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Recording Skype?

Started by Rico, April 01, 2010, 07:01:24 AM

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I was wondering for the podcast folks out there what they are finding works best (software) to record Skype these days?  At home I used to use two PC's, but I don't have that option right now in Rockford (unless I get a laptop).  Anyway, I've used Pamela before and had so-so results with it.  Any other ideas/suggestions?


I use Pamela ( the paid version ) and then put the wav file into a program called levelator that Jen told me about, it makes both voices near enough sound the same in volume context. Then I put in my clips.
I know Tim on appytimes uses the free mp3 record.


I'm the same as Meds and Jen.. Pamela records up to 15 minutes for free.. but if you do the paid one it's unlimited.


So you guys are having good luck with Pamela?  Last time I tried it I found it a bit buggy.  But that was awhile ago.  Maybe the new version is better.


Hey Skype users and recorders.  Found this thing called Call Graph today.  Seems to work pretty well to record Skype.  Not limited to 15 min. and it's free!



Quote from: Rico on April 17, 2010, 03:35:52 PM
Hey Skype users and recorders.  Found this thing called Call Graph today.  Seems to work pretty well to record Skype.  Not limited to 15 min. and it's free!


I just finished a test using Call Graph. Nice. I configured it to record at 192kbps. What resolution do you usually record at? Is there a time recording limit? Is there anything better than Call Graph?


I like Call Graph a lot.  I've never found a time limit on it.  Anything better?  Not that I know of.



I just looked into Pamela - $13 isn't bad for a paid program - but it's only available for PC.  Anyone know if there's anything similar for Mac users?



Quote from: Rico on January 07, 2011, 09:59:46 AM
Here's a list of some other choices:


Try here for a Mac option:


Thanks. I just downloaded the Mac plugin.

Now, I have another question. I'm going to be producing an interview-style webcast and need to look into microphones. We were initially talking about using lavalier (lapel) microphones, but I'm wondering if an inexpensive dynamic mic (like a Shure SM58) might work. The lavaliers could also serve double duty for any video recording. What mics are people generally using for high quality podcasts?

I have a Mackie mixer and will be recording through my MBox into my laptop, so I should be good there.

On another note, does anyone know where I can find an affordable transcription service? I'll need to have each episode transcribed into text so we can have it on the web page for SEO effectiveness.

Thanks so much for your help.


I use Blue Mic's Yeti. Awesome microphone (even a USB connector yet!), with awesome sound...and it's THX certified. Got mine from the Apple Store for $149. My wife and I both have one that we use on Tales From The Mouse House Podcast. Lav mics can work well, but...they are expensive. We have a set of AZDEN wireless lav mics too (for our video productions company), but have never used them for the podcast. Hope this helps...Al


I use Call Graph and I think it works great.  And the company offers transcription services as well -- you send them the recording and pay their rates (check the web site for those).  I have not used the transcription service so I cannot speak to the quality but I would assume it is good or no one would be using it.

For microphones, the Levs are very expensive indeed but work well. Just make sure you are getting mics that are not omnidirectional so that they are focused upon the speaker holding it and not pick up ambient noises (including other speakers).  Otherwise, editing can be painful.

If you are doing video, I recommend recording the audio by plugging in your mixer output directly into your video camera so that the audio track comes from the microphones and not the camera's omnidirectional built-in mic.  And if you want to be safe, have the audio recorded by your PC/external audio recorder device so you are covered.


Thanks guys!

I would need to buy at least three mics. The webcast will be an interview program. My concern with the Yeti is that it's USB. I would be using my mixer, so I'd need XLR or phone plugs. Is Yeti USB only?

I have Call Graph, so I'll look into their pricing. Found a couple of other transcription services, Verbal Ink and GMR.


I just downloaded and testing the Call Recorder for Mac, and it's working great.  It have record pretty high quality on the call, and then I can import directly into Garage Band.  The trial is only good for 7 days, but I think I'm going to drop the $20 for a license (especially with free upgrades for life).  Totally worth it.  Thanks, Rico!