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iPad App Recommendations

Started by spaltor, June 08, 2011, 09:59:31 AM

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Look for a game invite from me Joe!  I'm Jobyzone.  I've also been playing Scramble with Friends, a version of Boggle similar to how Words With Friends is similar to Scrabble.  Same user name there if anyone is playing that game.
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I'm only playing Words and Chess with Friends atm, I avoided Scramble after I saw its business model =\.  Same user name as my forum name. 

iPad app recommendations...hmm....oh right.

If you need simple .txt editing, give Notebook a try: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/notebook/id290089621?mt=8.  It uses Dropbox and Toodledo as sync platforms and I've been using it for several months now.  Better than the built-in notes editor because the notes actually show up on your PC and it has more fonts, sizes and works really well.  :)

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I love the "with friends" games but I had to stop playing because they were taking up so much time and became addictive! They certainly know what they are doing with these lol.



Anyone using the new Amazon Prime instant video streaming app yet?  Works very nicely on my iPad.


Quote from: Rico on August 11, 2012, 11:41:40 AM
Anyone using the new Amazon Prime instant video streaming app yet?  Works very nicely on my iPad.

Is it true there's no search function to browse the catalog? I heard only recommended items and your queue were accessible at the moment. This needs fixing ASAP.