Daily Pic # 23, Communicator
March 11th, 2008

Daily Pic # 23, Communicator

This is a picture of the classic communicator prop from TOS. A new version is just out made by Art Asylum. Very nice item and at the time can be ordered HERE.


  1. EnoSIII

    Just got my TOS Communicator in the mail from EE yesterday! Quite cool… works well… the voices are loud and clear. Regardless of what the box says… Dr. McCoy’s voice is not on the “chip”. I understand the antenna grid son early versions were painted. This one is plated! Very nice and shiny! Best $30 I’ve ever spent on a Star Trek item. Can’t wait for the full sized TOS Tricorder that Diamond Select hints at on their web site.

  2. Rico

    Yeah, this is a great item. I like it so much I bought two!

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