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Had an idea for the new movie:

Started by space_invader64, October 28, 2007, 10:31:43 AM

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Had an idea for the new movie:

What if the Titan was escorting Ambassador Spock back to earth to attend the funeral of Leonard McCoy?   After boarding the ship he announces that he would like to give a lecture while the ship is on route.  He tells the story of how the Kirk Spock McCoy friendship began.   Then it would flashback to the era between the Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before.  This would explain how Kirk became the Captain, what happened to characters from the Cage and how he the rest of the crew came to serve on the Enterprise.  The film would explain the first adventure of the seven. 

I think there are 2 things that make or break a Star Trek movie: it has to be an interesting story, and everybody has to have something to do.


I like your ideas.  But I have a feeling they are going in a slightly different direction.   :vulcan


Someone told me that it sounds like Titanic in space.