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"Star Trek: Phoenix"

Started by Rico, May 09, 2010, 03:30:43 PM

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I saw some of these people at last years local comic con.  It's a new Trek fan film series set in the 25th century in the Prime Universe.  Looks like they have done a nice job.  Trailer below and first episode is up for download at their website:   http://stphoenix.com/

Official Trailer for Star Trek: Phoenix


ya this looks really cool!! 

The work that must go into making these fan films is something else!! 



I watched this twice today. Once by myself and then with the wife and I must say they have done an excellent job on this film. The costumes, make-up, sfx, story, casting, acting and pacing are all very good. The crew is engaging and mostly believable. The only cast member I was not too fond of was the doctor. He just seemed out of place being payed a little "over-the-top" compared to the believability of the rest of the cast. I loved the transporter effect and the updated Okudagrams and props. The update in costume design gave the episode a more gritty feel. I hope it doesn't take a whole year to get part two released!

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Just got a chance finally to watch this fan film.  Very good job by all.  Nice little story started and the actors do a good job.  It's also enjoyable to see a somewhat more futuristic Trek for a change - and in what appears to be the Prime universe.  Looking forward to more from this team.


Quote from: Ktrek on May 17, 2010, 08:35:57 PM
I hope it doesn't take a whole year to get part two released!

I agree. I really must remember to keep an eye out for the next episode.
It's well worth taking a look at this series. These guys are really doing a great job.