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Lieutenant Commander Zremm

Started by Rico, June 25, 2009, 04:38:17 PM

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Full Character's Name: Ch'Fras Zremm
(alternate timeline)

Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Born: 2343 (approx. 35 Earth years old)

Place Of Birth:  Andoria

Gender: Male

Species Of Origin:  Andorian

Hair:  White

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170

Skin Tone: blue

Body: Fairly tall for a Andorian.  Medium build and in good physical condition.

Face: Typical Andorian in appearance, slight forehead ridges and antennae

Telepathic/ Empathic abilities: none

Marital Stats: Not married

Children:  none

Habits:  Doesn't sleep much and enjoys physical activity such as hand-to-hand combat training and other exercise

Likes/Hobbies:   Astronomy, self-defense, holodeck recreation, cooking, some reading

Dislikes: Warm climates, cowards

Temperament:  Outspoken, sometimes abrasive, but highly instinctive and insightful

Mother:  Sh'Fras Trinia

Father:  Ch'Fras Zrann

Zremm had an awkward childhood.  Growing up on Andoria he never really fit in.  Sometimes picked on as a child, Zremm quickly learned to defend himself and became quite skilled at several ancient Andorian martial arts.  An only child, his father was a high ranking member of the Andorian Imperial Guard and it was expected he would follow in his father's footsteps, which he did for a short time.  But he longed for greater adventure and soon enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

Zremm did well at the Academy excelling in both the sciences and security/combat skills.  He has an especially good knack for astronomy and exobiology.  He also learned during this time to "go with his gut" when confronted by a decision to make.  He spent some time during his brief leaves from the Academy visiting various Federation planets.  During one leave he met the Vulcan Sevryll and they became friends.

Upon graduating from the academy, Ensign Zremm was assigned to the science vessel, the USS Shepard.  This was an older, Oberth class vessel that was assigned to navigate the edges of the Alpha quadrant.  He did well aboard the ship, becoming very useful on their deep space voyages.  But he soon became bored with the deep space missions they were assigned and eventually was able to get a transfer to the USS Tiberius.

Zremm was promoted to lieutenant after being reassigned to the USS Tiberius and became the Assistant Chief Science Officer under the command of Commander Sevryll.  His skills as both a scientist and valuable away team member have allowed him to become a vital member of the crew.  After the destruction of the Tiberius, Zremm considered rejoining the Andorian Imperial Guard.  But, he felt his place was still with the crew he had worked with for years and therefore became part of the crew aboard the USS Arabella.

Most recently, Zremm was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and has taken over the position of Chief Science Officer aboard the Arabella under the command of Captain Sevryll.