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"Dollhouse" - season 2 - possible spoilers

Started by Rico, September 25, 2009, 05:59:42 AM

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Quote from: Rico on October 14, 2009, 07:03:59 AM
They just seem a little direction-less right now.  I know Joss tends to drop in little things and hints and then it all comes together later on.  Like where did Dr. Saunders go off to?  I do hope the season starts to come together a bit more.  If the ratings are not that good it might not even last for a full second season.  Hopefully Summer will generate some new interest.
I thought her leaving the dollhouse was her leaving the show. I haven't really looked for something more plot wise. I like this show, but it's not something that I am rushing to see each week and I think that's the issue. With so much stuff happening, you have to be better than good to make it. Being just a good show isn't cutting it anymore.


Finally! Dollhouse Season 2 starts with two back-to-back episodes on Tue 20th October on Sci-Fi (just after Warehouse 13).

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Info on Amy Acker.  It seems the actor had to leave for another series called "Happy Town."  But she will be in a couple more episodes this season.  Read on...

Another interview from the conference call with Joss Whedon last week, this time courtesey of SciFiChick; the extracts featuring Amy are posted below.

   Is Dr. Saunders going to factor in a little more in the season?

   Dr. Saunders would factor in much more in the season had we not lost her to another show. She will factor inasmuch as we are allowed to factor her in, which is exactly three episodes worth. They will, however, be three extraordinarily memorable episodes.

   Amy Acker is ridiculously talented and the character's dilemma is fascinating to us. We grit our teeth that we didn't have the funds, or the support, or the success, to just make her a regular and now we're paying for it. It means that every time we have her on screen, we'll squeeze every drop out of her that we can. We're seizing the day. We just don't get to seize as many of them as we'd like.

   With Amy Acker gone, are we going to get a new doctor character to tend to the wounded?

   We haven't featured the doctor. We see somebody in the BG. We will be seeing Dr. Saunders again and the stories just haven't lent themselves to bringing in another person in that capacity. So if we need to, yes, but not so far.



A couple of pictures of Summer Glau on "Dollhouse."


Good News!  Fox has said that they are going to show all episodes for this season.  So don't give up on it yet.  Sounds like some of the baseball playoffs will interfere on a few  friday nights.


Fox also said they are pulling Dollhouse for the month of November during sweeps.. it will be back in December.. not a vote of confidence if you ask me. :(


The Friday night slot is hurting the show.  Does FOX never learn?  I do hope if season two is all we get that Joss gets chance to sort of wrap things up to a degree.


Ok, really enjoyed last night's episode. Season 2 is starting to get rolling now. I like what they're doing with Echo and I am really starting to like what's going on with Topher.

Also, if anyone missed it, the ep was directed by our favorite number one, johnathan frakes.


Last night's episode was really strong. All of the scenes with Victor and Sierra made me tear up a bit. Also a good job for J. Frakes's direction. :)


I loved yesterday's episode. I can't even put into word what I liked about it, just the relationships and character development with Topher and Sierra, Victor, Boyd. It was just such a powerful episode. My favorite episode so far this season.


I enjoyed last nights episode and I'd be the last person to criticize a Joss show but If you haven't been watching religiously I think you might have been confused.  My wife and I haven't missed an ep and we even found it a little hard to determine if they were in the present or the past. 

It was strong show though.  Its great seeing Topher progress especially since we know what he's like in Epitaph 1. 

No Ballard?


I'm a bit torn on the most recent episode.  Some strong, powerful stuff but man these people are messed up.  Lots of new information and I like the little details we are getting but I did miss Ballard.  Nice to see Sierra get some more time in the spotlight.  Sorry we don't get a new show until early December now. 


I heard that they are going to be airing double episodes for the first 3 weeks of Dec!  I've never heard of a show doing that before, I wonder how it will affect the ratings.  I guess there is nowhere to go but up,,, I hope. 


Just caught up on the first two and my opinions are pretty much on par with the concensus. The first was interesting and it was nice to see Ballard getting involved in the way he did. The second did very little for me at all, again except for the Ballard/Echo scene at the end pusing that story forward.

This show seems to sit behind the others on the DVR at the moment in that I try and watch the rest as they come up but this one seems to wait until I get round to it.

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Does anyone know if tonight's is the one with Summer?