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Well i would just like to say hello to everyone.
I am Colin and i have been listening to the show for about 18 months now and finally got round to joining the forums.
I do not get on line much about once or twice a week as i work shifts, but i do listen to a lot of podcasts and play Star Trek on line.
I decided to bite the bullet and sign up after listening to Mr Moyers podcast and the Just because podcast and them remarking what a great community it is here. Lots of feedback lots of podcasters and all inspired by one man who over 5 years ago started a little podcast. From little acorns big oak trees grow, this community is very much that.

So about me well i am 40 and have been into star trek for as long as i can remember. I first saw it on the BBC re runs in the late 70's (yes i am English) and was hooked.
I have watched all the original series,Tng, voyager and about 80% of DS9 and enterprise, hopefully the blue rays will appear soon and i can start buying them.
I love sci fi and as a kid over here i got to watch some really good shows growing up, Thunderbirds, space 1999, UFO, battle star galatica, Dr who and so on.
I love a good sci fi book and read Stephen Baxter, Asimov, Phillip K dick and others but i also have a passion for history it was my main at college. So i also read factual books and listen to factual podcasts.
I am in twitter and "follow" a few trek types on there like Mr Nimoy and Mr Shatner, i listen to a vast variety of music depending on my mood from Rock to classical and everything in between.
I love science and Gadgets, well i am a guy so boys and there toys and all that. I also like to catch a movie now and then and my favourite is Blade runner with Harrison Ford. We don't have NetFlix over here or i guess i would watch more, but i do like a good movie be it Action,suspense, Thriller or Scifi. The only films i don't really watch are horror i find them predictable or they go for the gore factor, which to me is not the least bit entertaining.
But life is not all serious i like a laugh i love the Star Trek parodies site, thankyou for taking the time to entertain us with that,plus i listen to the " just because" podcast as i have previously stated. I mean a podcast about anything how random and unpredictable is that.
But let us not forget that the reason i and you are here is because of Treks in Sci fi, where a man shares his geeks passions and little bits of his life in order that we may be entertained and he does it so very well.
I thank you Rico for the unending pleasure you have given to my ears, now i look forward to getting to know lots of you and hopefully making a few friends along the way.


Welcome aboard, mate!


Great to hear all about you Colin.  I think you will love it here.  So many awesome people to talk Trek about.  I'm so glad that you found Treks In Sci Fi!  Welcome to this cool and funky ship!   WOO HOOOO!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
Listen to our podcast each week


Geez, another UK guy?!?!  ;)

Oh, I mean welcome to the forum!  Sounds like you will fit right in.


By the way, I am the resident Anglophile. :)


Thanks Bryan and Rick and Rico yes another Englishman lol, well you are trans Atlantic you know.


Welcome.. Wow.. another Brit.. soon the Brits will out number the Americans here :)


We promise to be nice lol.





Thanks for the warm welcome all.


Quote from: stonut on April 27, 2011, 11:48:45 AM
We promise to be nice lol.

Well, most of the time...


I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.