Agent Theran D'Callan

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Character's Name: Agent Theran D'Callan

Field: Section 31. Black Ops.

Rank: Agent.

Species Of Origin: Human.

Age: 34 Human years old

Gender: Male

Hair: Black, long.

Eyes: Left eye green, right eye grey

Height: 6' 2.

Weight: 98 Kgs.

Skin Tone: Strong tan, but weather beaten. His skin looks older than he his.

Telepathic and Empathic Status: None

Body: Average but with a athletic build

Face : Squarish face. He has a scar across his right cheek.

Marital Stats: single

Children: none

Habits: Is very prone to leaving sentences unfinished.

Quarters: No fixed abode

Likes: Not Known

Dislikes: Not Known

Ambitions and Goals: Initially to herd up the remaining experiments created by Dr Coleman and his employer. Having done that and helped his brother by removing the IA chip from his eye his new goal is to capture the people responsible.

Temperament: Committed to Section 31.

Hobbies: None

Family: none

Mother: Died during child birth.

Father: In a institution for the insane. Now aged 79

Siblings: Brother, Joseph. Now serving above the USS Arabella.

Character History

Theran was attacked in his own home when he was 14. He managed to find his way to a small window and broke free. He ran away from his family home at 14 never to return. Escaping Earth he was befriended by another family who worked for Starfleet intelligence.
Therans work in intelligence and investigation earned him great respect and he was able to take any job he wanted. Section 31 offered him answers to many questions he had in his mind.
After several years, Theran had managed to break a a syndicate involved in illegal experimentation on human new born's. He had been given the assignment after Section 31 found a chip in his own eye and found that the chip was one of thirteen others. He found all twelve of the patients a lot of them died during the madness that the chip eventually brought on. The last patient he found was his brother Joseph.

Theran has now been been assigned the mission to find his escaped father. After research by himself and another agent he has discovered the truth that even he cannot believe. The mysterious man known only as 'The Employer' turns out to be none other than his own Father. Joseph committed his father into the asylum believing him to be simply insane. It turns out this was a ruse as so not to be captured by Section 31.
Portraying an insane man was easy for Hayes D'Callan as it was not too far from the truth but convincing his own son was not a easy task. Theran D'Callan only realised the truth when paperwork found in his cell behind a slab wall contained detailed drawing of the IA chip. A shocked Theran then found out that the mysterious man who attacked him was in fact his own father. 
After being informed of Hayes escape Theran was ordered to find his father first then enquire about his own brothers health. Going against orders for the first time in his life Theran made a holo report and sent it to Joseph so he could see and hear the news when he finally recovered.


Agent D'Callan cut his communication off from his brother and sat down. The red file on the table contained all the information needed for his new mission. Lifting it up he flicked it open and there in front of him was the photo of Hayes D'Callan, his father. Reading the medical information and psych info, Theran still couldn't quite believe that his own father is the man responsible for his and his brothers pain. Turning several pages he came to a black file. In white writing on the front were the words. "For Your Eyes Only". Unclipping the I.D thread he opened the file.

'For Your Eyes Only. Agent 4563 T.D'Callan Black Ops.
Mission name Golgion Hume.

It has come to our notice that the fugitive Hayes D'Callan, father of agent 4563 and Star Fleet officer Joseph D'Callan is responsible for creating and testing the A.I chip. He is charged with the deaths of 11 victims of the A.I experiments, 3 security officers from Penal Zone A23 and 14 civillians.

Sensitive Information.

Agent 4563, we information that we feel is extremly sensitive to you and the mission. Through our interigation methods with several members of Hayes cell ward we have deduced that Hayes D'callan is also reponsible for the death of your Mother.'

Theran's eyes opened wide and he looked up at the ceiling. He breathed slowly, looked back down to the file and carried on reading.

' Several members have given us evidence that Hayes screamed in his sleep your mothers name and apologizing. He would then wake in fits of laughter. Agent 4563 we have decided to inform you of these events in order of our protocol policy. You have a time limit of 14 months. You and your partner are to use your D class name and to report every 3rd day. '

He put the complete file down on the table and walked to the window. He rubbed his finger over a strange bubble in the glass. Behind him Therans new partner picked up the file and began to read it. Theran tilted his head slightly.

" We need to find him quickly. Make sure I don't kill him"

The voice behind him remained calm and reassuring.

" I'm a good few years older than you, and in all my years I have never known the Section give a mission to someone with such a personal connection"

Theran turned to the older man, he looked around the room of his brother.

" Joseph has been through a lot. He nearly died in this room and he nearly died during that damn away mission. That is the only thing personal to me."

Handing the file back to Theran the older agent scanned the room.

" He's in good hands on that ship. Time to leave. Lets go"

The two men walked out of Josephs Earth apartment and headed to the transport ship.