telis' smiled as the man reached up and caressed her cheek. "What sort of business dealings did you bring to the station? Nothing illegal...." with a sly chukle he added, "I can only hope...If it is I might have to take you in the back here and hold you for questioning..." he said in a throaty voice.

"Ohhh," she said with a coy laugh, while she moved closer to him as he stood at his desk in the security office. "What sort of questions would you ask..." reaching alongside of him to the desk, Shelby picked up the electric blue crystal bottle which sat beside them
on the table.

"Hmmmm....well..." He said suggestively as he kicked back the last of his Romulan ale and through his ale-hazed brown eyes he predatorily watched her.

With a knowing smirk she spoke sweetly."I think we need more ale.." as she clasped the bottle and picked it up and held it between them. Opening it she began to fill his now empty glass and she topped off her own. Replacing it on the desk she discreetly glanced over at Tavvan who was in talks with Nalah/Stala at another desk. Then her focus returned to her companion "Tell me Kavot, what you do here?"

The man lifted his brows and seemed to puff up a little, "I do the security sub-routines and communications along with Tavvan" He tried to move in to kiss the Romulan woman but Daelen diverted him by lifting her own glass and mocking taking a drink.

Over all the ambient noise in the bar she could just hear parts of Nalah's conversation. "Well, we lost everything we had to a Reman raiding party," Nalah was saying, her eyes filled with worry, concern and vulnerability. "Our shuttle was boarded and they took everything, even the latinum we I had inherited from my dead Grandmother. It was frightening..." Her eyes briefly brimmed with tears as she took in the rooms features. 

Now, Tavvan either was truly concerned of just feigning concern because whatever the reason he reached over to touch Nalah's arm assumingly. "It will be ok," he said in an almost opportunistic way. "Let me show you some things here."

Nalah dabbed her face to wipe away the tears...and to cover the smile as she nearly laughed out loud. "I just don't know how I'll ever feel safe again after all this. Thievery, murder, what can a girl do."  She said fanning herself with one of her veils which she produced from an interior pocket.

"Here, this is our video security system," He began to unsteadily enter things into the computer console and a few monitors popped on. "here and here. See we have lot of surveillance monitors around the station."

Tavvan glanced over at his 'date' who seemed to be very interested in the displays now. His eyes briefly shifted to Stala's companion who was at the other desk and from the looks of things those two were so close he was sure that Kabot would be leaving with his 'date' so they could be alone soon.

"I - I do feel better seeing this..." Nalah said with a slight fear in her voice. Then she seemed to shift gears on him. "Can you get me another drink...it might calm me down a little more"

"Oh..uh, sure! Of course, allow me...," Tavvan said turning and walking over to collect the bottle of ale Kavot had. While he was distracted, Nalah's hands went to the terminal and quickly re-entered the security code she had seen Tavvan enter. It worked. She immediately reset the screen back to the standby mode Tavvan had left it in. She glanced over at Shelby. When their eyes met, she gave the slightest of nods.

An hour later the two men were still drinking with Shelby and Nalah, although both were in different stages of drunkenness. Nalah's Romulan was starting to slur his words and obviously wasn't a drinker.

While Shelby's Romulan had become more 'hands on' that she was comfortable with. They just needed a little more time but Daelen wasn't sure how much longer she could put the man off. She managed eyes contact with Nalah so that she knew that time was running out. 

"Ok Telis you ter'ak come here.." Kavot grabbed Shelby and pulled her to him his lips went to her neck and she lost sight of Nalah. This wasn't particularly a great development and as she struggled with him while holding back giving him a right good knee, fortunately, that proved unnecessary.

There came a loud crack and Kavot's body stiffened, then he slumped down to the ground, his arms still around Shelby's waist.

As he dropped Nalah stood there, holding the now empty bottle of Romulan Ale. "Ahhh, good solid Romulan crystal...didn't even crack hitting that thick skull,"she said with a bemused smile. Behind her, the rhythmic sound of Tavvan's snoring could be heard, his head down on the desk passed out.


Joint post by wraith1701 & Meds

The slight green tinted metal door slid open and Joseph peered in to see K'Tan standing in the centre of the room holding several boxes and trying to evade the small Romulan child running around his legs.

"G'Day big fella, got your hand full I see"

K'Tan peered around the blue plastic box containing his possesions and frowned at the security chief. As always, Joe had a gift for understatement.

"Hmph.  Help me out here will you?"

Walking in Joseph stretched and took a very small hand sized box off the top of the pile and waved it at his friend. " Need to have a chat with you mate. Can't Stass look after the nipper?"

As the little Romulan ran around, holding his arms out pretending to be a war bird, K'Tan put the boxes down in the corner of the sparse room.  He pulled out two seats, barely holding back a wince at the mention of his estranged girlfriend's name.

"I've not seen Tara for a few days; she's a little upset with me."

Joseph smiled. "Been Reading her some of your poetry again mate"

K'tan bent down and pulled two bottles out of a cooler, handing one to Joseph. "Very funny."  He straddled one of the chairs with a sigh.  "I simply had a bit of a Freudian slip."  K'Tan paused a beat.  "You do know what that is, right?"

D'Callan chuckled. "Of course, mate. It's when you say one thing, and mean your mother."

As he sipped the cold beer, savoring the hoppy honey aroma, Joe gazed at his PADD.  Absorbed by the text scrolling down it, he quietly mumbled "Ryla."

KTtan looked up at the sound if the name. "You aren't a secret Betazoid, are you?  How did you know I said Ryla's name?" K'Tan held up a hand before Joe could answer.  "Wait; don't tell me-- Tara has been telling everyone, hasn't she?"

Raising a eyebrow, Joseph put his case on his lap and clicked it open.  "You said Ryla's name whilst you were having, you know..,"

"No!  I just said her name when I meant Tara's."

D'Callan bit his tongue, trying not to laugh at his friend's situation.  "K'Tan, I need to ask you a few questions regarding Ryla. She's on the suspicion list at the moment.."

K'Tan put his bottle down " That's ridiculous!  She wouldn't hurt anyone."

"She hurt you during your jabs"

K'Tan waved the comment away in exasperation. "No she didn't.  And she sorted my shoulder out the other day."

Making notes with his antique pen, Joe paused. "That was the night if the Gala, yes?"

K'tan nodded "Yes, she was off to the gala.  She seemed to be in a good mood." K'Tan's expression turned reflective. "Well, compared to normally, at any rate.  At least she kept her stomach together."

Putting the pen away Joseph knew what he already knew, her story checked out "you ate never going to let that go ate you? It's funny because the  first thing you told me when wevfirst met was the boots story and the first story Ryla told me was the boots story so somewhere along the line your boots were not only made for walking they were made for raconteuring"

Joseph stood and held his bag down "I've got to go and see the good counscilor, do us a favour mate, let us know if you hear anything. I need a break and I need it quickly"

K'Tan absently moved his bottle out of reach of the child's questing hand as Joe stood to leave. " You've got it, my friend.  And good luck."