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how to stand part one and part two episodes

Started by turtlesrock, March 23, 2011, 08:01:23 PM

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anyone have any tips for surviving suspenseful endings?
i've got nothing.
right now i'm watching the part 1 and 2 episode where they find data's head in some cavern.
SUPPOSEDLY my DVR didn't record part 2 (thought i am suspicious  :dry)
so now i'm stuck until part 2 comes along (which may be for a very VERY long time)


well that episode is called Time's Arrow and it's one of my favorites...

And when they (TNG episodes) first aired on TV we had to wait months between parts.. as for surviving, that's part of watching episodic TV.. there is nothing you can do but wait for the continuing story. With shows like BSG you had to wait half a year.. it sucks but that's part of the deal.


aww. maybe i can find it on the internet... *looks dramatically towards the little internet explorer thingy on the desktop*


Some shows these days have such crazy big gaps between seasons or part seasons that I actually forget what the heck has happened when they eventually come back! Lol


i always thought that lol meant something along the lines of "you're in big trouble"
it looks like someone drowning! you have the 2 arms and the head is the o.