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Started by Son of Mogh, April 29, 2011, 03:11:19 PM

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Son of Mogh

Hello guys, my name's Sam a trekker and general sci-fi geek from England, i stumbled upon your community a few days ago its probably the best and most active sci-fi community ive found,  just go's to show the internet has little treasures waiting to be discovered.

Just a few facts about me my favorite film is Blade Runner, Favorite TV Show Star Trek DS9, i collect sci-fi comics,star wars and star trek memorabilia. I'm also a big red dwarf fan and quite partial to CyberPunk films.


Another Brit, well, you'll fit right in with the ever-increasing England crowd ;).  Welcome aboard!  You've found the right place :).

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Let's change the default forum time zone to GMT!

Welcome to the ex-pat members community ;)

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Welcome Sam to our little spot on the Net.

P.S.  I'm covering "Blade Runner" in the next month or so on the podcast, so stay tuned for that.


Welcome Sam.. this is great bunch of guys and gals.. now I'm certain this is a British invasion...



Welcome aboard Son of Mogh! :cheers




greetings!  :biggrin


Welcome to the forum Sam.


Welcome I guess we def have a significant Brit pack now lol.


great to have you aboard!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Welcome Sam. It's good to have you in the community.


Welcome Sam, its great to have you here and a brilliant collection of intrests you have. Also marvellous to have another Brit on board, our army grows. :D