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Props To Lucille Ball

Started by Poodyglitz, April 18, 2007, 08:56:51 PM

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After "I Love Lucy", Lucille Ball continued on in a string of abysmal "Lucy Show" series. I'd kind of resented her for rehashing the same crap, over and over. Then I found out that she agreed to do those for CBS in order to keep the Desilu studios running. One of those series made it possible for "Star Trek" to get started. If it weren't for Lucy, we may not have had two "Star Trek" pilots (two pilots was unheard of). Lucy essentially helped to launch "Star Trek". Also, her son-in-law, Lawrence Luckenbill, would not have played Sybok. Yet another lesson for me about not judging others so easily. There's always more than what we see to the story of one's life.

Anyway, three cheers for Lucy!  :cheering :cheering :cheering



Yep, GodBless Lucy. She was a tough, smart woman in an age of men dominating that industry.

Im not sure if she knew Gene well or at all, but they were both definately forward thinkers. I Love Lucy changed the way TV was shot by the way they used cameras, and of course before the Kirk/Uhura kiss there was a mixed couple on the TV every week for years during the 50s.  I mean Lucy and Ricky not Fred and Ethel  :-)


Very true, Kirk-fu!

It's cool how Lucy went to bat for Star Trek. I'm sure she received a nice thank you note from Gene. Also cool that Desi came up with the idea of shooting with multiple cameras. Very innovative.