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A job, but there's a catch: a 1,000-mile commute

Started by Rico, February 23, 2010, 10:03:59 AM

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At my company they pay for use of a personal car for business travel, based on the USG current rate, which is 50 cents per mile.  So it doesn't take much in the way of distance to make up the flight if you check the math.  Food for thought.


I'm only a contractor right now here at Testor's, so things like mileage don't apply.  I used to get that type of thing at the last job.  As I said before, the new job and pay make the occasional commute back to Michigan worth it or I wouldn't be here.  But, it's still a lot of miles to go to get back home.


In the past, my brother, a friend and I would make a trip to Vancouver every summer, it was usually a 10 to 12 hour drive each way depending on traffic and road construction. The first few times was ok, but then we found that it really drained us out. Last few times we went, we flew, and found we were much more refreshed going and coming back. I agree that there is probably some lost hours getting through the airport, but like Chris mentioned, can be minimized. It might help in at least when you are at home, you are not so tired from the long drive. Another thought might be the bus, might not save anytime, but at least you can sleep and not have the stress of having to do the drive.

This morning I watched a documentary on a GM plant that was shut down when the Auto Industry collapsed. It was heart wrenching at times, and really showed the effect the collapse on the economy had on people. There was a point in the documentary where they had some clips of the Media Vilifying the workers due to the supposed salaries they made. Sad to me, that some journalist who probably makes so much more, would feel the need to bash others for making a decent wage. A lot of people such as yourself Rico have made so much sacrifices to keep working, I hope that you all are rewarded at some point for it. I must admit, if the same ever happens to me, I am not sure how I would handle it, I guess would never really know until faced with it.


My motto these days....

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few - or the one."