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Star Trek: The Experience Photos from my VIP Visit

Started by SebastianProoth, October 28, 2007, 05:03:23 AM

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I had a great visit to Las Vegas two weeks ago and now that I am back home again in England I have edited all the photos from the Star Trek Experience. I placed them online on Flickr here:


I had a great time at the Experience and chief docent Chad Randle pulled out all the stops and gave me the VIP treatment when I arrived. I was given a private tour of the rides and had at least an hour on the Bridge in total doing photo shoots and screwing around with the consoles.

Within the next few days Star Trek: The Continuing Mission will be releasing another podcast on our website about the current place we are in production as well as a discussion about my time at the Experience.


That is great Sebastian.. those are some great photos.. I'm so jealous that you actually got to take a private tour and actually sit and touch the bridge.. us common folks only get to stand on a line while the actors do their thing. Thanks for sharing.