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Can Anyone Do A Plausible Riker Impression?

Started by ori-STUDFARM, September 18, 2009, 09:19:20 AM

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FictionShed are doing a fan made Star Trek audiodrama called Genesis Of The Borg. I don't know how many roles are left to be taken, but I do know that we are all struggling to do a Riker voice. If anyone can do one and is interested can they PM me and I'll pass the info onto Darren and Tony.

Thanks, Ant.


Can I add that FictionShed are looking for a few more voice actors in general, not just a plausible Riker. Looks like quite a few voices from the podcasting world are taking part including a certain "appy" chappy, most of ScutterCast and a few others I won't announce yet! Looks as though the first 2 scenes are pretty much written and will be released as an early prologue/teaser with the finished product being an estimated 2-3 hour piece of work scheduled for a March release. (Though anything could happen between now and then!)

Also, anyone interested in getting in on the writing and/or the sound side of things.


Think I'll be getting in touch. Maybe Jen would be interested as well for female roles.


Anyone not interested in actually taking part but wants to keep upto date on the project can follow it at http://www.genesisoftheborg.com/. Not a lot there yet....nice audio loop though...