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Started by moyer777, February 01, 2008, 03:12:23 PM

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Boy, I am more mystified and confused than ever.  After last week's episode I am having a very hard time thinking all these things have logical, scientific answers.  The Richard guy really shocked me.  And of course Claire and her and Jack's father in the cabin that Locke saw was weird.  Now they are all going to be attacked.  It just seems to crazier and more wild each week this season.  But I am enjoying it!


Another great episode last night, really looking forward to the finale. The stuff with Hurley and his party was great, had me going at first that he was hearing the voices in his parents house, and then the numbers in his car. Sun taking control of her fathers business was great as well. I am getting the feeling that it might be the end of the road for jin. When they asked Sun about his death, she looked regretful, in that he may have had a heroic death in possibly saving the boat, but all she can say is that he died in the plane crash, and never let the world know that he was a hero. Just my guess on that, but since Jin and Sun have been on the beach pretty much the whole season, I am guessing not much more for them as a couple for story, and Jin may have redeemed himself a good man and Husband. I was also thinking, that maybe it is Ben in the coffin, or someone that is said to be Ben. I don't think it will be any of the Oceanic 6, so also possible Michael (Kevin Johnson), but I think my main guess will still be Ben, or a body that is to represent Ben. Really looking forward to the last episode of the season, but not looking forward to having to wait for the next season.


That was a pretty shocking episode last night. 

Knowing that Ben survives made it less tense in the scene where the gun is at his head.  I really enjoyed the Hurley scenes too.

Good show, but crazy!!!!  What will/did/is happen(ing)?  :)

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I really liked this most recent episode.  Lots of neat stuff came out.  Finally Jack knows about Claire.  I liked how we got to see a little bit of everyone almost in this one.  I enjoy those episodes more than the ones just focusing on a couple of people.  The finale in 2 weeks should be great!


I'm still LOST..you wouldn't get ME running around that damn island with a Polar Bear and a Smoke Monster still on the loose....not to mention Wild boars and Jack's Dead father :D
It's all good, though
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Ok, lets get the finale discussion started.  First, I really enjoyed the 2 hour finale.  It really moved.  I like how it involved everyone pretty much and used them well.  And it really tied a lot of things together.  Ok now on to my questions, thoughts, etc.

1)  Since the boat blew up, did that kill most of the other folks from the crash off?  Are all or most gone except the ones left on the island and the Oceanic Six?  Desmond was trying to get them off the boat but do you think any others made it off and back to the island??

2)  What is Kate's problem with Locke?  Or whatever that new name was he was using?  I'm guessing he gets off the island obviously at some point during the three years that have gone by.

3)  I liked the stuff between Locke and Ben.  But "move the island????"  Come on!  How???  At first I thought he moved it through time.  That would cause it to be in a different location in the present since there is movement of continents, drift, etc.  But it would have to get moved thousands of years - or more to make it move as far as it did to get out of sight of the copter.

4)  So it looks like Charlotte was born on the island?  I guess.  So what does that mean?

There are a lot of other things of course.  Like why does everyone keep seeing Claire and Jack's dad everywhere?  Anyway, I really enjoyed this last season however I'm starting to doubt that the conclusion and answers for this series will ever be able to satisfy me.  But I am certainly enjoying the ride.


I thought the the season Finale was great, and it is going to be a tough wait for season 5.

I have the same questions about the boat as you Rico, I am wondering if some of them survived. Jin was on the Deck, and all we really saw of the explosion of the boat was from afar, so I guess for me, I am going to still consider him around somewhat. I think with Michael seeing Christian Sheppard, I think that he might be dead, as maybe like some of the others on the island who died, he atoned for what he had done. If the Island had the power to project Christan onto the boat, maybe it had they power to get the others who did not die on the boat back to the island. I think I am going to add Daniel and the others on the zodiac, as possibly still being around, as I do not believe they made it to the boat, and they were off the island. I do not think that Daniels story is resolved yet for me.

I am not really sure what to think of Claire either, is she dead or not? Hurley saw Charlie at the start of the season, and now Kate saw Claire, but with Kate it seemed more like a dream. But it was a warning not to take Aaron back to the island.

I am thinking with Locke, he must be working like Ben to protect the island from Whitmore and the other people looking for it, so maybe that is why he came back from the island. I find it weird that even though he is using an alias, everyone who has encountered him off the island refers to him with that name. I suspect part of it is to protect the reveal at the end of the episode, but does not seem very natural to me.

The move the Island is interesting to say the least, and was not really expecting what happend. I am looking forward to next season with the time travel element possibly coming into play. Certainly a lot more questions for me on that part.

I liked that Charlotte was born on the Island and decided to stay, also that Miles decided to stay as well, as it will add some new stories and experiences for them on the island. I still think Daniel is in play as well, as we never saw him after the boat explosion, or Island move, so I do not see him as being gone.

I must say I really liked what they did with Sawyer, with him jumping off the helicopter, so that the others could get back to the boat. His character has come a long way since the first season.

So much in that episode left to think about, and for a finale it maybe did not have as big of a cliffhanger as a few of the others, but it had a lot more stories and questions for me to think about over the break.


Yeah - I like Sawyer a lot too.  One of my favorites.  And like you said Jeff, lots to ponder over the summer about what we just saw.


Okay I just finished watching and here is my theory.

1) The Island was transported several years into the future.

2) I believe now that at the core of the island is a micro whitehole. This would explain the way that time is faster on the island and why time can go screwy.

3) If we assume that souls exist and are some form of energy, the white hole could be the explanation on why the dead are still around.  If the soul is the charge and the body is the battery, if we have a bunch of excess energy, I can see how the soul could stick around without having to need a body to be seen. Kinda like when you expose a florescent light to a really high voltage of electricity. It doesn't need to touch the electricity to light up.

And I just love this:



I loved last nights Lost finale... it was an emotional roller coaster. Jin dying (???) and Sun's reaction was very moving. Both of those characters have come such a long way in the Lost story. I'm not sure what Sun is up to with teaming up with Whitmore.. unless she knows that Ben is the one that killed the guy who set the bomb in the first place that blew up the freighter, or she is setting up Whitmore and is working with Ben also. But she has changed from this supposedly sweet submissive woman to someone of power. 

Like Jeff said.. Sawyer has come a long way also sacrificing his freedom to save the others, while it was to save Kate, but still he's turned into a really good guy.

Don't have a clue with Claire and her deal.. is she dead??

I googled Jeremy Bentham (Locke), he's another philosopher who believed in social reform. I love the details Lost puts into their episode.

A few answers but many more questions. Like what happen to the few folks on the Zodiac they weren't on the Island and didn't quite make it to the ship.. are they drifting in the ocean? What happen to the folks who were on the freighter like Jin... did they jump off in time and if they did when the freighter sunk did the suction take them down with it. And why the big cover up. They kept saying it was to protect the rest of the people but that doesn't make sense since the Island is gone, no one can find it and this entire time Jack's goal was to get folks off the Island.

I don't know how the Lost writers do it.. but they constantly amaze me year after year on telling us this amazing and very complicated story.


Quote from: Just X on May 30, 2008, 07:08:51 AM
And I just love this:

This has something to do with Comic Con this year.. same dates and in San Diego. Hmmmmm


I think the cover is to also protect the Oceanic Six.  Keep in mind the world thinks most of the people sunk and are on that plane on the bottom of the ocean.  If Jack and the others started to say that was fake and make "noise" their lives would be in danger.

I also don't think Jin is dead.  The boat took a little while to completely blow up.  Plenty of time to jump in the water, maybe get to the Zodiac, etc.  I think more people survived than we think.


Talk about being bitter....

Harold Perrineau Dishes on his Lost Exit (Again)
by Shawna Malcom

Lost's breathtaking finale will no doubt have fans feverishly dissecting its innumerable puzzles until the show returns in early 2009. (Read our recap and weigh in with your thoughts!) Locke (aka Jeremy Bentham) is in the coffin?! What "very bad things" happened after the Oceanic 6 left the island?? How in Jacob's name is Ben gonna help all of them — plus Locke! — get back there??? And exactly where did the former Others ringleader and that wacky frozen device move the island to?

But at least one major character's fate was definitively sealed with the close of Season 4 when Michael (Harold Perrineau), the suicidal castaway — and father to "real big" mystery boy Walt — perished aboard the fiery freighter. "Michael had an incredibly heroic, noble death," says executive producer Damon Lindelof. "He sacrificed his own life to redeem himself for past mistakes and to help the Oceanic 6 get off the island." Sound familiar? It was this time last year that we were mourning the loss of the similarly selfless Charlie. Though Michael got a little something special that the ex-junkie rock star did not: a surprise send-off from Christian Shephard.

Shortly after he wrapped filming, an emotional Perrineau — who made a much-hyped return to the series in March after leaving in Season 2 — called to chat about his explosive second exit, the mad dash home to be with pregnant wife Brittany and why he feels the lack of a Michael-Walt reunion was "not cool."

TV Guide: Did you know Michael was being killed off when you returned?
Harold Perrineau: I had no idea. It's like, what the hell? I came back for that?

TV Guide: You're laughing as you say that, but you don't sound particularly pleased.
Perrineau: I'm disappointed, mostly because I wanted Michael and Walt to have a happy ending. I was hoping Michael would get it together and actually want to be a father to his kid and try to figure out a way to get back [home]. But this is [the producers'] story. If I were writing it, I would write it differently.

TV Guide:: So when did you get the news?
Perrineau: [lindelof and fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse] called before the finale scripts were out. They said they weren't going to continue with Michael.

TV Guide:: And what did you say to that?
Perrineau: At this point, I've been on the island, off the island, back on the island — so I just went, "Oh, ok." [Laughs] This is their show and they know what they can or cannot write. I thought it was disappointing and a waste to come back, only to get beat up a few times and then killed. I felt like it was sort of pandering to some fans who wanted to see Michael punished because he betrayed people.

TV Guide: Are you referring to when he shot and killed Ana Lucia and Libby in Season 2?
Perrineau: Exactly. I honestly feel like Michael's death served a really weird bloodlust for the fans.

TV Guide: Were you disappointed Michael and Walt didn't reconnect before your character died?
Perrineau: Listen, if I'm being really candid, there are all these questions about how they respond to black people on the show. Sayid gets to meet Nadia again, and Desmond and Penny hook up again, but a little black boy and his father hooking up, that wasn't interesting? Instead, Walt just winds up being another fatherless child. It plays into a really big, weird stereotype and, being a black person myself, that wasn't so interesting. [Responds Cuse: "We pride ourselves on having a very racially diverse cast. It's painful when any actor's storyline ends on the show. Harold is a fantastic actor whose presence added enormously to Lost."]

TV Guide: Take me back to your last day of shooting.
Perrineau: My last day was kind of hectic. [Production] was trying to get me out because, at the time, my wife was a centimeter dilated.

TV Guide: Was she in labor at the hospital when you got back to L.A.?
Perrineau: No, I got home and then for another week, the baby would not come! We were like, "Seriously, dude, I was in Hawaii rushing like a madman!" I was talking to the baby, my wife was walking around, practically hiking, but the baby just would not come out! [Laughs] So we went to the hospital a week later and induced. A beautiful little girl came on May 7. Wynter Aria — I thought it was a nice name. It's poetic, and she's a little poetry in our life.

TV Guide: Let's talk highlights. Surely, you had some positive experiences on Lost.
Perrineau: Doing the job in Hawaii was cool. Getting to meet and work with [co-creator] JJ Abrams was very cool. The day we found out the show [premiered] so well [in 2004] was an amazing day. We were all so hopeful and excited. The first season was one of my best years as a working actor. Not to say there weren't tough times, but I loved the first season. And that one of my best friends, Dan [Dae Kim, who plays Jin], and I got to do pretty much the whole finale together.

TV Guide: Dead characters have a way of returning to the show. Would you be open to that?
Perrineau: I'd love to go back and work with people I really like working with, but I would have to know what was happening [story-wise] before I showed up again. Because this [last] storyline, I full-on feel, "No, that's not cool.'"

TV Guide: What's next for you?
Perrineau: This movie I did with Stephen Dorff called Felon is probably coming out at the end of the summer. And I'm in talks for a couple different films.

TV Guide: Any final thoughts?
Perrineau: Just that I hope the show continues to thrill people. I'm sorry to have to go, but I'll see you in another incarnation. I'll re-create myself because that's what I do. That part of leaving is pretty cool.


Agreed, does sound like a bit of sour grapes. I do understand his Disappointment, as the way they hyped his Character, and then what happend this season is probably not very satisfying for him as an actor. I guess the producers are probably in a tough spot with his Character, given more so that Walt has aged so much since the start of the show, probably a tough storyline to work with to find a satisfying conclusion. He did not close the door on returning, but with that attitude I would be surprised if he was asked back.


WOW!  Talk about burning some bridges.  "LOST" has killed off many characters over the years.  Actually lots of "white" characters before he got blown up - (I will say since he mentioned the race issue).  These guys are telling a story and he is an actor hired to do a job.  Oh well, goodbye Harold/Michael.