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Weather Formageddon

Started by ElfManDan, August 01, 2009, 07:10:50 PM

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Your weekly weather forecast for the coming Armageddon.
A short sketch I finally took some time to finish up and post.

Weather Formageddon


I think it's good sketch! :)

I'd like to give some critique:
I especially like the beginning and the end, they made me laugh! :)
As it is a weekly forecast, there are also some parallels to the creation myth, an anti-creation, so to say. Nice!

What I didn't like:
I think the timing could be better, the middle part seemed weak.
I also didn't like the atomic bombs, they seemed randomly thrown in (or dare I say: an overkill?). They aren't really an escalation, my gut feeling tells me comets are worse (I know, depends on lots of factors).

On my wish list:
I'd be happy if there'd be some kind of logic connection between the events, like: the comets triggered the automatic counterstrike system of the atomic bombs, and the bombs in turn burned up all the oxygen in the atmosphere, so the big Armageddon and end of world (aahhh, technobabble, I suddenly feel the urge to watch Voyager).

What I'd also love would be some random absurdities, like "It's raining comets, but you can leave the umbrella at home!", "If you are here, here or here, you're dead!" and some temperature and wind announcements "Light wind from south east, bringing a fire storm, you want to wear your best asbestos suit!". I think statements of that kind would fit the character of the weatherman.

So, this were my two cents! :)


Thanks for the critique, I really enjoy learning where I done good or need some improvements.
Though I really didn't have a plan in mind when I did this, I kind of just winged it. I was more interested in testing out my new green screen. I've had the clip sitting around for maybe two months and finally decided to draw in the pictures and post it. Most of my stuff is more planned out.


Hee hee, i  liked that, nice quick manic action. Keep em coming.


Very good.  I laughed.  :)

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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