"Defying Gravity" - series starts Aug. 2nd

Started by Rico, July 30, 2009, 06:53:13 PM

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This from a wiki article on the TV series - there is hope yet Obi wan.

On September 14, 2009, online sources noted ABC's apparent cancellation of the series, with most having reported the eighth episode as the "series finale",[15] while others reported it as the "season finale".[16] The show's publicist, Nicole Marostica, issued a statement on September 14, 2009 that ABC is not in fact canceling the show but that management is deciding on a time slot to air the remaining 5 episodes of season 1.[17]

CTV aired episode 9 "Eve Ate the Apple" on September 18, 2009, but did not have Defying Gravity on its schedule for the following week. Episode 10, "Deja Vu", aired on October 2, 2009 on SPACE, which is only available in Canada.

Keep your pseudopods crossed.



I got to see the remaining episodes here:


Go to Television and scroll down to Defying Gravity.

Thank you Darren!

And they even have the rest of the story from the author.  Excellent.

I have to say that the episodes just got better and better.  It was really one of the most cool shows.  It was very adult in it's content, but every show had AMAZING music and really made you think about things.  Geez I wish we could get TV like this for more than one season!

Amazing show.

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Just finished the last of the "unaired episodes."  Man - this show is terrific and even better (like Rick said above) as it continued.  I'll get them up over at www.geekplay.tv soon. 



Seems like there's a network out there specifically for science fiction type shows who should buy the rights.    Oh, but it's not SciFi any more.  They might have to drop wrestling in order to add another show.  No, they couldn't do that.  Nooooo, that'd be bad.



I now have up all five of the unaired episodes of this cool series over at www.geekplay.tv
Man, I miss this show!