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Ideas for Sci-Fi Reality Based Programming...

Started by Bromptonboy, December 11, 2009, 07:08:26 AM

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In order for SyFy to keep up with the Reality programming craze, I have a few suggestions for them:

*   Real World - Tatooine - Where they stop being polite and get real "Ahsoka, did you just stick your finger in the peanut-butter!?"
*   Temptation Island - Raisa edition (gotta get a Trek reference in there..)
*   Remake of the Odd Couple - With Watto playing Oscar Madison and C3PO as the Felix Unger character.
*   The Real Housewives of Naboo:  Follow the antics of the shallow 'ladies who lunch' brood from Naboo as they go shopping for those whacky looking casual outfits....
*   Big Brother Star Wars edition:  Just image locking a Wookee, a Tusken Raider, a Besalisk, and a few other random people - and watch the mayhem  ensue...
*      Anakin and Padme Plus 8:  For this one to work, we need it placed somewhere between Episode 2 & 3
*      Gordon Ramsey - Kitchen Nightmares:  Gordon tries to turn around a failing restaurant on Kashyyyk - with a staff of angry wookies who don't want to change the menu...


I think anything that puts Ramsey into an enclosed space with a bunch of angry Wookies ought to be screen forthwith!

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


How about:

Ferengi Apprentice:  Quark presides over the board room as celebrities attempt to raise latinum for charity.

Holideck Scare Tactics:  Barkley beams in unsuspecting victims to the holideck (set up by their friends of corse) for a nightmarish program. 

Ketracel White Rehab with Dr. Drew:  Dr. Drew Pinsky helps conducts rehab treatment for Jem'Hadar and make them see that they are all either bipolar, or using Ketracel White to keep from dealing with childhood abuse.

Star Trek Wife Swap:  Captain Riker and Chief O'Brien adjust to life when as Keiko and Deanna establish their rules in the corresponding household for two weeks.  Don't worry Miles, Riker won't try anything.

To catch a Nausicaan:  Chris Hansen sets a trap for Nausicaans who chat inappropriately with Bolians on the internet.


Quote from: AlanP on December 21, 2009, 10:42:13 AM
How about:

Ferengi Apprentice:  Quark presides over the board room as celebrities attempt to raise latinum for charity.

I love it!  Your own moon as a prize, and the airlock for those who don't successfully follow the laws of acquisition..


Keeping Up With the Cardassians  (they would be more interesting than the Kardashians).