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Started by Rico, April 01, 2006, 03:02:44 PM

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If you look at the top near the Profile button there is a new "Chat" link.  This will open a Java window that you can chat in with others that are currently on the forums.  Hope this is a fun new function for everyone!   :phone

(Note, you may need to install Java in order for it to function.)


That is great Rico.. I was hoping you would add a feature like this...


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Some seem to be having trouble getting this to work.  Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed.  If you are still having trouble. post your browser version and settings here and I will try to help.

Get the latest Java installation software here:

You'll need to have this installed to run the CHAT function on your computer.  Note this is the Windows Java version, I'm sure there is a Mac version out there if that's the system you run.

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Seems to be working for me!  Sound like a lot of fun!!  :)
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I need help guys.. I still can't get Chat to work. I am using the lastest version of IE  and I have installed and verified that I have the lastest version on Java.. but still all I get is a grey screen with one button at the bottom that says float on it. I then tried my Mozilla Firefox browser and get the same thing... Any ideas??


Have you tried Firefox Kenny?  I use the latest Firefox version and Java installed.  When I first ran it I had to allow it permission to run something, can't recall what it said exactly.  Some kind of security setting I think.  I'll keep looking into it on my end too.  Sorry for the troubles, but I think some have got it working.


Neat!  Seems to work ok on my WinXp machine.  Using Firefox here too.  Only way to browse baby!
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Hmm, I haven't a clue Kenny, sorry. And Rico, sorry to be rude (if this is rude) but in the last statement of his statment Kenny said "I tried it in Mozzilla Firfox browser and the same thing". So your question is kinda irrelevant.
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Yeah I guess I"m the only one having problems.. I thought maybe it was a firewall thing.. but I'm turned it off and on and still nothing. I'll continue to play with it. it has to be something very simple.   

Just tried to get into Yahoo chat and it failed.. something is up with my java...

Well got my yahoo chat to work with java.. but still nothing with this chat.. hmmmm


Sorry I missed you tried it with Firefox too Kenny (you are using the lastest Firefox in Win XP I hope).  I have chatted with others that have it working, so I know it can be done.  I would go to add/remove programs and remove any Java references.  Then start up a chat.  When I first did that in Firefox it asked me to install a plugin.  After I did that, I just restarted Firefox and it all worked great.  Hope this helps some.  Nothing more on my end I can do as far as how this functions.  It's just a small addon to the forum packages.  No real settings in it or anything.


hmmmm....   maybe it is simpler than that... try to get on the chat and just wait for a minute or 2. you might not have given it a chance to load...  ???
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well I removed java and went to the chat room and got the same screen.. I then went to yahoo chat it it requested that I download java and I did so, but went back to the chat room and still the same grey screen.. oh well guess it wasn't meant to be.. maybe I can chat from my Mac at work. Thanks for everyones help.


I'm really thinking now it's more a security setting issue for you.  When I first ran it under Firefox I got a box that I had to check yes to in order to allow it to run.  Some type of app. from another company pops up.  See if you can try another Windows machine sometime Keeny - or the Mac like you said.  Sorry it's giving you troubles.


I just loaded on my work PC under Firefox.  Here's the first thing that pops up that I was talking about that you have to accept.  The second picture is chat running.  Does take just a few seconds to load up.  Do these look familiar?

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