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Star Trek: Season 10

Started by Jen, June 26, 2009, 08:48:44 AM

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Joint post by Jen and Just X

With only the invitation of the missing Empress Donatra and their treaty with the Imperial Romulan State as their justification, Starfleet's humanitarian task force, the Seventh Fleet, was launched to provide aid and stability to the gravely wounded Romulan people. The Hobus Ultra Nova did not recognize the boarders of the fractured empire and both halves suffered greatly from the incalculable devastation. Soon the enemies of the Romulans, and perhaps even their allies, would begin picking their bones. Yet Starfleet's goal was that its envoy of peace would quite simply help where needed... and if possible, explore the unknown region while they were at it.

In a darkened room, just over a dozen officers quietly gathered for the first of their weekly meetings. The majority consisted of the captains and first officers from each of the seven Starfleet vessels that made up the amply named "Seventh Fleet". Rear Admiral Nathanial Jacob Quinn greeted them before activating the holomap.

In the center of the large circular table, was a holographic display of Romulan space and the  location of each of the starships that were currently passing thorough the remains of the system. The position of various non-Federation ships in the immediate area and other locations of interest were also included in the three dimensional holo. The representation generated by the table was provided by the combined data from the Stellar Cartography departments of each fleet ship. Presently that data formed a floating square wedge of the sector. At the current resolution, only the stars and their descriptive information was provided.

As the flagship of the Seventh Fleet, it was the role of the Arabella to balance the requests of the other ships with their mission objectives. More often than not, the aid they offered resulted in a temporary division of their small task force. Currently, the Luna Class medical ship USS Phlox was stationed in the Unroth system to provide medical assistance to the colony there. Joining the Phlox was the Intrepid II Class Lily Sloane, an engineering vessel that currently assisted in repairs to the colony's failing equipment. Both ships were being provided defensive support by the Prometheus Class Naegling, which remained in a higher orbit over the other vessels. In the Chaltok system, the Akira class Gabriel Bell provided protection to the Olympic class medical ship Boris Yegerov, the Intrepid II Class Henry Archer, and a group of Romulan vessels from a nearby colony that they escorted to the system.

The soft glow of the holoimage cast the room in orbiting colors. Sevryll's face was illuminated by a blue and green grid that slowly traveled her delicate features before sliding over her shoulder and crossing to her First Officer seated nearby. Commander Aeric James' color shifting eyes caught the hues as the movement of light and shape panned over his face and continued to next officer at the table. Aeric turned his gaze toward his wife as she gestured to a specific location in the holo and magnified the image as much as possible. "We detected a distress call in this sector," said Fleet Captain Sevryll. "The vessel is heavily damaged and in need of aid. Since all other ships in the fleet are currently occupied, the Arabella will divert its course to offer assistance."

"If you need additional help, we can deploy our fighters to protect this system and plot an intercept course," Captain Thelora of the Gabriel Bell added after taking a sip of her beverage and setting it back on the table. The antennae that protruded above her shock of white hair, dipped slightly as she leaned forward to glaze down the table at Aeric and Sevryll, who had been her friends since their days at the academy. Sevryll nodded in acknowledgment but turned her head toward the Englishman that joined the conversation.

Rhys Peters, the current commander-in-charge of the Naegling's rotating captaincy, reached out and indicated a possible flight plan on the display. "If worse comes to worse, I believe that it might be safer and faster for the Naegling to aid the Arabella, instead."

"Captain Peters is correct," Captain Tarses of the Phlox added. "In the event of hostilities, one of the medical vessels needs to be absent an escort. We are better prepared to defend ourselves. The Naegling's absence wouldn't be as hard felt as the Bell's."

"This looks to be a milk run," Commander James spoke, "we should be able to rendezvous with the fleet in less than three days at maximum warp."

"Bridge to Captain Sevryll," a hoarse voice interrupted over the comm system,  "We are preparing to exit warp."

"Thank you Mr. Galdar," replied Sevryll as she rose from her place at the table. "I apologize, but we must bring this meeting to a close."

There were nods of agreement as Sevryll turned for the door with Aeric following behind. "Computer, close holographic communications."

One by one, all members of the meeting vanished as their holographic avatars shut off. The room was now empty save for the meeting table and the departing Captain and First Officer.

Lets hope it is a 'milk run', as you call it, k'diwa, Sevryll projected through her bond with her husband.  Aeric smiled down at her as they proceeded to the bridge, "You're not comparing this to that Bolian trade ship are you? Had that idiot not attempted to go to warp with our ship still attached to her, it would have been a 'easy' mission. How was I to know that he was going to leech power from the Aurora to power his engines and flee at the first sign of trouble? I... think that this might go a little better that that."

In spite of his vocal response, Sevryll proceeded telepathically, You may be right.... Her internal voice paused briefly before adding, despite my attempts to suppress it, you often draw the emotive response of anxiety near the surface when you lead away missions. The children and I—  she stopped the thought before it could be completed and glanced up at Aeric. "Please be more cautious," she uttered in the professional tone of a Starfleet Captain. They stopped before the turbolift as the door opened to reveal three crewmen. The personnel instantly acknowledged the Captain and First Officer as they stepped into the corridor. Sevryll returned their greetings as she and Aeric entered the lift and turned to face the door that had closed behind them. "Deck 1," the woman ordered with the apparent serenity of a typical Vulcan.

I will, Aeric thought back to her. No matter how improbable, I will always find a way home.
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Joint Post by Jen and Just X

"Captain on deck," Lieutenant Commander K'Tan barked when Sevryll and Aeric exited the turbo lift.

"Status report?" Commander James queried on his way to the first officer's chair.

"We are in the outer edge of  the system," Galdar replied. "Heavy debris has made warp in the system dangerous."

Sevryll nodded once and gracefully took her own seat. She cast a casual glance to Lieutenant Commander D'Callan, who manned the tactical position.

Looking up from his readings, the Chief of Security spoke, "We have the damaged vessel on our sensors and no visible signs of other craft. Sensors indicate earlier weapons fire, but does not rule out the presence of cloaked vessels."

No sooner than D'Callan had finished, K'Tan spoke up to continue a well trained flow of information, "Sensors indicate that the ship has suffered critical structural damage. Primary communications and warp drive appear offline. I have two dozen life signs clustered in the engineering section of the vessel. Life support systems and shields are failing."

"Sevryll, to Sickbay,"

"Drett here, Captain."

"Prepare your staff for a possible influx of Romulan casualties. "


"Mr. Tolok..." she said to the Vulcan seated at the Conn. "Please ready an engineering team."

"Aye, Captain," he said then rose and quickly left the bridge.

Sevryll straightened in her chair, "Yellow Alert." At the mention of the new condition, Lieutenant Commander K'Tan raised the shields. Since entering the Romulan System, Arabella, acting as a scout ship, had discovered evidence of pirates. The raiders chose lone vessels and crippled colonies as their pillaging targets and the devastation left in their wake was abhorrent. Though the fleet had yet to actually cross paths with roving pirate vessels, Sevryll was not about to take her chances.

The slight Vulcan glanced to the Ferengi at the helm, "Mr. Galdar, plot a conic intersection path for the damaged ship. Full impulse... I do not want to threaten them by our approach."

"Aye, Captain. Course laid in. ETA: Two hours and thirty-seven minutes."


The luminous ribbons that had stretched before them for hours, transitioned to dots of light on the viewscreen as Arabella reached its destination. Before them, the bow of a small ship seemed to protrude from the mouth of an unseen serpent as the half cloaked vessel drifted just off Arabella's forward section... the battered craft had obviously seen better days.

"Would you look at that," said D'Callan in surprise, from his place at the Tactical Console.

Sevryll slowly lifted a prominent brow; whoever attacked them was likely near by. "Extend our shields to encompass the vessel."

D'Callan nodded in response, "yes ma'am."

"Mr. K'Tan, please open a hailing frequency."

"Aye, Captain," came the even bass of the Terran sitting at the Operations kiosk. A rapid succession of melodious chimes accompanied the movement of his fingers over the console before him, "hailing frequency open."

The Vulcan straightened in her chair as she addressed the disfigured spectacle before them, "Romulan vessel, this is Captain Sevryll of the USS Arabella. We received your distress call and are willing to provide assistance."

For a moment, an echo of silence was all the answer they received. The helmsman exchanged a quick glance with the ensign seated at the conn, then shifted his eyes back to the disembodied craft on screen. After a span of several long minutes, a gaunt face appeared on the viewer. The image shifted unpredictably due to interference, but despite the static, the bridge crew could make out the woman and several forms huddled behind her. A smoky, green haze drifted about the Romulan's sharp features as she leaned forward to better see the image on her own screen.

"A Starfleet vessel... Why should this surprise me? Cowards strike only when their enemies are weakened," she spat.

An imperceptible crease in the captain's brow followed the Romulan's cold response. She rose slowly and took a single step towards the viewer, "I assure you, we are here only to render aid. If you require medical assistance, or passage, we are equipped to provide both...." Pausing for emphasis, Sevryll added, "with whom am I speaking?"

The woman smoothed the tattered remnants of a high collared, formal, black tunic, "Senator Nehvash." She gave the Starfleet captain a disdainful glare before sighing in consternation, "I would prefer to reject your offer...Vulcan...but we are in no position to do so."

"NEHVASH!" shouted a man from behind her. A brief exchange of whispered protests and rebuttals could be heard before the woman flicked her eyes back to Sevryll. "You may come aboard. Perhaps your crewmen could repair the damage so that we may be on our way..."

"Our scans indicate that your vessel is damaged beyond repair. As such, rescue would seem the most logical option. The radiation from your engines will disrupt our ability to secure transporter locks. If you are in agreement, I will send a team to extract all survivors via shuttle." The two women stared at one another a moment before Sevryll broke the silence, "Senator, who attacked you?"

"A Warbird..."Nehvash worked her jaw in agitation before snapping her permission with a curt nod and ending the communication.

Warbird? Sevryll thought. Aeric's gaze fell on her as he heard her voice in his mind. There was no hesitation following the Romulan's consent—Sevryll's orders came before she had fully turned to face the Chief Science Officer. "Mr. Zremm," she uttered in an unaffected tone, "please search for signs of cloaked vessels."

Her gaze shifted to Aeric as he rose from his chair. "Mr. K'Tan, Mr. D'Callan... gear up, you're with me." With a swift movement of his hand, the first officer tapped the badge pinned to his chest, "Commander James to Doctor Drett and Ensign Daelen... report to the main shuttle bay. We're boarding the Romulan vessel."

Aeric then transmitted a request for backup crew to assume the positions that would soon be vacated on the bridge and ordered the shuttle bay to ready a runabout. Without waiting for the replacements to arrive, he briskly entered the turbolift.

Sevryll moved toward her command chair and settled herself into it, "All hands, prepare for the arrival of evacuees. Secure the armory and all other essential areas. Sickbay, stand by to receive injured. Engineering, begin converting shuttle bay two into temporary dormitories until housing can be determined."

The Captain pushed a lock of raven hair behind one ear and leaned forward slightly as she addressed the helmsman,"Mr. Galdar, plot course for a rendezvous with the fleet. Once everyone is safely aboard the Arabella, engage at maximum warp."

"Aye, Captain."


D'Callan stood in the turbo lift slightly behind Aeric and next to K'Tan. He turned his head to look at his old friend, in unison they smiled. They were both in departments responsible for looking after the ship and the people on it, they craved excitement, danger and adrenalin pulsed through his veins. Aeric noticed an obvious shift in his officers feelings and he turned to his men. "Here we go gentlemen"

Joseph looked up and wondered about the damaged vessel, hostile times, hostile waters. "Lets go fishing sir"


"Beta team", Lieutenant Commander Tolok spoke quietly and evenly as befitted one of the Vulcan race. "Please proceed to shuttle bay two and configure it for emergency accommodation. The excess craft will need to be moved to bay three for the moment. It appears we will be having visitors." Tapping his chest he closed the channel and returned his attention to the readouts before him.

To his right, the warp core illuminated the engineering deck, idling but ready should it be required. The increased alert status dictated by their presence outside of Federation space made for a corresponding increase in his crews workload...but in terms of the efficiencies it engendered from both personnel and equipment, the trade off was acceptable to the engineer.

Tapping the readout, in front of him Tolok turned back to the Lieutenant beside him. "I would suggest that you 'keep an eye on it' for the moment Lieutenant and let me know if it rises beyond one point five percent."

Nodding, the officer turned an headed for the door while Tolok returned to his 'rounds' of Engineering.

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As the tall Andorian deftly worked the controls at the bridge science station he felt a slight twinge go up his right arm.  Ignoring it, he completed the second scan of the area.

"I can detect no other vessels, cloaked or otherwise in the vicinity currently, Captain.  I will continue to scan and search for who might have attacked the Romulan ship."

"Very good, Mr. Zremm.  See if you can boost the power to the long range sensors.  That may help in your search."  The captain said as Zremm gave her a slight tilt of his head.  The two friends did not need words always to convey their thoughts.  I many ways Andorians and Vulcans were alike, but also very different as well, Zremm thought as he continued his task.

"Auxiliary engineering, this is Lieutenant commander Zremm on the bridge.  Please transfer additional power to the long range sensors in order to boost their gain.  And standby for further instructions."  Zremm said as he waited for acknowledgment.

"This is Ensign Barton, Commander.  You should have that additional power now, sir.  I'll see if I can get you a bit more."  The young officer said as she adjusted power distribution among the secondary systems.

"Very good, Ensign."  Zremm out.  The blue-skinned chief science officer said as he closed the channel.  As he readied a new set of scan parameters he tried to recall why the ensign's voice sounded familiar to him.


"...but the Romulans are bad" said the young Bajoran in disgust.

"I know you and I haven't known each other too long Brex." said Margon,"these people need our help, and if anyone can relate it would be you my young man."

"what if they turn on us?  Or if they get on board and blow up the ship?" Brex said with a exaggerated fear, just to see what the counselor would do.

"They aren't going to blow up the ship, settle down.  Don't you have more to do?  You're supposed to give the dog a bath and tidy up your room before company tonight"

"Yeah, I know." said Brex in a lethargic tone.  "Come on Sumo!"

The black lab shook it's head and lobbed over to the boy.  It's eyes were warm and he was simply excited for the attention.

"I always get soaked doing this Margon"  he acted as though he didn't love it, but he did.  He was the one that convinced the counselor that they needed a pet.  And Margon didn't take long to say yes.  He knew that this mission would keep him busy with the crew and it wouldn't be fair to Brex to be all alone.  Besides, a boy and a dog was a proven equation for happiness.  Young Brex  had a very hard last few years and he needed some TLC.  Sumo was great therapy.

"You'll be fine Brex.  Just remember to clean up your mess." he smiled.  "I need to run, the refugees are being  shuttled on board and I need to go see if I can be of service."

"Ok, but watch your back, you never know what could happen" Brex said in his best "secret service agent" voice.  "Don't help any spies!"

Margon shook his head and smiled.  "Don't worry about me young man.  I can take care of myself.  Now go and get Sumo better smelling!"

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"On my way, Commander," said the Trill as she rose from her desk. Ryla gathered the flaxen hair that fell over her shoulders, and tied it into a secure knot before lifting the med kit that she prepared two hours before, and stepping onto the floor.

It had been an eventful few weeks for the rest of the crew, but sickbay had seen very little activity; Ryla was sure that status was about to change.  "I'm off ladies, " she said to Doctor Myella Peterson and her head nurse Susan Cane. "When I return, you may be a whole lot busier than you have been in the recent past. Enjoy the peace while you can," she said with a wink then proceeded through the transparent double doors with a purposefully gait.  

The slight change in temperature greeted her as she stepped from the corridor into The Main Shuttle Bay—it was empty, save for a few crewmen readying the runabout. Ryla was notorious for being late when off duty, yet while on duty the Trill was never anything other than premature. This fact could be attributed her position as Chief Medical Officer. A doctor could never afford to be late when lives hung in the balance. The clack of her boots reverberated as she entered the cavernous room and strode toward the personnel minding the craft.  "Good morning, gentlemen." She said in a melodious tone.

One of the four men stumbled down the ramp as her greeting was eagerly returned.

"Oh! Watch your step Mr. Olson."

His face flushed as the others passed each other knowing glances.

Lieutenant Olson smoothed his jacket and then his hair as he nodded to the Trill, "yes ma'am... ah... I guess you're going on the away mission?" he asked in a nervous voice.

"Yes. I'm a little early."

The other three officers finished prepping the shuttle as Olson laughed awkwardly, and wrung his hands before him. Ryla noted his uncharacteristic nervousness, but tried not to make it obvious.

"Ah... Well, maybe when you get back you would, um...ah..."

Ryla gave him a friendly smile and nodded in understanding, "Sure... but I'm not certain how long I'll be or how busy I may become afterwards. If you don't mind a late dinner, I'd be happy to accompany you to the Afterburner."

Jared Olson lifted his chin a little higher and his smile lost its awkward appearance as it broadened, "No...no...I don't mind at all."

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"Owl." Aeric James said to the tween girl that stood before him as he placed his custom phaser in it's holster. It was a weapon that had served him during too many Federation conflicts. It was a tool that was first made before his daughter was born.

"Keep your eyes wide open, be aware of the shadows, and return to the nest at any sign of trouble." Aria James quoted the family condition code from memory. It was one of more than two dozen animal related code words that effortlessly informed the James children of their parents expectations of them in a wide variety of situations. Her vulcan brow raised in mild annoyance to having to explain her understanding. "I know all of the code words father."

"I know you do," Aeric said and added a laser cutter to his carry all. "You're just humoring an old man."

Aria smiled to her father. It was a smile that was rarely seen outside of the privacy of their quarters. She didn't suppress her emotions, she controlled them in ways that were still impressive to her parents. She effortlessly balanced logic and emotion, using both as needed. She was good at it, but she wasn't perfect. She was still a young woman and her emotions could get the better of her if she was not prepared. "I think you're only doing this to delay continuing my flight training."

"You already know how to fly the shuttles," Aeric laughed. "What else do you want to know?"

"I believe that it is in the better interest of the juveniles aboard this ship if I am also instructed in advanced maneuvers and weapons systems." Aria said stoically. "If a condition alert requires our departure, it would be most logical for the eldest organic being to have the skills necessary in facilitating our escape."

"So you're thought it all through and you think that it's a good idea for a teenager to learn how to fire shuttle weapons?" Aeric mused.

"Yes," his daughter replied as if there was nothing more to add. She had a logical reason for her request and it was sound logic. She understood that it would also be an impressive achievement to share with her peers.

"When do you propose we do this advanced training?" the father asked the daughter as he continued to load his gear.

"I will have to consult my schedule," Aria said softly. She had goals and plans for herself and piloting was one of the skills that she wanted to master long before she needed to apply to the academy. "Have you or mother spoken with Doctor Drett yet?"

"I'll speak to your mother about it, I believe that she was going to do it. I still don't know how the Doctor will take to having a minor attempting to help out in sickbay, but you seem to have fixated on adding that to your resume."

Aria nodded. "I need to take advantage of my surroundings and learn everything I can before I enlist."

Aeric smiled. She was so much like her mother. Their children were the best of them and Aria made no excuses about who and what she was. "Of course you do. You're going to be the youngest captain ever. I haven't seen a reason to doubt you achieving that."

"The twins are finishing a class on the holodeck with Rori." Aria spoke softly between helping her father's packing by adding spare power cells that he would have likely forgotten. She loved her daddy, but when he got focused on something, he could overlook the little things. If it wasn't for her and her mother, he wouldn't be anywhere as prepared as they got him.

"Thank you." he replied as his communicator gave an alert chirp. The runabout he requested was ready for final inspection. "I'll see the four of you in a few hours for dinner."

"Can I pick the world we're dining from tonight? I know it's your turn, but you're going to be busy."

Aeric grinned and hugged his little girl. "As long as it's not Klingon again."


Galdar sat quietly at the Conn of the Arabella and waited for something to happen. If holodeck simulations counted as real experience then this wasn't the first time he'd answered a distress call from a disabled vessel within Romulan space. The Kobayashi Maru was only a Starfleet command-track training exercise but the parallels with their current situation were striking. Galdar had taken that test...and lost his ship as a result. The loss still smarted, even after some years but the ache of it was as nothing when compared to the loss of the friendship he'd nearly sacrificed as a result of the same exercise.

Grimacing slightly, Galdar recalled his arrangement to meet with Ryla Drett after their shift for a long overdue drink. It didn't look like there was much chance of that happening today.

With the Maru, Galdar had been in the big chair but had ended up at the Conn. Here, piloting was his only responsibility but it was just as important.

Hands moving deftly, the Ferengi manipulated the flight display and crafted his navigation solution for the fleet rendezvous requested by the Captain. As the other ships moved and his plot aged the Lieutenant configured his console with a series of intercept corrections to ensure a 'shortest path' course was always laid in.

Should it become necessary to act quickly, the pilot was ready.

To his left, Commander Zremm worked at the science station. To his right, an ensign manned the Engineering station.

As Conn officer, interface with Engineering was one of his responsibilities but in these somewhat strained circumstances, He was pleased to be relieved of that task for the moment.

"Course plotted and ready at your command, Captain."

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Shelby D

The dim lights in the security office left only an eerie yellow glow to intermittently illuminate the figure which sat behind the desk. Everything was calm and yet there was still an underlying tension hoovering in the room. Ensign Daelen had been observing what she could of the Arabella's comm systems, to stay informed, ever since it had crossed into Romulan space. The deceptively lean officer had been studying the scanners, monitors and updates with battleship-gray orbs which didn't betray any of the truth within.  

Behind those eyes though sat a myriad of emotions, capped and hidden to everyone...since...since what? The destruction of the Romulan home worlds? Why did it bother her so? After all, as callus as it might sound, what 'had' she lost? Grandparents and family who never truly accepted her or a people who shunned her for her human lineage?

Despite this fact, it was surprising that internally the tragedy was chipping away at her. All those people; gone in a flash second. There had been no escape or reprieve for them; although they had been warned. The woman's hand held a stylus, soundlessly it tapped against the desktop at an almost intentional pace. Yet it didn't seem to disrupt the woman's attentions from the desktop display.

When the Arabella exited hyperspace and located the ship they had recieved the distress call from, the ensign studied the monitor. There before her sat the ghostly vision of a semi-cloaked Romulan vessel. No emotions played on her expression as she simply watched it list uselessly just off the ship's forward section.

The woman finally took a breath; she hadn't even realized that she had been holding it. From what she could see, the ship was bruised and derelict, Daelen stared mutely at the craft as it seemed to stare back at her. She had a job, despite whatever happened in the past, she was no longer the awkward teen who had to fight and scrape her way through things anymore.

These people needed Starfleet and she was part of that; like it or not. Setting down her stylus, Shelby moved forward and checked as many of the readouts as she could; noting anything unusual which might be cause for alarm or deception. What did worry her was the unknown factor of the people on that ship.

It had been a learned mantra of hers over the years: Never trust a Romulan.

Shelby's comm-badge chirped, reaching up she tapped it.    

Commander James voice came over the speaker. "Doctor Drett and Ensign Daelen... report to the main shuttle bay. We're boarding the Romulan vessel."

Rising Ensign Daelen began to save the things which had been of interest and she shut the rest of the windows down. "Yes Sir." Moving over to the equipment in the office, she picked up and checked a phaser and then a tricorder.

On her way to the shuttle bay, the half romulan stopped by her quarters and she added a few hidden knives to her armament. She was ready. 

Arriving at the flight deck Shelby Daelen was directed to the craft they would be using. As the security officer climbed into the shuttle she found that the trill named Ryla Drett was already there. "Doctor." she said by way of greeting.


Picking up his phaser from his side he looked over at K'tan and swirled it around his palm and dropped it back into his holster and pressed a few buttons on his PADD. He scanned the personnel going on the away mission and then tapped his com badge. "D'Callan to Dunn, the away missionis is getting  ready to leave, we go as soon as Commander James is ready. I need the shuttle bay manned and i want you ready for our return with our Romulan guests, all smiles Mr Dunn......... Oh and Dunn, don't forget your phaser. D'Callan out." K'Tan shook his head slightly and D'callan saw the shoulders of Aeric James move slightly as a small but muffled giggle came from the XO.


Lt. Dunn fell flat on his face.

The call from the Chief had awoken him from a deep sleep and his hasty reply belied his catatonic state, at least he hoped D'Callan hadn't heard it in his voice. He was now face down on the deck having fallen trying to launch from his rack. Nice, he thought. He quickly stood and began to get dressed. His heart pounded in his chest.
ROMULANS! he thought. 'I am finally going to see a real Romulan.' He considered himself a bit of a history buff and the Romulan culture had always been one which fascinated him. They were so mysterious, having been hidden away from the Federation for so many years following first contact, a first contact that didn't go so well for either side. Now their Empire lay in shambles following the destruction of their homeworld Romulus. But the fire and passion remained. So like Vulcans and yet so different he mused as he pulled down his security uniform. Almost like a blending of Klingons and Vulcans, the best and the worst of both worlds.
He double checked his appearance in the mirror, the Chief would not stand for a lack of dress discipline when confronting a warrior culture like the Romulans. He bolted towards the door which parted at his hasty approach..and he stopped dead in his tracks.

He slowly walked back and picked his phaser up off of his desk.


Setting down his book Reese put on his uniform. He knew very little about Romulans. Most of his cultural expertise was for lesser developed societies, but he was still considered an expert though he hadn't been an active Starfleet officer for most of the past three years.

He looked in the mirror, at himself wearing his Starfleet uniform. There was a time he had thought he'd never wear it again, but plans change and planets get destroyed he thought. He moved towards the door. He stopped and stared at it for a moment.

"It's been a long time." He said taking a deep breath. "Duba Ducci" he muttered quietly. Then he stepped out.


Ensign Hermaratlo was joyously tearing apart his sleeping quarters looking for his his favorite PADD. "Computer, begin personal correspondence, my brother Jonval."

He continued in his native Risian as he strung his belongings all over the room:

This will be a quick note, but I don't know when I will have a chance to write you again.

As I mentioned in my previous letter, I've been assigned as the Archeology and Anthropology officer on this ship. As I'm sure you've probably figured out, I'm aboard the Arabella as part of the Seventh Fleet and yes, we are in Romulan space.

My mission is to make the first steps in helping the Romulan remnant preserve their history and cultural identity. I know, right? If there was a job I was born to do, this is it!

As I speak, we are bringing aboard the survivors of some sort of attack. I'm headed out to help with the wounded and to make "first contact" with them. My first step is to make friends and learn as much as I can about what's been lost and what might still be saved.

Got it! Ok, I gotta go. Wish me luck and I'llbe in touch when I can.

Peace brother.

Computer, end correspondence."

This last he shouted over his shoulder as he ran out the door.
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Lester shifted at his duty station. He was anticipating contact with Romulans but not this soon into the mission under these circumstances.

His main display had been monitoring the navigational deflector systems as a precaution at Commander Tolok's instructions, a decision he felt unnecessary but he was not one to question his Commanding Officer; at least not anymore.
On his secondary display the Lieutenant called up their current situation with the Romulan vessel in an attempt detect anything he could class as 'interesting'. Tapping several commands into the interface he turned his attention back to the navigation systems as they continued to register data on the excess debris in the system.

As the buzz of activity continued around him, he focused himself on the task at hand.