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BIG Trek Movie Press Conference on Thursday, 7/26

Started by Rico, July 25, 2007, 04:47:25 AM

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Darth Gaos

Poster-haters....MELLOW OUT DUDES!!

The poster is completely retro and I for one LOVE IT...I like the other one too but this  is cool in it's own right.  It is totally reminiscent of the original series and I am willing to bet  that is EXACTLY what they wanted...an "old school" feel.
I think it was Socrates who spoke the immortal words:  I drank WHAT?


Cylar will make a great Spock. Back when me & the wife were watching Heroes I kept saying he looked like a Vulcan. Of course we might be expecting him to do the head slice thing insted of the Vulcan nerve pinch.


Quote from: Rico on July 27, 2007, 05:53:49 AM
Yep - just hang in there with some patience.  Nimoy said several times the script is solid and a good one and I trust his judgment.  I think all will turn out fine.

I will be patient I just don't want to set my expectations to high. I just don't want this to be lame. 


Yep - and I really think the movie is going to surprise everyone.  Just think - they really have never done a big screen movie set around the original series time.  Being that TOS is my favorite I am of course very excited by this.


Well, like some others, I was very disappointed in the amount of information released.   I was really hoping for some information on the story line.  There has been so much speculation that I was hoping they would set the record straight on the story line, etc. 

However, I was happy to hear confirmation that  :vulcan will be in the movie.  I just hope they figure out how to get Shatner in it.  Like Rico, TOS has always been my favorite as well.


A new version of the video by our friends over at www.trekmovie.com



A TOS movie will be really cool & a nice change. Now what I am dieing to see is what the Enterprise is going to look like.