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HBO's Game of Thrones

Started by Bromptonboy, August 18, 2009, 06:17:55 AM

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Has anyone heard any more rumors about this book being turned into a movie?  I had read someplace that HBO had bought the rights.  It boggles my mind how they would boil this one down for a movie.  Perhaps a miniseries?


The pilot still seems to be moving ahead at full steam. Lots of info at GRRM's personal site and at westeros.org forums. I believe there's also a website/fansite tracking news of the production. Some cast has been announced, like Tyrion, others have been cast but still not made public. It's going to be a series, if picked up, 1 book per season. Details about # of episodes etc are on the above mentioned sites.


Oh yea.... Winter is coming. ::grin::


There's a bunch of new casting announcements at GRRMs blog via georgerrmartin.com


HBO Gives Green Light to A Game of Thrones
Source:The Hollywood Reporter
March 2, 2010

HBO has given the green light to fantasy series "A Game of Thrones," says The Hollywood Reporter. The first season is scheduled to premiere next spring. Nine episodes plus the pilot have been ordered. Production will begin in Belfast this June.

Based on the George R.R. Martin novels, the story is set in the mythical land of Westeros and centers on the noble Stark family who become caught up in high court intrigue when patriarch Eddard (played by Sean Bean) becomes the king's new right-hand man.

The four-and-counting books in the series would each be used as one season of the series.


Lena Headey Plays Game of Thrones
Source:The Hollywood Reporter
September 2, 2009

Lena Headey ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," 300) will co-star in HBO's fantasy pilot "Game of Thrones," an adaptation of the George R.R. Martin fantasy book series that chronicles a battle among seven kingdoms and two ruling families for control of the Iron Throne.

She will play Queen Cersei of House Lannister, wife of King Robert (Mark Addy) and sister of twin brother Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and outsider younger brother Tyrion (Peter Dinkladge).

The cast of the pilot is led by previously cast Sean Bean as battle-weary Ned Stark, who leaves his home to serve the king.


Sean Bean to Play Game of Thrones
Source:The Hollywood Reporter
July 19, 2009

Sean Bean will play the lead in "Game of Thrones," HBO's adaptation of the George R.R. Martin fantasy-book series, says The Hollywood Reporter. Tom McCarthy is directing; David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who wrote the screenplay, are executive producing.

Mark Addy is in final negotiations to also join the production. Kit Harrington, Jack Gleeson and Harry Lloyd also have come aboard.

The books revolves around a battle among seven kingdoms and between two ruling families for control of the Iron Throne, the possession that ensures survival through a 40-year winter to come.

Bean will play Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, known for his sense of honor and justice, who becomes closest adviser to King Robert (Addy).

Harrington will play Jon Snow, Bean's bastard son, and Lloyd will play Viserys, a powerless ruler who seeks to marry off his sister to a powerful king. Gleeson will play Joffrey, King Robert's son.

Peter Dinklage also is in the cast for the production, which is in the pilot stage and begins shooting in October in Ireland.


Cool!  I enjoy this series.  This sounds like a great treatment - a miniseries for each book.  Perfect.


Here's the first image from the series.


SPOILERS - don't click this link if you haven't read all of the books and have any interest in enjoying either them or the upcoming HBO adaptation....

Sansa Stark's Twitter page:



Here's a website belonging to a known LotR illustrator who has created some great illustrations of Westeros castles. They will be in the new ASoIaF calendar. Site has many of the images:






There's a nice (nutshell) review of the books and author's technique at this site:


I see a lot of news/info about the books and adaptation... If folks here are interested I'll be happy to post stuff, but I don't want it to seem like spam, so please let me know if it seems too much :)