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Beam Me Up! From Ohio!

Started by WillEagle, January 15, 2011, 06:29:37 AM

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  Hi, I'm Will from Ohio. I have been married 22 years. I was born in Newark and have always lived in the Central Ohio area. I remember getting in to Star Trek at an early age. When my brother and I would visit my mom she had cable so we could watch the reruns in the 70's. My brother and I always "picked" characters to be on tv shows I was Kirk and he was Spock. And to this day I'm a huge Kirk fan. The first date movie I took my future wife to was King Kong Lives! so she knew I was into the Sci-Fi. And King Kong Lives! was a love story. The first Trek movie we saw after we were married was Star Trek V.
  Some of my favorite Trek moments came from a trek Convention in Columbus. I met a ton of actors. Because my wife was working some that weekend I took my Dad Friday, Mom Sat. morning, then my wife Sat and all day Sunday. Some of the Actors I met and got autos from include James Doohan, Grace Lee Whitley, Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh Borg) my wife thought he was hot, Mark Lenard very nice gentleman and one of my favorire autos, Barbara March, Gwynth Walsh, Robert O' Reilly, Camille Saviola (Early DS9) & John de Lancie. John's auto was obtained in a very cool way. Their were all these Trekkers walking around the convention near the dealers room. AND OUT WALKS Q!! All by himself! He is swarmed right away with everybody with pens in hand. He says hold up. If everybody gets into and orderly line he would be happy to sign and take pictures. Everybody got in line.


Welcome to the forum and glad to have you with us.  Sounds like a fun time at that con.  I was at a con in Columbus a long time ago too.  Maybe we bumped into each other and didn't even know it!  Anyway, sounds like you will fit right in with our happy group here!  :)


  Thanks, Rico. Maybe we did run into each other! And I'm sure I'll feel right at home. Adding more from the last post. My wife got a picture with him and its one of her favorites. I also got George Takei's auto at a book signing before the convention. I got a picture with him. One of my favorites. I mean I was standing right beside SULU!! How cool is that. Other actors I met were Robin Curtis got her auto on one of our anniversaries, Alexander Siddig and Jason Carter at a small convention. Siddig was filling in for his then wife Nana Visitor who got sick.
 I enjoy collecting autographs as you could probably tell. I also enjoy collecting Baseball cards and Comics mostly Star Trek and Star Wars. Some of my favorite shows right now are V, Chuck, Dr. Who, Big Bang Theory, No Ordinary Family, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Warehouse 13, Eureka, and I just started watching Torchwood on BBC America. I think they are showing them in order. Other sci-fi shows I enjoy but are over are Alien Nation, Babylon 5 and of course all the treks.
Favorite characters from each show are TOS: Kirk & Sulu, TNG: Riker & Trio, DS9: Sisko & Bashir, Voyager: Paris & Seven of Nine, Enterprise: Archer & Hoshi. My favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo. Boy did I go on a long time or what. There is just to much cool sci-fi out there!!!! :borg   :trooper  


Hi Will, it's great to have you here!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Welcome Will.. sounds like you'll fit right in here.. look forward to chatting.


Welcome aboard, Willeagle1701! :cheers


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Thanks, everybody. And hello to my fellow Ohioan! Go Buckeyes!!


Welcome to the forum Will, looking forward to reading your posts :)



Thanks everybody. Awesome topics.


I'm new here too.  It's a great site.  I've been to some of the Conventions in Columbus and Cleveland as well.  Always fun.


Quote from: Hal2001 on May 12, 2011, 10:56:27 AM
I'm new here too.  It's a great site.  I've been to some of the Conventions in Columbus and Cleveland as well.  Always fun.

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Hi Will, I'm new here.  I'm JW (Quarks Ally).   Glad to reach out to find other TOS fans from back in the 70's.  Hope to talk more. 

   JW (Quarks Ally)
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