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HBO's Game of Thrones

Started by Bromptonboy, August 18, 2009, 06:17:55 AM

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Quote from: beer on July 27, 2010, 01:11:14 PM
There's a nice (nutshell) review of the books and author's technique at this site:


I see a lot of news/info about the books and adaptation... If folks here are interested I'll be happy to post stuff, but I don't want it to seem like spam, so please let me know if it seems too much :)
Please do post the news!


For those in the UK, GRRM has confirmed that aGoT will be showing in the UK - on SKY. (up to now this had been an unknown and ironic since it's being filmed there)

SKY has bought rights to all of HBO's stuff.


Charles Dance Cast as Tywin Lannister: The last really major casting announcement has been made... http://bit.ly/aDMiB3

Winter is coming... It is known... Hodor!




I really hope they do not make the show as bloody as the books. I cringed alot with the violence in the books. Other than that these are some of my favorite stories.
Ripley: Ash. Any suggestions from you or Mother?
Ash: No, we're still collating.
Ripley: [Laughing in disbelief] You're what? You're still collating? I find that hard to believe.


I've been wondering about this as well. The books are sprickled with POV observations of the world around them - many times violent - for example those glimpsed by a spunky little horse-faced wolf.

It's being said that HBO is the network to tackle this project. I can't remember having watched the channel since Fraggle Rock in the 80's but will believe the ppl :) But I suspect even they will pull a lot of punches - perhaps having already done so with the aging of the kids.

I'm on the other side from you :) and hope they put everything in.

Also of note for fans here who haven't heard... They're creating a language for the series: Dorathaki <sp>


good, quick read:



also HBO now has official twitter acct for GoT news @gameofthrones (don't forget @westerosorg and @wicnet)

Big night - guess HBO got bunch of new subscribers just to see the previews during the truebood show.

@wicnet was posting "live" so it was kinda exciting, tho still: times like this I wish I had TV :)


My fiance's brother is getting HBO simply because of Game of Thrones. Both of them are huge fans of the books and I'm pretty sure that they're going to have Game of Thrones parties... or feasts, rather. ;) But it looks as if it's going to be fantastic.


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Inside Game of Thrones Video so FANTASTIC... really getting me excited for the series.. I may even go back and try and read the first novel again.. got about halfway through before giving up on it.. it's an extremely dark fantasy.


Quote from: Geekyfanboy on December 30, 2010, 01:57:14 PM
Inside Game of Thrones Video so FANTASTIC... really getting me excited for the series.. I may even go back and try and read the first novel again.. got about halfway through before giving up on it.. it's an extremely dark fantasy.
This is a really great series, but it's also more realistic with it's politics and violence in the time frame that it's in. That being said, the series is also a very adult based series. Magic is not nice there and good does not always win.