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hello from NY

Started by abel, September 15, 2006, 12:50:15 PM

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I finally found your site Rico. Very nice. Hello everyone. My name is Abel and I'm a Trek fan.
( everybody say hello back ) Well I really like a lot of different Sci-fi. From Trek to Wars. From Dr Who to SG-1.

I found Ricos' site from Scott Johnsons Extralife forums.  ;D

I work in the film production/post production biz as a Film Colorist. I've help over at New Voyages helping with the lighting design. We are just about done with our Walter Koenig episode and about to do principal videography for episode 3 with George Takei ( this weekend till next week.... my wife loves my being away to Trek camp ...  :P )

My first post of many to come....but in a bout a week or so I'll let you guys know how the shoot went and perhaps post a non-spoiler pic or two.

Till then...trek on.


Ps  Here a pic of me on the set of "To Serve all my days" I'm the one in the background...where I like to be...really....


Excellent!  Glad to have some insider scoop on the most exciting stuff happening in Trek this side of Star Trek XI.  Welcome aboard.
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Welcome aboard Abel.  Hey, I'd love to interview you or anyone else from "New Voyages" for my podcast sometime (J. Cawley - hint hint....).  I really enjoy their work and have discussed them a few times on my show.  Let me know if something could be worked out.    :cheers


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Awesome another entertainment industry person (I work in Post Production also, in Hollywood) Welcome to the group, sounds like you'll fit right in.


hi Abel!  Glad you decided to join the forums. Welcome! Can't wait to hear more.
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Welcome, you'll love it here. I can't wait for the next new voyages.
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