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5 questions with George Lucas...

Started by Bryancd, February 10, 2012, 07:30:16 AM

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Tim, what's happened to you man? When did you become a Lucas apologist?

They've got to him I tell ya, they've got to him!! ;)


Wait, Tim is defending Lucas and Bryan is the one crying foul?

Have I walked into one of those Fringe portals?!! Lol


Did they swap goatees, and no one noticed?


*pulls at goatee evilly*.

Nah, go read the Clone Wars thread, I'm hardly an apologist there,  but I do find the complaints about GL changing things a bit silly when I know most of those who complain about the changes bought the Blu-ray versions.  Your not telling GL that you don't want changes when you support him anyway.  Just saying. And you don't have to buy the Blu-rays either, I haven't. 

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I have no problem both buying the Blu-Rays and also not being happy with the changes.  The movies still look amazing on Blu-Ray and most of the original film is still in there so for me it's worth it.  There is very little in life that is perfect and exactly the way you want it.  Anytime you buy something you make choices and compromises.  But I'm still holding out for an original version, hidef release of the films - someday.


     Agree with Rico here.  I also saw the movie in the summer of 77 in the theatres and Han shot first.  Lucas' defense of Han was not a cold blooded killer is awkward, because as has been pointed out here Greedo had Solo at gunpoint telling him he was going to kill him.  Han blasted Greedo from under the table, did'nt blink an eye, tipped the bartender and swaggered out.  Cold blooded?  Maybe - maybe not.  But by Return of the Jedi Han may not have made the same decision and the same move.  Its called character growth, and its a big part of what drives a movie.  Its what makes Han's reappearance at the climax such a rush.  For Lucas to change that (as is his right) is a bit of a selfish move I feel.