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Christmas Music

Started by Geekyfanboy, November 16, 2007, 09:18:48 AM

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Quote from: Jen on November 17, 2007, 09:00:58 AM
Yeah, just wanted to make sure I had permission to download and share it. :)

As much as you want.  :)  just give credit to the H.S.

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Quote from: moyer777 on November 17, 2007, 12:21:37 AM
I too enjoy Christmas music very much!

I like all kinds too.

I have written several Christmas songs.   here is one you might enjoy, ok two..

This song was for a musical I wrote.  It is sung by Mary after she had been told there was no room in the Inn.  I wanted something that conveyed the emotion of the moment, and it had to be sung by a lady that could handle all of the notes.  I wrote it on a piano and had a cold at the time.  I went ahead and put it on a cd and then gave it to our music director, who promptly changed the key and recorded herself to give out to the cast.  She gave me a copy of the song I had written and asked me to listen.  I popped it into my cd player on the way home from work and ended up pulling over cause it made me cry.  There is something about hearing someone very talented sing your music.   Her name is Melina Backholm, and she is very good at singing. Here it is.  Please let me know what you think.


The second song is not a serious one. It's a parody I wrote from one of my goofy poems. It came out of the whole controversy of Walmart not using the words Merry Christmas a couple of years ago, so I wrote a song called Stock the Shelves, forget the elves.  It's to the tune of Silver bells.  Enjoy.  It is fun. 

You're a talent man Rick...great stuff.

Now I have "Stock the Shelve, forget the elves, it's Christmas Time at our Wal-Mart." stuck in my head :)


Cool song Rick.

I like Christmas music as well, when I was younger, I never cared for it much, but as I have gotten older I have appreciated it more and more. I can see where some might not like it, but for me it helps me appreciate the Christmas season so much more, and help forget the stress of year end (all work :( ). Our cable company runs a channel with just fireplace and christmas music for the montsh around Christmas, and I like to turn that on and watch, and never get tired.
This year I am hoping to find the Twisted Sister christmas album, as I think it will be a lot of fun. I saw it in the store today, but they wanted 22.00 dollars for it, and I felt that was to much, so I will keep my eye out a bit more for it.


I like KOST 103.5 around this time too Kenny and when I go on the occasional date. However, I didn't know the station was also online. Thanks.

I enjoyed your songs Rick. You have skillz.   :thumbsup


I'm glad you guys and gals liked the songs.  A lot of work goes into them, but most is simply inspiration.  Sometimes I just feel better writing a poem or song about something I'm feeling.  I don't know, it's kind of wierd.  But I like it.

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Darth Gaos

LOVE Christmas music...I love the old stuff more than anything put out lately....Elvis, Burl Ives, Nat King Cole, Frank SInatra etc.

The "Holiday SPecial" thing was terrible...I hadn't seen that in a long time...must be one of those repressed memory things :)

The one song I have loved since it came out is "The 12 Days of Christmas" as performed by the MacKenzie Brothers (Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas)

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me....a beer.
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...two turtlenecks and a beer.

Anyway, you get the point...if you wanna read the skit where they sing it, it's pretty funny and you can find it right here
I think it was Socrates who spoke the immortal words:  I drank WHAT?


back in high school I used to have the cassette tape of Doug and Bob McKenzie ....
I got it because of Getty Lee from Rush..

Take off you hoser!

Give all cops donuts!

Take off to the great white North!  It's a beauty way to go!

Back bacon....


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Darth Gaos

I believe back bacon is actually the fourth day of Christmas....according to the MacKenzie bros.
I think it was Socrates who spoke the immortal words:  I drank WHAT?


Ahhh back bacon, it has been years since I have had any as well, and I am Canadian. Bob and Doug were cool in their day, unfortunately for us Canadians, we talk a little much like them, I have a nasty habit of saying eh to much. They run the song alot of the rock stations up here during the holidays.


This is an old thread ressurrection, but I had to share my new favourite christmas song.........okay, it isn't my actual favourite. But it is so funny (in a dark way) I had to share

Youp van 't Hek - Flappie (English translation)