Trek TOS in the Victorian Era

Started by Geekyfanboy, December 13, 2010, 03:21:42 PM

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7 Star Trek: Original Series stars steampunk style

We knew the original Star Trek series first aired a long time ago, but somehow we didn't remember it as having been back during the Victorian era.

Yeah, we know, it was really only the '60s. But photoshopper extraordinaire Rabbit Tooth whipped up six pics to let us see how seven of the original Star Trek stars would have looked as Victorian-era adventurers.

And we're glad he (or she) did, since they look more dashing than ever.

(via The Awesomer)


Those are great.  Rabbittooth is awesome with Photoshop.  He's on the RPF and posts a lot of cool things there too.



Some people have too much time on there hands, and then again some people put to good use with photoshop.

I think DeForest Kelley and James Doohan don't look out of place
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