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Westley, please come and save us!

Started by metron07, April 17, 2007, 07:22:51 PM

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It's time someone had the idea to make an entire movie about Westley Crusher's travels through time and space and how he has an adventure that includes collecting all the Trek greats including Kirk and brings them all back for a big final ending. Will, please write this script and come and revive Trek!!!

What does anyone think of this Idea?


Neat idea, but I really think we won't be seeing many of the originals back in Star Trek anytime soon - except maybe in cameo roles.  Paramount/CBS seems to want to reboot the show - to some degree.  Have to wait and see how the next movie turns out.


Call me a dreamer, but enough money, fan interest and a great script and anything even what could be the ultimate Star Trek movie is possible.



Actually it's not a bad idea.  However, I never did like Mr. Crusher very much.


Neither did I.   He always kinda annoyed me.   But that idea seems pretty cool
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I think it's a great idea.. unlike many people here I really like Wesley and I'm sure Wil Wheaton come back and play the part.



I thinking the reason you did not like Westley was because they wanted you to. He was a brillant student but he was still a kid! But by the time the last Episode aired he was on his way to becoming very powerful. A movie about this character who would now be a much older and wiser Westley should make the character much more likable if not interesting.  Not to mention what and where this power would take him as he continues his "vision quest" Just think guys, no ship needed. Could he return to the place of his youth where the traveler took his ship at the end of the universe (or is it the beginning). A good script could take Star Trek to a new level. Something to consider. The Title could be "The travels of Westley Crusher". Anyone have any ideas for plot.