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The Sarah Connor Chronicles - spoilers

Started by Geekyfanboy, August 29, 2006, 11:13:00 AM

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Yeah that was like crazy - wow!   :cylon


Well as a male fan of scifi, when I saw that a teenaged boy would be living with a hot anatomicly correct robot, it did make me wonder....  Does this need to be on cable? 


 :(   From Entertainment Weekly- "Scoop: Fox set to terminate 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'" -- LINK to story

Sad if true.  At least it was fun while it lasted.


GOOD NEWS?!?   :)

Based on what Sarah Connor Chronicles showrunner Josh Friedman, writer Ashley Edward Miller, and actor Brian Austin Green have to say, Entertainment Weekly's story is full of crap. On Twitter, Miller says not to take Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello seriously when he claims the show is already canceled.  After all, he said the same thing before season two, and midway through season two. 

Friedman and Green have also gone on the record with statements that make EW's doom-saying look like nothing but a lot of hot air.

story link- http://io9.com/5213470/dollhouse-and-terminator-really-not-canceled-yet-say-insiders

I guess that even FOX is not stupid enough stupid to kill off the show before seeing how Terminator: Salvation does.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!



I loved this show and was more than a little upset when it was cancelled.  The cast was great and besides a few slower stories, the storylines were great!!! After losing Jericho, Battlestar, the Unit and TSCC I think i am giving up on TV.  I will stick with re-runs!!!  A great show and I will miss it


The show wasn't perfect, but I have to say much better than that movie that came out earlier this year!


You can get the Sarah Conor Chronicles now in WalMart as Season 1 & 2 sets for like $15 each, with extra features.  Really enjoying it.  Lena Headey, so much different in this than Game of Thrones.

Gotta love Summer Glau in this series.