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The Sarah Connor Chronicles - spoilers

Started by Geekyfanboy, August 29, 2006, 11:13:00 AM

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Quote from: Just X on April 04, 2009, 10:45:44 AM
What if John Connor is dead in the future and John Henry is the one that's fighting Skynet, using his name?

Just food for thought.
That would be a cool twist.  Based on what I've seen in the trailer, I guess it's even possible that future 'john connor' is a cyborg and doesn't even know it.


Finally had time to check out last Friday's episode.

HOLY @#$*!!!

Looks like the metal is really going to hit the fan next week. 


Yep - this series has really rocked lately.  Next week's looks awesome!




Quote from: Rico on April 10, 2009, 06:25:27 PM

That's what I said!  Kudos to the writers for producing a twist that I didn't see coming! [spoiler] I was certain that Weaver was a bad-guy!! [/spoiler]

I almost felt physically distressed at the end of the episode.  So many promising storylines were presented, and I'm kind of worried that the show won't continue to explore them. 

[spoiler] So it looks like alternate-future Cameron is human!?!  I wonder what connection that future has to the one John was fighting against?  And why did John Henry or Weaver or Terminator Cameron or whoever decide to go to that future?  And Kyle Reece alive? What happened to the John Connor of this timeline? [/spoiler]

So many questions!!!  I Need answers!!!


Wow As well, Fantastic. I am worried as well that this may be the end of the series. They left it at a point that they could either go on or end it, I really hope they continue.

[spoiler]I think Weaver was the Terminator on the Sub. Took me a few minutes after the episode to work through Derek being there in the future( I guess Kyle for that matter as well), but worked it out in that even though he died in the past, that the Future John traveled to, Derek had not yet left, since Derek's time line was for him to go back to the past later( I actually sort of referencing some of what is on Lost for me to reason it out for myself, so it might not be what the Writers intended). I guess for John, maybe that is how he arrived in the future, is by traveling there, and taking a short cut so to say. None of them had heard of him, so it is reasonable to believe that there is not another John Connor at that time. I guess when the Movie comes out, it might explain it a bit more, depending on the age of John Connor in the movie, the TV version might be a bit to young to coincide with the movie. I think I will stop there, as I will just confuse myself  :D

***I guess though that theory could be wrong in that it would discount T3, but it is sure fun to speculate.[/spoiler]



I feel a bit vindicated with my whole theory about the T-1000 and John Henry being against Skynet. While it hasn't come to the death of John Connor, I'm enjoying what I see.

I think at some point John is going to go back and grow up to be John. When John left the timeline, he altered history and needs to go back to become John. There was always a human Cameron as well, she was killed by the Cameron terminator in one of the flash forward episodes. I didn't think that some of my theories would pay off so soon, but I'll go back to the skype call and see if I was on point.[/spoiler]


That was such an awesome episode!  The last two were some of the best science fiction tv I have seen in some time.  GOOD STUFF.  I'm talking about it on Take Him With You on Sunday.... I just have to! :)  I'll be back.

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Lots to think about....

[spoiler]I agree with a lot of what is being said.  I think John Connor went to the future before either Kyle or Derek went to the past.  Now this is where it gets tricky.  Did John C. alter the future already by leaving the past and moving to the future?  Or if he does return to the past, is his future self already there in the future currently with a younger version of himself around?  I know, it gets confusing.  I don't get why John Henry decided to go to the future.  Wouldn't be easier to stop Skynet in the past before Judgment Day?  As far as Cameron, I'm not sure the one we see in the future at the end of the episode is not a machine.  Seems to me that she could be the very one that John sent back originally.  Maybe the young John is the one to tell her to go to the past. 

One thing that kind of bugs me.  If the show doesn't get renewed they really left a big cliff hanger ending.  And I won't be happy about it if the show doesn't come back.[/spoiler]


Quote from: Rico on April 11, 2009, 06:07:35 AM
Lots to think about....

[spoiler] As far as Cameron, I'm not sure the one we see in the future at the end of the episode is not a machine.[/spoiler]

I think that [spoiler] the writers were trying to tell us that she is human by showing her hanging out with the dog.  In the world of Terminator, dogs seem to get really freaked out by the cyborgs-- I think I remember seeing them used as sort of 'terminator detectors' on an earlier episode or movie. [/spoiler] Of course, I could be wrong. 

Great catch on the [spoiler] likelihood that John arrived before Kyle was sent back in time.  I always assumed that Connor was sort of a legend that all of the folks in the resistance knew about since day one.  The fact that the Kyle & Derick we saw last night never heard of him is what threw me.  But I guess we could have been witnessing the beginnings of the John Connor legend.  So; since Kyle hasn't been sent back to save Sarah yet, there is no 'future' John Connor yet, right?  He won't be born until young John sends Kyle back to father him?  [/spoiler]

LOL my head hurts.  :)


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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I've read so many stories predicting that it's not coming back.  The finale's low ratings made it extremely unlikely to return, which I doubt counted Hulu, Tivo, and fox.com which is where most people I talk to would watch a show aired on a friday night anyway.  I guess it would kind of make sense to end it where they left it.  Wouldn't be as bad as Kyle XY.

Do you think this was the setup for the movie?  Or do you think the movie will totally ignore the series?  For that matter will it ignore Terminator 3?


TIVO is counted for ratings now as are some other DVR systems.  Not sure about Hulu or other online viewings.  I was actually kind of surprised it came back this season as the ratings were not that great in season one.  So you never know.  I personally don't think the series or movies will intersect much - if at all.


OK, so no one else talked about the one, seemingly controversial, scene and mentioned it.  But ....

[spoiler]how about the part where John is inspecting her insides and on top of her.  Didn't you just get the feeling taht John feels for the Cameron metal and almost kissed her?  That would be a great lead-in for John going forward to the future and meeting the human Cameron and really falling in love with her and having a relationship.  Deus ex machina ex humana or something.  But then she would have to be killed by cyborgs to keep the series on track. [/spoiler]