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Star Trek: Aftermath

Started by X, January 10, 2011, 01:35:33 PM

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Captain's Log.

What started out as an emergency transfer to deal with the Borg invasion has become a permanent posting as the captain of the Spirit class USS Ka. In the six months since the reunification of the Romulan schism, we have returned to the edge of Federation space and have been tasked with detailing the depth of destruction caused by the Borg and tagging defuct Borg tech for recovery by the Corps of Engineers. We are also one of the few ships that has been still allowed to continue the mission of exploration in these troubled times.

With a crew of less than fifty, we have quickly become close in these last few months, but I still miss the family that I made aboard the Arabella. I also miss my daughter who has made significant headway in the accelerated officer program in Starfleet Academy. We suffered far too many losses at the hands of the Borg and the critical shortage of qualified officers has required new thinking.

Our current heading has place us on course for Dertian 4, a class M planet that has been reported to possess warp level technology. What information that we do have on the planet is surrounded in rumor and word of mouth tales. The only facts that we have is that a Borg signature was detected near the planet during the final hours of the war.

"Report," Captain James asked upon exiting the turbolift of the small five deck starship and taking a seat in his chair.

"Sir, we are picking up inert Borg debris in the system and some signs of damage to several urban clusters on the planet." offered Commander Desa. She was  Aeric's XO and a very capable Rigelian officer that had quickly proved that she earned the field commission that made her a commander. "We have tried to hail them, but further scans have shown a near complete destruction of their orbital communications systems."

Aeric nodded and turned his gaze to his Deltan operations officer. "Zin, I want you to scan their satellite debris and see if we can piece together their standard transmission frequencies. I don't want to get too close to the planet without knocking on the door. If we need to run, we have that option, but I'd rather we get invited to dinner."

"Aye Captain." Zin replied and began the process of transferring addition power to the sensor systems. With the sudden increase in resolution came new and important information. "Sir, I'm picking up Breen energy signatures on the far side of the planet. Reading put it at something a bit larger than their normal Scout analogs. It has a displacement of roughly three times our profile."

"Bring us to yellow alert and be ready to move to slipstream on my order." Aeric said to the crew before a brief pause.

"We all know that we're not designed for a shooting battle and even with the new shields, we don't want to get into one. Have we been detected?" Desa added.

"No sir," offered the Andorian tactical officer. "Seems like the debris field is masking our approach. If we'd like to remain unseen, I recommend we use their primary moon as cover."

"Proceed." Aeric ordered and rose from his chair. "We have three objectives people. Investigate the Breen's presence here. Offer Federation aid and render assistance to the damaged society. Scan and prep the Borg debris for recovery. Mika, I want you to keep your foot on the gas peddle and ready to move at a moment's notice."

"Aye captain." the slender human male nodded. "Slipstream course laid in and ready."

"It's time to work." Aeric said and adjusted his tunic.