Any interest in starting up the book club?

Started by SPOCKFAN, April 21, 2009, 01:18:10 PM

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Would  enjoy getting the book club thing going. Any interest?


Would it be Dr Who books ;)

I'm pretty slack when it comes to reading fiction / science fiction books as i'm more of a autobiography/ facts book man so i'd be intrested if enough people got involved.



I think he is referring to that Kenny.  I really liked doing it, but it got down to only a couple of us reading the book.  Even picking something that we all want to read, it then means you have to take the time to read it.

What I'd love to get again is some more audio book reviews and comments for the podcast.  I miss getting those.


Oh i love my audio books, the shatner one is priceless.


I love to read. I am always reading something. So if anyone was interested, Just let me know. I am willing to read and try anything. so if anyone wanted to read a book and have someone read along. Let me know.

Ryan F

In theory, I'm definitely into it.  I'm a big reader.

In practice...I have to read a lot for work, and I'm already in a book club, AND, I have this whole other reading project I'm doing in my spare time, so I couldn't guarantee that I'd have the time to jump in.


I am game - and read pretty much the whole gamut.  Pissed at myself for shelling out the $$'s for that damn new Robert Jordan \ Brandon Sanderson wheel of time book on tape....
My long commute goes down easier with unabridged audio books....

But I also do a lot of reading and would willing to participate, and even post comments for the podcast (I am a lurker in this regard, and have been meaning to contribute for the longest time.....)


Depending on the book chosen I might participate again. Right now I'm in the middle of about four books though.

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You guys are welcome to start this up again.  Pick a book or maybe put up a poll with some choices and see what kind of interest you get going.  I'll leave it up to someone else to take the reins on this one.


i AM CLOSE TO FINISHING THE BOOK i AM CURRENTLY READING, so I am ready to start something new
almost done Shadowland by Peter Straub.  Someone want to throw some book ideas up we could vote on it and I would love to participate


Okay, this thread died sometime in October, and I went missing from TSF forums as well (sorry!).  I think I've finally found a way to balance everything, and hope to make it here more. 

I'd love to start up a [new] book club!  I've been looking into a few online, but they just seem to be open forums with lots of spammers, and that doesn't happen here.  I have an entire 5-shelf bookcase of books I've been meaning to read.  But I've fallen into the habit of listening to podcasts during my commute (which I can also do at work, anyway), rather than reading.  I think I scheduled discussion would keep me focused on reading.  If anyone's still interested, I'm game.




I am now starting to re read George R.R. Martin's (grrm) series (asoiaf a song of ice and fire) beginning with "A Game of Thrones" ... Getting ready for the new book and HBO series. Would anyone like to join me for a chapter a day reread/discussion?