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Saw my first episode of Supernatural today

Started by bevs_plaything, May 29, 2011, 02:11:01 PM

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For some reason the show has never featured on my "radar" before.  I caught up with one of my brother's today and he is always going on how good the show is, and I have always resisted.   

However today I had a deal for him...I would watch the pilot if he would watch an episode of Fringe.  We both enjoyed each others show!  He lent me season one of Supernatural on DVD and I lent him season 2 of Fringe on Blu-ray!  As tomorrow is a public holiday over here too (happy Memorial day on Monday to the States) I will try to catch an episode of Supernatural before I go to a friend's birthday barbecue. 


Supernatural is a great show if you like horror.  There are a lot of VERY intense episodes with scares that would rival any big Hollywood production in my opinion...and the brothers have a nice chemistry.  It's also got a lot of humor along the way.

You can usually find the DVD sets pretty cheap if you watch.  I think I've gotten each season for about $10/set.  I got Blu-Ray of the last season for $14. 


Supernatural is a wonderful show. I watched through seasons 1-5 last summer/fall. Love the Winchesters, love the Rock and Roll, and love the Impala.