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Name: David Andrew Reese
Rank: Starfleet Ensign
Field: Science; Biology, Chemisty, Space Phenomenon
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Specie Origin: Earth
Ethnic Group: Caucasian/Also relating back to Native America bloodlines
Born: 2356 (22 Earth Years)
Birth Place: Bigoras Colony (Planet of Bigoras)

Father: Commander Caleb Reese
Mother: Dr. Veronica (Swift) Reese
Siblings:    Younger Brother: Dylan Reese
   Younger Sister: Dorothy Reese

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 150 lb.
Skin Tone: White
Telepathic and Empathic Status: Understanding of Others (from his backstory)
Body: Average

Marital Status: Single
Habits: Organization, Careful, and Watches Everything
Likes: History, Culture, and Science
Dislikes: Selfishness
Fears: Small Spaces
Ambitions: Finding Self worth
Attitude: Nice, Shy, and Unconfident
Hobbies: Sword Fighting and Researching History, Cultures, and Science

David Andrew Reese was born on the Bigoras Colony, a planet far from Starfleet Command and Earth. The people of Bigoras were peoples of all cultures and species. Starfleet had constructed the colony as a connection to the race beyond the known occupied space. It was commanded by Commander Caleb Reese father of David Reese. The colony became an interspace gathering for many cultures. People wishing to trade, gather, settle arguments, and live came to Bigoras. All the different race living on the planet raised the need for policing, when racism become a an issue. Commander Reese and his Starfleet officer took that job of controlling the people of Bigoras. David who grew up with many different races understood the way many responded to situations and how to deal with them. He and his younger siblings were also introduced to a large amount of cruelty for reasons of race. David had many friends from Bigoras, many of whom alien races. He took up many customs and hobbies not normal to an average human child. He followed in his fathers footsteps and joined Starfleet. He went though the academy with a strange feeling of being out of place. His customs were just different. He studied in the science field, not wanting to be a doctor like his mother, he had seen some crazy things growing up in the hospital. He wasn't squeamish in the least after Bigoras. He was just leaving the academy when Dylan joined. David just hopes he will get a good post.

Note: This profile is subject to change as the story proceeds


Name: David Andrew Reese
Field: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Specie Origin: Earth
Ethnic Group: Caucasian/Also relating back to Native America bloodlines
Born: 2356 (22 Earth Years)
Birth Place: In Space

Father: Bounty Hunter Caleb Reese
Mother: Laura Rich
Siblings: None

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 150 lb.
Skin Tone: White
Telepathic and Empathic Status: None
Body: Strong/Buff

Marital Status: Single
Habits: Watches Everything, follows his suspicious
Likes: Money, Success
Dislikes: War and Chaos
Fears: The Fall of Civilization (The Empire)
Ambitions: Building a stable government
Attitude: Tuff, Focused, Unrestrained
Hobbies: No Hobbies (Focus on hi job, combat and mechanics are his closest thing to hobbies)

Caleb Reese was unwillingly forced into a deadly gang, surviving it he became stronger for it. He became a very active member in the gang, till the gang was whipped out and he was put instantly on the run, he turned his running around and turn it into a chase, by an act or luck he killed the bounty hunter who was chasing him and then assumed the role. He met a woman name Laura Rich, different from any other he had ever met they settled down and had a child, David Reese, a few years passed and trouble returned to Caleb's life. David's mother was killed and Caleb took David and ran once again, he soon returned to his life as a bounty hunting. David picked up the techniques as well from his father's teachings. Caleb was unfortunately killed by an employer after failing to accomplish a mission. David took his father's place and became a full bounty hunter. He later became the person henchmen for the best paying man in the galaxy, Emperor David Locke. He became the accomplisher to a majority of Locke's dirty work. He believes in a brighter future for the galaxy under David Locke's empire and he'll do everything he can to help that create that future.

Note: This profile is subject to change as the story proceeds.


I like, but what field of study did he go into?


Quote from: Just X on March 01, 2008, 06:13:26 PM
I like, but what field of study did he go into?
I put that just below the rank, Science


No, I mean what science field? Astronomy, Quantum mechanics, botany, biology? The sceince department is pretty diverse, but there are a lot of sub groups in the department.


I would think a person in science would have a wide range of understanding of science, for dealing with thing from literally the unknown. He would probably be more in the fields biology and chemistry though. Researching in the areas that have to do with strange alien creatures or creations and/or space phenomenons.


Hi Sheppard. Welcome to the RPG. Please add the Science specialization to your profile so that we  can differ to it when need be. That distinction may mean the difference between going on an away mission and staying in the lab. :)
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Because of my absents for most of last season I decided to write a story about where Reese was during that time. This story I have called "Homecoming" and I want to try to release a part a day. So it begins with part 1...

Part 1 – Bad Feelings

Rushing to his quarters Reese knew something was wrong. His father never contacted him. They rarely talked. Reese never felt he could live up to his father's hopes. Especially after what he did. His joining Starfleet was a way to try and mend the bond between them, but it truly became more of an escape for them both. He only talked to his father once every few months, usually on an unexpected interruption when trying to contact Dorothy. He still didn't want to talk to him much, but he was feeling the urgency of his father's call.
Stepping into his quarters, he looked around. It was empty. Fissual was currently working. I am currently supposed to be working David thought as he walked to the screen. He waited a second trying to calm himself to converse with his father. He took a deep breath.
"Computer patch in communications with Commander Reese."
The screen flashed to life and David opened his eyes to see his father staring at him.
"What do you want dad?" He had thought he's try to be nice, but his voice was coated with irritation.
"Right, strait to the point as always with you." The irritation was returned through his father's voice.
"Just get on with this please, I've got stuff to do today."
"Well your mother thought we should let you know right away. So Here I am to tell you. You see it's not easy..."
"Dad," David was getting annoyed, something was defiantly up. David wanted to know immediately, "just get to the point."
"Dorothy's missing."
There went a moment of silence between them. David's heart pounded in his chest. He spoke fearfully "What?"
"Early yesterday morning she went off like she does and she never came back." His father said calmly, but David could see through the calm that there was fear in his father's eyes, much like his own, just a small hint, but enough.
"We have to find her."
"No, you don't come home. You hear?" his father ordered "Starfleet needs you more right now."
"Dad, I'm can't wait here while my little sister is missing."
"You don't come home, that's an order."
"Fine, I'm not coming home."
"We'll find her and I'll make sure to keep you informed of your progress."
"Thanks dad, you really know how to make a brother feel better about loosing his sister." He said sarcastically.
"You don't come home, repeat that David."
"I'm not coming home."
"You're staying on your ship."
"I'm staying here on the Arabella."
The screen turned black and David stood there staring at it. There wasn't a choice in his head. He knew what he had to do, "My little sister needs me more then Starfleet. I'm coming home."


Part 2 – So Long Since Then

The sudden stop had no effect on the passengers of the cargo ship. Reese watched as Modan the pilot played with the controls. He had been flying through space to get home for three days. He knew there was no new information on his sister's disappearance. His father wasn't going to be happy about his return. Reese had purposely forgotten to mention that fact that he was coming home when he last called with updates.
Victor Calispe the captain of the Bioka Cargo Ship was busy figuring out the best landing bay for the ship to set down in. It was a matter of finding the best location for the cargo's needs. It didn't take long for him to do so.
"Modan set us down in landing bay 3-45." He ordered.
"Yes, sir."
The ship fell into the atmosphere towards the Bigoras colony. It began to grow on the main screen. Reese started to feel nervous and excited at the same time. He hadn't been home in four years. He closed his eyes. The memories hurt.
"Jav" He said silently. It was the name in the front of his mind, the one he couldn't stop thinking about ever since he started home. Then he pushed that thought away for thoughts of Dorothy. His memories disappeared and he focused on what was to come, not what was already past.

The ship touched down. Reese followed Captain Calispe out to the landing pad. The whole way there Calispe shouted out orders to his crew. He was a working man. He was a powerful and always seemed to keep himself very busy. He didn't have anytime for laziness and that seemed to be the one thing he hated most. He held the crew to the standard of himself and during Reese's journey he had held him to that same standard. It was Reese's fee for the transport. Reese felt it a fair trade. Even though he felt much of the time like he had only getting in the way, but the captain didn't seem to thing so, which he had very openly expressed. Possibly as inspiration to the crew Reese figured. He had told Reese he wasn't the best trained for this job, but he was a darn good worker, never complaining, never slacking off. The captain was a little sad to let Reese off the ship this early, but it was the arrangement.
"Reese, remember if you ever need a job. I mean besides that large tin can in space. You can join me and mine, in our slightly smaller tin can."
"Thanks, but I'm not currently in the market, but I suppose if it ever did come up."
"We will be around for the next three days before out next shipment is scheduled to leave. Got some crazy local in need for us to transport some Klampios Plant. So we might meet again. Probably could find most of the crew in the tavern. If you caught me in there I'll buy you a drink and you can tell me all about that man hunt of yours."
Reese hadn't bothered to tell Calispe that it was his sister that had disappeared, he only mention he was looking for someone. He was beginning to shift back into his old traits of not trusting anyone fully.
"I might have to take you up on that offer, but right now I got to scurry. I that manhunt to attend to."
"Suppose I need to get back to watching those idiots with my cargo before they brake something." Calispe turned and walked back into the ship screaming orders the whole way. Reese didn't stay long to listen. After one look at the bright purple sky he began home.


Part 3 – No Place Like Home

Two hours was the time it took Reese to get home. The moon had rolled on its axis so much in that time that the sky was no longer facing it purple gas giant of a planet. But the walk wasn't the hard part. Talking to his father was. It was something he knew was coming as he stood at the front door of his home. He braced himself to step inside.
"David" yelled a home sounding voice. Reese looked into the kitchen that was connected by a small doorway to the one he was in. His mother rushed up and immediately embarrassed him. "I knew you'd be home."
"I could stay away." Reese replied happy to see his mother after all these years.
"Your father's not going to be happy with you David."
"I know, but I had to come home."

His mother took him to living room and set him down on the couch. She then ran off to get him something to drink and eat, even at Reese had insistence not to. He looked around the room. He saw many photo's of Dylan and Dorothy, but very none of himself. He looked at the large picture on the wall, a family portrait. To his alarm he wasn't in it. Everyone of his family but him was present. He began to feel like this was no longer his house. It was just someone else's home which had know and came to visit, but his eye caught sight of a small little picture on the mantle of the heating unit. He walked over to it and looked at it. It was the full family portrait he remembered. Dad you may have tried to erase me, but you could rid me completely he thought.
"Your father doesn't like pictures of you around, it's been five years now, but he can't get over the fact that it was his son who caused it." A sense of sorrow seemed very present in his mother's voice.
Reese held the picture, then he took another scan around the room. There was nothing of him. Nothing to remind his family of him. He felt sad about it really, he was so divided from everyone. He had been that way for so long. The closest person he knew was Fissual and they had only met less then a month ago. "I know the court let me off clean, but I don't think dad ever forgave me."
"Maybe not, but he does miss you." She knew his pain and only wanted to comfort him now.
At the notion that all of his things and picture were gone he began to wonder what had happened to them all. "Where's all my stuff?"
"In your room, everything of yours, every reminder to you, other then that picture. I forced your father to keep that one out where I could see it."
"I want to see it."
Before she could speak or do so, the door flung open. His father and Dylan rushed in. His father stopped when he saw David. Everyone went silent, no one knew what to should be said next.


Part 4 – Family Redisjointunion

"Hey, Davs." Dylan broke the silence
"What are you doing here?" his father yelled, "I gave you an order not to come home."
"Dad, it's Dorothy, I need to know she's safe."
"Well, you're not staying here, my suggestion to you is go back to you ship."
David assumed his father didn't even know what ship he had been posted to, he almost wanted to leave, but he couldn't yet. "Not until I find Dorothy." David yelled.
"We don't need you here!"
David looked at Dylan, as glad as he was to see him again he felt almost betrayed "And why's he home."
"To find Dorothy." Dylan said with a calm voice
"You brought him home and told me to stay away."
"David you only complicate matters."
"It's been five years, this place hasn't gotten any better. You're need here at the colony, not out there looking for Dorothy. You need me as much as you deny it."
"That might be true, but I can't have you helping though." His father was trying to be calm, "It's taken me the most of the past years to get my reputation back. Your presents here is only going to hurt my good name."
David wondered if that was all his father cared about, his good name. David didn't care about that he just wanted a family now and he knew he wasn't going to find a family here. "Ok, I'll leave."
Shocking everyone in the room by his remark Reese knew he couldn't think stuck in a house where the only thing he could do was fight. "I just want to see my room before I leave."
"Ok, then go." His father said with a calm voice. David knew the only way to talk peacefully to his father was to agree with him.
David walked up to his room, he could hear angry voices behind him. His parents were arguing about him, seemed just like when he left for the first time. He stepped into his room. He was shocked at what he found, everything was clean and organized. The room was filled with his things, his pictures, his awards, it seemed like a shrine to him, like he had died and this was the memory of his life. He supposed it was almost like that to his father. He just wished things had gone better, everything could have been different, if he just...
He rejected the memory, it was to painful for him to think about. Everything was become too painful to be around, he had to get out, he hurried back to the front door and out.
His mother followed him out. "David, you don't have to leave, honey."
"Yes, I do." He turned and gave her a hug before he walked off. He was strong, he didn't faultier, not a single tear would fall to the ground.
Reese didn't stop walking, he walked back to the Bioka Cargo Ship. Captain Calispe was kind enough to let him return to his quarters aboard the ship. He was fine, he felt nothing from the situation at all, until he was in his room, where he cried. The lone child cried for he had no one. He was alone.


Part 5 – Klampios Grows Large

Reese got up the next morning, he grabbed all his gear and traveled deep into the wilderness. To the place Dorothy always disappeared to on a normal bases. It seemed like the best place to start his search. The meadow was large and seemed to span on for miles. It seemed so untouched, a large field covered with flowers. No machine insight, not even a noise hinting at machines on the planet. He walked through the field, he had rarely came out here when he live on Bigoras. He was usually with his friends in the Tunnels underneath the colony. He had loved it there at the time. But his love for locations had changed. He preferred the world and it's natural beauty opposed to the bleak of a stone tunnel. The tunnel was where Harris had taught him how to sword fight. He never did manage to be as good at Harris. Harris always had the advantage of being a half Klingon, half Human.
As Reese walked through the meadow, he could find no sign of any one ever being there. He walked and walked till he reached the end of the meadow. It ended with a large field of the Klampios plant. He stopped and looked deep into it. Klampios was such an ugly plant. It just grew tall with green vines and leafs that oozed brown suds of a sticky glue like subsistence. Reese hated Klampios. It was used to create several medical drugs. It was like no other plant and it was a very useful plant. But if the chemistry was changed slightly it could be changed into a very deadly drug. Klampios-Oliapa was a drug that gave the consumer a strange amount of power. They became a super-powered life form. Nothing could stop a person who used Klampios. The power was addicting though and dangerous. After the power faded a very painful restoration followed. After the muscles had been pumped up to that strength the body consumed the muscle leaving a person very weak when the effects faded. Reese knew very well it's effects, everyone on Bigoras did. He knew people who had killed themselves with it. Bigoras had it the worst. The Klampios plant couldn't grow on any other planets. There was something in the air that made it possible to grow on Bigoras that wasn't present on other planets. Klampios was obviously illegal to be used to make Klampios. It's was in fact not illegal to grow, but only the most trusted farmers could grow it. Any criminal record, no matter how small a farmer couldn't grow it. All the farmers were processed heavily every year during the winter when the plant didn't grow. The plant also had to be immediately changed after harvesting the Klampios-Oliapa or the change would fail. So the farmers would remove it and the crops then had be locked away for a number of days before any action made to it. But somehow the Klampios-Oliapa still seemed to get out to the people. Reese had never used it himself, way to expensive for most kids to get their hands on. He was glad about that too. He had change a lot since then when he would have very willingly done such a thing.

"Hi David." Cried a voice from behind him. He turned quickly to see Dylan. Thankfully just Dylan, not his father as well.
"Hi Dylan." He replied.
"We've searched this whole area several times, we couldn't find anything out here."
"Yeah, that's exactly what I've found today."
David turned and started walking back, Dylan followed. With every intention of going back to the colony Reese stopped when his eye caught sight of a dirt patch in the middle of the meadow. "Do you see that?"
"See what?" Asked Dylan.
Hurried over to it, "The dirt" he said slightly excited. He began wiping away the dirt.
"There's dirt all around us. Nothing funny about dirt."
"It is a little funny here." He wiped the dirt off the top of a wooden door. It was all patched up. Looked like it had broken through before. They tried to open the door, but it was tightly sealed.
"If there is an underground room down there we got to get in and find out what it is."
"We should get dad." Dylan exclaimed
"Right." David dreaded the thought of telling his father, but he agreed it was the right thing to do, but not before they at least had a look for themselves. So they did so.


Part 6 – Into the Darkness

They pealed the wooden boards off of the hole cover. Finding a small ladder down they both lowered themselves deeper and deeper into the hole. Only to find at the bottom an empty room.
"There's nothing here." David had hoped for something more when he entered the room.
"Probably a Klamios-Oliapa factory and holding room." Dylan said.
"A dead end." David said feeling like he had failed somehow.
"I don't think so." Dylan had found a portion of the wall that didn't fit quite right. "Help me get this off."
They both pulled out the piece of wall and then looked into the long tunnel. It was a small opening, but looked very deep. A set of tracks ran across the floor. Dylan knew it was a transport route for small cargo, Klamios-Oliapa. "We should down there."
"No, way, two reasons Dylan. Look how small it is, that could be miles to travel." David really didn't have it in his head to travel in that small of space especially for a long time. "And what if the transport cart comes speeding back up it, there isn't exactly space to move out of the way down in that tunnel." The thought of traveling down that tunnel scared him to death, but he wasn't going to say it. He could hardly look down it without feeling nervous.
"Yeah, but Dorothy went that way."
"How do you know that?"
"Look there's her necklace on the track." David hadn't notice it till Dylan pointed it out, his fear was getting the best of him. Dylan wondered in and grabbed it. He handed it to David.
"Yeah, it's defiantly hers. I sent this to her when I was on Earth." David remembered when he bought it from one of the street merchants in one of the Central American countries. He couldn't remember which.
"We got to go down it, that's the only we can find out where it leads."
"I don't know about this Dylan, I really, really don't want to go in there."
"What about Dorothy."
Dorothy was the one thing David had returned home and if he was going to let his fear stop him from doing what need to be done then there was no point in even leaving the Arabella. He thought to himself that he might as well give up if he couldn't do this. "Ok, let's do this."
"Ok, I'll lead, I know how much you hate small spaces." Dylan said beginning into the tunnel, he had no fear of doing so.
No you don't know David thought as he followed nervously into the tunnel. They made there way deeper and deeper into the tunnel. David's fear immediately began to come to him. He wanted to go back and he was only a few yards in. He kept an eye on the exit until all light from behind him faded. He was getting very scared now. Not knowing where the exit was just scared him even more.


Part 7 – Deeper Grow the Wounds

They went on, lit by Dylan's bright torch. David feared the whole way that the transport cart would speed back up the tub and kill them on impact and after that all that would remain of them was a few blood stains on the carts front, but it didn't. These tunnels remind him of the past, the reason he had the fear of small spaces in the first place. It didn't help that after about a half an hour they emerged in the very tunnels he knew so well, but they emerged in a room where he could stand up again. No longer a small space, but the tunnels still terrified him and his memories seemed to be reemerging. "We got to get out of here, Dylan." All the memories were returning into his head. Jag's was gone and he felt it was his fault. He should have stopped Harris when he had the chance. He remembered being so eager though, there wasn't any chance he would have stopped Harris at the time. None of them would have. The four of them just adventures children, not real gangsters and they tried to steal from Hasiga. He was a gang leader and had been growing wealthy from the Klampios-Oliapa for years. He knew very well what he was doing. Harris had suggested they go try and steal some. None did disagreed with him; Jag, Mitchell, Reese.
They had slipped deep into Hasiga's occupied territory. Reese remembered achieve the objective they did get the Klampios-Oliapa, but that when everything went wrong. They got caught.
David didn't want to remember the rest. It was to painful for him to think about what had happened. He quickly found the nearest exit hole to the surface. David got out and laid down on the dirt above. Dylan quickly followed him out. "David, what are you doing?"
"I can't go back down there."
"David, Dorothy's down there," Dylan said urgently, "We have to go back in there."
"Do it yourself, Dylan, you're good enough."
"No David, I'm not," He sounded sad when he said it, "You've always been better then me."
"You're still on dad's good side," David replied feeling all the pain from his life. Everything he had done to get him in all honesty no where, "You're still part of our family."
"David, I'm failing out of the academy."
David didn't what to say. His brother was loosing the one thing he cherished, his career. Dylan was always as wild as David was, but he had always dreamed of being in Starfleet, just like his dad. David was the one who grew up as a juvenile and a disappointment. "I want to find Dorothy, as much as you do, but those tunnels are where I lost two of my best friends in one day. I don't want to go back in there." David stood up and walked away, not wanting to here Dylan's protests. He knew what Dylan would say and he knew what Dylan was going to do next.


Part 8 – Welcome Home At Last

Reese made his way to the tavern. The owner, Nick, was a close friend, least he was before the disappearances of Harris, his grandson. Reese hadn't talk to him since. He had hopes that he wouldn't be angry or have hard feeling towards him. Reese stepped inside. He saw Calispe sitting at one of the table. He started at him, when he heard Nick's voice from across the room.
"Davs, is that you?"
David wasn't sure if it was anger or excitement in his voice. He just stopped. Nick walked over to him. He smiled, that assuring David that he was welcome here. He began to feel better about Bigoras, to have a place where he was truly welcome. Seemed to him this was the only place on Bigoras that he was welcome.
"How have you been," Nick Harris said so overjoyed to see Reese again. "I heard you got a post."
"Yeah, I'm set on a ship."
"Is it a nice ship."
"Yeah, real nice, good people."
"Good for you Davs, good for you," Nick seemed releaved by this, "I'm glad one of you made a life for yourself."
"Have you heard from any of then since?"
"Mitchell showed up a few month ago, he's been traveling round on transport ships. Still getting himself into trouble. Haven't seen Steven since he scampered thought." He paused momentarily a few sad seconds when by, "But why are we talking about them, let me get you a drink. You just settle yourself in and I'll cover your bill."
"Oh, I can..." Reese tried stopping him, but Nick would have none of it.
"No, no, you're the guest of honor in my tavern."
Reese took a seat near Calispe. Calispe was pleased to see him and Reese was much the same. Reese was finally feeling like he had found where he should be on Bigoras. The people who didn't shoo him away like an unwanted stray animal. Everything seemed like it was right again, but then he thought of Dorothy and his fears returned. He was trapped in a state of fear, pain, and panic. He had thought to himself that he would do anything for his little sister, but to relive the memories that hurt him so much. There was a chance everything that had happened once could happen again. Hasiga was still a force to be dealt with on Bigoras. No one dared get in his way or they would silently disappear. No one could get to Hasiga either, he was well defended inside the tunnels and no one knew the tunnels well enough to be effective against him, least no one who could help. Reese just wanted to forget his worries for a little while, but Calispe kept bringing it up.
"How's that manhunt going, Reese?"
"Nothing yet, not even a clue." Reese kept replying to all the captain's questioning. "How's your shipment going." He said trying to chance the subject
"Good, we'll be leaving in under an hour thought. We got rushed a little more then I had hoped to get going, but getting a big payment from this transport."
"Nothing bad going on I hope."
"No, nothin' big anyway," he sounded a little irritated when he spoke, "just a little inconvenience for me and my crew. Shouldn't be a problem though."
"Good, glad something going right."


Part 9 – Recovery is Long Overdue

The front door slammed shut, everyone looked to see who had stepped in. Caleb Reese stood at the door scanning the room. David looked away from him trying to avoid his notice, but it didn't work. His father spotted him intently and began walking over to him. He was stopped by Nick halfway there.
"Caleb, I don't want any domestics in my tavern."
"I'm not here to argue, Harris."
"Then what are you here for, I know David and you don't usually agree."
David turned listening to the conversation, "Nick, it's all right, I can handle this."
"Ok, but Davs you need anything just let me know." He let Caleb past him.
Stepping up to the table, Calispe moved to another, not wanting to be stuck between the two.
"David, I need you." His dad started off right to the point.
"Oh, you need me now." He replied sarcastically.
"Yes, I think, Dylan thinks" correcting himself, "that Hasiga has got Dorothy. My guess is that she got in the way of one of their Klampios raids. It makes sense everything that Dylan said you two found."
"Great go get her then."
"I don't know anything about Hasiga or those tunnels he calls home."
"Then find someone who does."
"I am, I need you." His dad pleaded. "You're the only one who knows those tunnels I can trust."
"I can't go back in those tunnels, that's where I..." His voiced faded.
"I know what happened. I know that you lost you best friend, but..."
"There's more that nobody knows except the three of us who were down there."
"When we walked into Hasiga's territory we didn't sneak in."
"What? How?"
"We had joined his gang. Then we stole from him. We got caught trying to take the Klampios-Oliapa. We didn't the only reasonable thing, we ran, there are five small craw spaces that a person can use down through, we ducked into the neared one, but Jag wasn't quick enough. We had to lock him out of the tunnels to save ourselves."
"That's not your fault Harris and Mitchell have always..."
"I locked the door could have been all of our lives just as easy as it was his." David lost it he began crying, "They got him, we heard him screaming as we crawled away then it was silent. Then we ran into Hasiga;s thugs in the crawl space. They came right at us. We didn't know what to do we could go back we could go forth. Harris went crazy, he took a bunch of the Klampios-Oliapa. I've never seen anything like that." Caleb saw a deep fear in David's eyes a fear that never goes away, "Everyone always wonders why I hate small spaces, but after being trapped in there with a mad man I don't think anyone could ever consider going into a small space again without being terrified. Then he ran off with the rest of the Klampios-Oliapa, me and Mitchell never even touched it, we were then left in the mess. We hurried out to the surface."
"That's when I caught you two, covered in blood."
"I didn't know all that, all this time you never told me about Harris about how Jag..., that you had joined Hasiga's gang,..."
"Know you know why I can't go back down there."
"David, I understand your fear of tunnels, let me help you, but you need to help me." No responce, David worked to calm himself. "It's for Dorothy. She needs you."
"I want to help Dorothy, but I don't..."
"What is it," Caleb could see something else behind the surface of David's eyes, "it's not just those tunnels, what are you fearing."
David looked at him for a second, then his fear turned to anger, "Maybe just I'm glad to see you, son. Maybe all you have to say is that." Raising his voice, he didn't care who heard now, "I don't care that you don't want me here, I understand after what I did, but least you could do it tell me you love me."
"I do David!"
"Then say it." David was almost yelling now, everyone in the tavern tried to pretend they couldn't hear what was saying. Caleb noticed this, he tried to calm David down, but David was to insistent and he wouldn't be stopped from his pleases, "Say it!"
"I do love you, David." They felt the bond return, the bond between father and son. David had worked so hard to get his father approval and know he had finally found what he was looking for doing the thing he had been avoiding for so long, just talking.
His father's seriousness returned "Now help me find your little sister?"
"Ok," David felt his strength returning, "but you have to be able to listen to me in those tunnels. Can you do that?"
"Yeah." Caleb said a little uneasy.
David took a deep breath of fresh air, as fresh as it is on Bigoras. He was finally home. "Ok, I'm ready."