Daily Pic # 59, “Unforgettable”
April 16th, 2008

Daily Pic # 59, “Unforgettable”

Chakotay meets a woman that has the ability to alter his memories.  A tragic love story from season 4 of Voyager.


  1. Dan M.

    I love the Trek Daily Pic. Keep ’em coming, Rico!

    Here we have Robert Beltran with guest-star Virginia Madsen

    One went on to an Academy Award nomination. The other…

    Madsen was once engaged to Billy (“The Rocketeer”) Campbell, the runner-up for the role of Riker, and TNG guest star in “The Outrageous Okana”.

  2. Rico

    Glad you like them. I’m trying to mix it up a bit. Stay tuned for more fun as we go!

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