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Visiting a Star Trek World

Started by Geekyfanboy, January 30, 2008, 05:38:46 PM

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If you could visit any Planet in the Star Trek Universe which one would it be and why would you pick that one?


Any planet, eh?   To tell you the truth, there are a lot of planets I would like to visit, but I'd much rather have the chance to actually visit the observation lounge on a starship. 

But if I had to settle for a planet, it would be Bajor.  The culture, religion, and history of the world is fascinating and exotic, but not frighteningly so. 


I almost picked Bajor.. but instead I think I would choose Ba'Ku, beautiful landscape, a relaxing atmosphere and that little thing of not aging... very nice.



I'd build myself a cottage in the Dakhar province on Bajor. But first I'd build a scale model of my cottage in my room. Then I'd never get the chance to build it because my mom was a prophet and she said that I still had much to learn and I had to move in with her.

So I guess I'd want to live on Bajor but I'd end up in the Celestial Temple.

Wait who are we talking about again?



I would like to go to the Shore Leave Planet, or maybe an exciting Tour of the Gamma Quadrant, Delta Quadrant, or the Expanse. A tour of those would be exciting, and have plenty of memories (maybe not good ;) )