What are your favorites?

Started by Ktrek, June 07, 2007, 11:13:55 PM

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OK...now that I have you hooked I want you to please read this carefully. I want to know...

What are your favorite NON SCI-Fi TV shows. Did you notice the word NON?

I think one of my personal favorites is Seinfeld. I think this is a hilarious show about nothing. It is just so crazy how they can take everyday ordinary stuff we all deal with and make it so funny.

I also really enjoyed the show Friends but I think there were a lot of questionable moral aspects of the show.

Another favorite is NCIS. I really have come to love this show. There are aspects about the show that bug me but overall I love it and do not miss an episode.

So how about you?


PS. Yea...if you think Kevin is just trying to get the members more involved in posting? YOU'RE RIGHT! I have never seen a board where so many members log in and say nothing! Come on people. Let's make this the best forum there is! It can't happen if nobody communicates!

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It's funny that you asked this question I was going to post the same question yesterday but ran out of time... Non-Sci fi and Fantasy.. here is my list

The West Wing
Little People Big World
The Dog Whisperer
Will and Grace
Dirty Jobs

I'm sure there are plenty more.. it's late and i'm tired so I'll end it for now.

PS.. Kevin this is the BEST forum around!!!!! :metallica:  :starwars:

PPS.. What did you find morally questionable on Friends?


Ok, Non Sci Fi:

CSI- all three of them
Hell's Kitchen
Good Eats
Iron Chef America
Ace of Cakes
The Dead Zone

Ok there you go.

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I should add that a couple of my other favorites are on the Discovery Channel. I really enjoy Survivorman and also Man VS. Wild. The two shows are similar in that each host puts himself purposefully into a survival situation and shows what to do in order to survive. Fascinating stuff!

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Yeah I like:

Scrubs - Funniest Show on TV IMO
Arrested Developement on G4
Who's Line is it Anyway
Deadliest Catch - Oh Yeah Baby
Almost anything on Discovery or History Channels.

I like Man vs Wild more than Survivorman myself.  I think the guy on Survivorman kinda whines a lot while he is out there.  I  mean hey you put yourself out there dude didn't you know it was going to be a pain in the but.  Anyways yeah I like old Bear Grillz although what is with the one clip in the show intro that looks like he is taking a dump what is all that about.

Oh yes and don't forget Gilmore Girls LOL.   But no really I am serious.   LOL.
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My favorite shows are Star Trek (all 5), Stargate (both), and Firefly.  I don't watch any other shows as far as fiction goes.

I don't have a favorite non-fiction show, but I do watch a lot of programming on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and to a lesser extent, Animal Planet. :)


You mean there are shows on other channels besides the Scifi Channel and TCM?  :blink


Well, I don't watch any non-scifi shows at the moment.  But the two most recent non-scifi shows I have watched and enjoyed where 24 and Prison Break.  I don't have time to watch either one of them, however...and will have to wait for the DVDs to get caught up on this past season.

Past TV shows that I thought were very good were

Homicide:  Life on the Street
The Sopranos
ER (before it jumped the shark several years ago)
Sex and the City
Cagney & Lacey
Hill Street Blues
L.A. Law


Good topic idea.  Some of my current non-SF favorites:

24, Prison Break, House, Family Guy, American Dad, Lost (is this SF?)

Past favs:
Seinfeld, Friends, Freaks and Geeks, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, Remington Steele

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting about...


A lot of mine have already been mentioned. I'll add the coolest cat in Hawaii: Magnum PI


Most have mine have also been mentioned, but my wife and I enjoy a lot of the reality tv stuff... (yea, we are some of THOSE people). My favorite is The Amazing Race. I also enjoy some of Comedy Centrals stuff especially Reno 911 and the Showbiz Show.

But really, the only shows I REALLY like are Sci-Fi shows.

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I dont watch as much TV as I did in the past

Current Non Sci-Fi favorites

The Office
Trailer Park Boys (Canadian)
I would mention Lost, but I consider that Sci-Fi or fitting into this board


Bonanza (watched in reruns, before my time)
The Fugitive (watched in reruns, before my time)
Little House on the Prarie  :-[ (a bit emabarrassed, but it was a good show)
The A-Team
Family Ties
Doogie Howser
Kids of Degrassi/Degrassi Jr High/High (Canadian)
The Strip - Cop Show in Vegas, only Vegas Cop show I ever liked and they cancelled it. Every other one had way more success then this one, I guess I must be different  :D
Young Riders - Knock off of Young Guns, about the Pony Express, but I really liked it a lot and liked westerns.
Party of Five
Level 9 - Computer and High Tech crime fighters, cancelled way to early  >:(
Band of Brothers - Miniseries but it is sold in TV section of DVD's so good enough for me  ;)

I am a bit all over the Map on TV watching


Here we go then...

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Ghost Hunters (International)
Most Haunted (live)
Gilmore Girls
CSI (and New York)
X-Men (all the tv series)
One Tree Hill
Strictly Come Dancing
Miss Marple
Midsomer Murders
The West Wing (nice to see Geekyfanboy does too)

There are more but I can't be arsed to list 'em all
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Of the current shows...

Burn Notice
White Collar
Royal Pains
Good Eats (food network)
Fox & Friends
Fox News Sunday
The Middle

Older shows - a ton.  Too many to recall.


Hmmm, my current fav NON-Sci-Fi? In no particular order:
Royal Pains
Deadliest Catch (Ach! Poor Cap'n Phil :()
Next Food Network Star
The Office (Both American and BBC)
Burn Notice
Two and a Half Men
The Amazing Race
Myth Busters


Summer shows:

"True Blood"
"Burn Notice"
"Warehouse 13"
"White Collar"