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Part 10 – Only Man For the Job

Reese stepped into command as he made his way to the briefing room. He walked past two officers who were whispering quietly to each other. Reese would have paid any attention to them except for the fact he heard his name as he walked by.
"I heard he was crazy, watched his best friends be killed right in front of him."
"He's the Commander's son, how bad could he be."
"There's got to be some truths to that story." He paused thinking, "How does a guy like that get into Starfleet?"
"I don't know, but what I do want to know is why is he back here helping us on Bigoras?"
Reese interrupted them, "Cause he's the only one who knows those tunnels below the colony."
The two turned abruptly, both very embarrassed when they realized who he was. Reese just walked off leaving them to there embarrassment.
Stepping into the briefing room, he saw his father and Dylan along with a team of fine Starfleet officers. He took his seat at the end of the table. The officers looked at him, he recognized several of their faces. They seemed a little hesitant, but they would follow whatever orders Commander Reese gave.
"I have a map of the tunnels," Maps of the tunnel flashed onto the screen as Caleb gave david a look of confidants, "David, what is the best way to get to Hagisa."
David got up and stepped up to the map, he barely recognize anything. He saw the main tunnels, but the small ones were all missing.
"This is wrong, this isn't a proper map."
"What," Caleb was confused, "this was an underground scan of the tunnels from an hour ago."
"That's not going to work, Hasiga's has setup something to trick your sensors, you're missing about forty separate tunnels." David started pressing buttons and then he began to draw on the map. "There is a small crawl space here, here, and here," He had drawn a large circle connect to the main tunnels by three small lines. "That what we can use to sneak inside. The circle is the headquarters for Hasiga's gang, it's the main chamber. We'll have to get past the locked doors, there is one on every tunnels."
"Explosives." One of the officers said.
"Yeah probably would be the best way in, but these tunnels are quite small, they're crawl spaces." David felt a little tension in his voice, it was in a crawl space just like this that he had his expirence. "We'll have to use directed explosives."
"We'll need a team for each of the crawl spaces," Caleb took control of the conversation, "and the rest of you will be at the main entrance as a distraction and this map show the tunnel end here."
"Yeah, there is no why out of there, it's a sealed chamber."
"Ok, we do as he says. Get your teams together officers."
Everyone got up and left except for David, Dylan and their father. He moved over next to David he had a look of concern on his face. "David, you can handle this right."
"Yeah, Dorothy's down there, I have to help."
"Well, I don't know about you going back into those tunnels, I understand your fear."
"I have to go down there. I have to face my past before I can move on."


Part 11 – Deep in Fears

Quietly they made there way into the tunnels, least as quietly as forty Starfleet officers could be. David was leading the way into one of the crawl spaces much to his fathers insistences that he be at the main entrance way. He said he would manage, but he was growing nervous and he was getting paranoid. Every few steps he thought he heard the sound of Harris running through the tunnels or a few of Hagisa's men hunting them down, but he just had to look at the face of one of the other Starfleet officers to know he was only imagining things. They seemed nervous, but didn't show any signs of hearing things like himself. Reese pushed on against the growing urge to turn around and go back to the surface. He kept the thought of Dorothy in his head. That was the thought that kept him going. He really hoped she was all right.
They reached the door. Instantly Reese began getting flashes of locking Jag out with one of these doors. He began to get very nervous.
"Reese, you all right." Said the officer behind him.
"Yeah," He tried to hide his shaking, "get the explosive out."
They handed him the explosive and he set it up on the door. He tried to calm himself to be delicate as he did so, he really didn't want to make a mistake, a mistake could mean there lives and the lives of most of the Starfleet personal in the tunnels when his team didn't get in there like they were supposed to. He pushed every other thought out of his head to focus on the explosive. He calmed himself and the explosive was set.
Initiating his comm badge "Position two set and ready."
"Position three is just finishing their setup." Commander Reese replied, "We will start the invasion in just under two minutes."
"Right." Nervousness seemed very apparent in his voice/
"David, you got this kid," trying to comfort him, "I'm proud of you."
"Lets get Dorothy back before we start the congratulations, dad."
"Yeah, wait for the signal to invade."

The comm went quiet, Reese leaned against the wall preparing himself for the battle he was about to jump into. Everyone was quiet, they all waited for the signal. The tunnel was as quiet as if there was no one there at all. They all needed there moment of peace to prepare. Reese closed his eyes and rested against the stone. Not long was he like that when gunfire began to echo through the tunnels. Reese looked at the watch, "30 seconds." Time seemed to pass at an alarmingly slow rate. "20 seconds." It continued to fall and the gunfire seemed to grow louder and louder outside. "10 seconds" before the watch could run out the locks on the door began to open. Reese looked at the others. He then looked at the detonator. He didn't take time to think about what he was going to do, he pressed the detonation. The explosive launched the door of the hinges and opened the hole into Hagisa's headquarters. A few seconds later the other doors erupted with fire. Reese and the others rushed in firing their guns blazing.
The battle was swift and not one Starfleet officer was lost, but several of Hagisa's men were killed by the explosions, but it was a price worth paying. Hagisa was arrested and taken off to prison. Dorothy though was still missing. Caleb, David, Dylan, and the forty Starfleet officers searched the whole of the area, but she was no where to be found.
All of them began feeling the pain of lose, the fact of take down the gang lord was now unimportant, they just wanted Dorothy back.


Part 12 – Retrieval

Over the next day Hasiga was questioned for all information on Dorothy, he just said she was gone. This sent the whole Reese family into a state of pain and sadness at the loss of their little girl. David didn't join them. After hearing she was gone he immediately disappeared to a place to think. He was going was going to figure out every uses of the word "gone".
"She's gone, she's gone. What does that mean," he said to himself. Nothing seemed to become apparent in his head. Crying he said "She's just a little..." He paused, He had just remembered something that was said to him. The words of Captain Calispe rang in his ears, "Just a little inconvenience for me and my crew." David thought back to the day he first arrived on Bigoras, Calispe had said he was picking up Klampios, but what if that wasn't entirely truthful about that, what if he was actually getting Klampios-Oliapa and Dorothy was thrown into the shipment to get rid of her before anyone could pin it on Hagisa. Who could kill a little girl like her Reese thought, he knew he had to hunt this down. Everything began to click in his head. He ran house, no one was there, he checked his father's office he wasn't there. He need a ship, he needed to get Dorothy.
He hurried to the shuttle bay taking the nearest Bigoras shuttle without permission and took off after Calispe and his kidnap ship. He was flying a much fast vessel then Calispe he could catch him easy, but he had to remember where Calispe was going. He'd seen a mapped out chart of it, but he wasn't concerned with it at the time. He just couldn't remember what the next stop was for the Bioka Cargo Ship. He thought as hard as he could to remember, but the more he tried to concentrate the more it seemed to slip away. So he stopped. He noticed a small piece of paper. It said something written on it. He turned it over and began to draw on it. The chart began to flow out of his pencil appearing out of his scribbles. He was beginning to remember where he need to go. Powering up the engines and he went to warp at maximum speed leaving Bigoras and the slightly angry and annoyed officers on the comm urging him to return the shuttle to the shuttle bay.

The shuttle flew through space, Reese began planning out a way to get to the Captain. He layed out his weapons. Then he grabbed a phaser and his sword, it had been so long since he had fought with it. He knew it would become a very value weapon once his plan come was fully active. He then grabbed a small transmitter. He tied it into the ships system to await his order.
He caught the Bioka Cargo Ship. He hailed them. Calispe respond.
"Reese, what are you doing all the way out here?"
"There's something very important of mine on your ship, I was careless and stupid." Reese gave him a stupidity laugh, trying to trick Calispe, "I feel like an idiot for letting you leave without me getting it back." The trick seemed to be working
"Oh, well can I get it for you?" His expressions seemed to be that off a guilty man. Reese already knew that he had Dorothy though, he didn't need assurance.
"No," Reese replied "I think I need to board."
Captain Calispe granted him passage onto the ship, but only under guard, only more assurance.
Reese exited his the shuttle, he had the sword on his back and a phaser in hand. The guard was hesitant in his approach when he saw the sword on his back, "Sorry Reese, but I think it would be better if you didn't bring the phaser and knife onto the ship."
"Right." Reese took a quick notice of everyone in the room. One man by the door with a large gun, one by the controls, just a small phaser, and the guard right in front of him also with a small phaser. He quickly devised a plan. He began to hand over the phaser, then he shot the guard, catching him in his fall and using him as a shield while he took aim and shot the man by the door. Then he turned and shot the man by the controls.
"Sorry guys," He said not sure if they knew they were transporting illegal goods or not. "but right now you're in my way."
He run into the ship setting up flash bombs every twenty steps. They were rigged to go off when anyone passed by them.
But his run through the ship was stopped by a seven man offensive at the end of the hall in front of the door to the bridge. They all had there phasers pointed at him as soon as he ran up.
"Drop the phaser." One of them yelled.
"I'd suggest to all of you that you drop your phasers and get out of my way." He pulled out a small transmitter that tied into his shuttle. The men seemed to get very nervous at the sight of the small button. Reese pressed the button with no time to spare.
"Nothing happened." was the phrase going through the mouths of the crews. One of the crew decided he'd had enough and fired, but to failed to do anything.
"Your phasers are disabled, my shuttle sent out an energy wave, making these phasers useless." Reese chucked his phaser to the side and pulled out the sword.
Some of the crew turned and ran away, The ones that remain got a beating from the flat of Reese's sword blade. Beating them till they decided to runaway. Reese entered the bridge. Calispe stood there scared to death of Reese and his sword held tight in hand.
"Where is she?" Reese yelled
Calispe stood terrified as Reese started at him the his sword ready to bloody him up a bit till he talked.
"She's in one of the quarters," terrified was his expression, "I don't remember which one, I'll take you there."
Reese hadn't done anything yet, Captain Calispe had just given up. He took Reese to the quarters. He opened the door and Reese looked in. Just as he did he heard a formiliar voice.
"David," Dorothy yelled running out giving him a hug. David grabbed her so glad to see her.
"You haven't been hurt have you," he gave an angry brotherly look at Calispe, "Dorothy."
"No, they fed me and stuff, but I have missed you and dad and mom and Dylan."
"I know, I missed you too, Dorothy. Now come on we have a ship to turn in to Starfleet."
"Wait, you're turning in my ship, you got your sister back."
"Still got illegal cargo, Calispe." Reese pushed him into the quarters and locked the door. There was pounding an screaming from the other side of the door as David and Dorothy returned to the bridge where he called the nearest Starfleet ship. It was few hours wait for them to arrive. The talked and played games, both so happy just to be together again. David now felt the most content he had felt since he had left home so long ago.
And when the Starfleet vessel arrived to apprehend the criminals and illegal cargo David and Dorothy went home.