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Warehouse 13

Started by Geekyfanboy, January 20, 2009, 02:55:00 PM

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Saw a commerical during BSG.. looks interesting.

SCI FI has ordered 11 hours of the original drama, which stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek.

After saving the life of the president, two Secret Service agents find themselves abruptly transferred to Warehouse 13--a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota, which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.

The warehouse's caretaker, Artie (Rubinek), charges Pete (McClintock) and Myka (Kelly) with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the warehouse, as well as with helping him to control the warehouse itself.

Production is slated to begin this February in Toronto for a July 2009 premiere.


That does sound pretty interesting.
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Sounds like something I'd want to watch.


Premieres next Tuesday.  Looking forward to it - kind of reminds me of Special Unit 2.

Good to see Rubinek as Artie.  Neat website http://www.scifi.com/warehouse13/#/home


Don't forget this starts this Tuesday July 7th at 9pm pm on Scifi (or is it Syfy now?) anyways.. looks pretty cool.. they are calling the first episode a cross between X-Files and Raiders of the Lost Ark.




I enjoyed this show, cool stuff.

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I too liked the show.
[spoiler]Reminds me of the old Friday 13th series - just not as gross[/spoiler]

Just as I would expect - quirky with some serious moments.   Good addition to the syfy (going to take a wHile to get used to that) lineup.


Interesting that they set it in the badlands of South Dakota.  North Dakota would have made more sense to me; they have lots and lots of nothing up there (still have some badlands, though).

if you missed it on SyFy, you can still catch it on Oxygen, Bravo, and USA.  Anyone else creeped out by the incestuousness of all these channels mingling their programming?



Anyone heard of a UK take up for this?

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


I just finished watching the first, pilot episode and liked it a lot.  The main two leads are appealing and it has a little X Files type vibe but different too.  With a little of "The Librarian" tossed in as well.  I'll be watching each week.


I hope to watch it sometime this weekend...


I managed to catch the first half of the pilot this weekend and hopefully will watch the rest this week. I went into this figuring it would be a tiresome rehash of several other "scavenger hunt" shows. (Friday the 13th the Series for example) I was pleased to find it very entertaining.