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Lieutenant Commander Joseph D'Callan

Started by Meds, June 04, 2009, 01:00:05 PM

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Previous Timeline Profile for Lt Commander D'Callan (Pre-Season 10 )


Character's Name:  Joseph D'Callan


Born:  38 years ago.

Place Of Birth:  Brisbane ,Australia

Gender:  Male

Species Of Origin:  Human

Rank:  Lieutenant

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Left eye green, right eye grey

Height:  5 Foot 11

Weight:  90 Kgs

Skin Tone:  White, natural tan.

Telepathic and
Empathic Status:  None

Body:         Average, Broad shoulders

Face :         High brow, hawk like nose, square chin

Marital Stats:      Widowed

Children:        2 Children both murdered with their mother

Habits:         Suffers from slight OCD, reads books

Quarters:              A few photographs of family, books and a old style gramaphone
Likes:          Poker,  single malt whisky, real ale and jazz

Dislikes:         Loud annoying people, fizzy water.

Ambitions and Goals: To make more of his career.

Temperament:       Sombre, good natured, slightly sarcastic, laid back.

Hobbies:          Paints landscapes and like to paint peoples dreams.

Mother:       Died when he was 4

Father:        In a institution for the insane. Now aged 79

Siblings:       Brother called Theran, ran away from home aged 14,

Character History

Joseph was born in Brisbane in a small mountain village largely untouched by the modern world. His mother died when he just 4 years old due to complications in child birth when his brother,  Theran was born.  This had a profound effect on his father who became a recluse. When Joseph was 18 his father began to drift into a serious state of depression.
Unable to cope with the continuous feelings of guilt regarding his mothers  death and the subsequent depression of his father, Theran ran away. Joseph searched for his 14 year old brother but came home after 2 months of searching feeling lost.
Josephs  father,  Karum suffered a massive breakdown when hearing about the news of Therans departure and Joseph had no choice but to have him hospitalised. Feeling the need to leave the  village Joseph applied to star fleet academy and was accepted. After his years at the academy he was signed us to his first ship. It was while serving on his first 5 year leg that he met his wife.
Juliette was a beautiful medical assistant and they met while playing against each other in a chess tournament. After dating for a year they were married by the captain and enjoyed the rest of the tour together as a couple. When they returned to Earth for new Starfleet orders they took a brief holiday with their two new born twins. It was on this holiday that tragedy struck.
Six masked men attacked the R & R colony in which they were relaxing and killed Juliette who was running to protect their children. Joseph who at the time was attempting to fire cover fire for an escaping family turned round to see his family die. In a fit of rage he ran at the attackers killing two of them with phaser fire.  Three of the attackers turned on him and advanced covering their leader who made his escape. It was at this moment, with rage tearing through his mind he blanked out.
He came too with the three men lying dead at his feet . Their un-masked faces distorted with fear and horror.  Joseph was found by a Star Fleet medical team and taken to hospital. It was here that he spent a year grieving and recovering from the stress of seeing not only his family killed but that of the other  innocent families. He came out of the attack unscathed bar a strange change of colour in his one eye.
After a year of medical and psychological healing Joseph was allowed to leave the medical centre. The board of medics and Star Fleet itself sanctioned the release of Joe on the grounds that they could find no evidence that he was responsible for the deaths of the three men found near him on the day of the R&R attack.
After a recent encounter with his brother who informed him that it was he not Joe who killed the attackers who killed his wife. Theran also removed a bio chip from Joe's eye resulting in no heated anger and anomalies coming from his eye.
Joseph has been given the role of Chief of Security form Captain Quinn and has now started his duties about the USS Arabella. he has made friends with K'tan who he meets at the lounge for many a drink.

During an away mission with the Arabella team Joseph D'Callan was severely injured saving Ensign Dunn and a small child. Close to death he was rushed back to the ship and was saved by the medical team. Waking from his brief coma the first person he saw was Nurse Susan Caine who he first met back on Earth after his convalescence. She nursed him back to help. During his rest he received a secret communication from his brother Theran who informed him that their father had escaped the asylum that Joseph had put him. Also news reached him that his own father was the man known as 'The Employer', the man responsible for creating and inserting the infamous AI chips. Theran also told Joseph of his new mission with Section 31. It was during shoreleave that Joseph was poisoned and spent a long time in sick bay, his brother theran was murdered at the hands of another section 31 agent. Joseph was left heart broken that he never got to know his brother more


Alternate Timeline / Post Season 9 (Result in Romulus / Vulcan Destruction)

Character's Name:  Joseph D'Callan


Born: 2349

Place Of Birth: Brisbane Australia

Gender: Male

Species Of Origin: Human

Hair: Dark brown.

Eyes: Blue with a tint of green

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 90Kgs

Skin Tone: Tanned

Telepathic and Empathic Status: None

Body: Athletic, medium build

Face : Boyish face, cheeky smile.

Marital Stats: Single

Children: None

Habits: Suffers from slight OCD

Quarters: His room is lined with classic literature and vinyl records.

Likes: Jazz, Real ale.

Dislikes: Synthohol

Ambitions and Goals: To be a second in command.

Temperament: Laid back, calm but can be quick tempered.

Hobbies: Collects rare books.

Mother: Chloe D'Callan
Father:  Karum D'Callan
Siblings: Brother. Theran D'Callan.
            Sister. Susan Caine (nee D'Callan)

Character History

(2349) Joseph D'Callan born in the family grounds on Moreton Bay, a large bay on the eastern coast of Australia the first child of Karun and Chloe D'Callan. Growing up in the calm area of Moreton Joseph became quite adventurous and would often be found searching for spiders and snakes in the rough bush rows. At the age of three Joseph took instantly to his new brother Theran. Karum would constamtly find his older son pretending lock up his younger brother because he believed he was a section 31 agent.

Joseph enjoyed school but at the age of twelve already had plans on a career in Star Fleet. Leaving school with excellent grades at sixteen he decided to travel around Europe with his school friend Marc. They stayed in France for quite a while and Joseph soaked up the ambience of the jazz bars, the food and wine of the restaurants. His friend Marc decided to stay in France with a girl and Joseph wished him all the best and made is way to England where he stayed for six months living with a Klingon called K'Lath who introduced him to not only Klingon ale but British real ale. He left England several pounds heavier but with a desire to work in the more meatier role in star fleet.

(2365) Susan Larson is born in Sweden

(2367) Joseph joins Star Fleet Academy ( SFA ) at the age of eighteen he met Akihabara Otak in a cue waiting to get there uniforms. They joked that they looked quite similar to each other and became good friends throughout their time in the academy..

(2369) The ship carrying the Larsons is attacked and Susans parents killed. Medical ship arrives and the medic helping Susan is Chloe D'Callan. Chloe is killed when an explosion hits her from behind saving the young Susan. Hearing of this and with his sons approval Karum adopts Susan.

(2371) Joseph leaves SFA with distinction and his first assignment in the role of security trainee was to be part of the recovery team that was sent to rescue the crew of the crashed Enterprise D saucer section. He was last to leave the bridge when he helped both Captain Picard and Commander Ryker leave the remains of the saucer section. He felt great pride in meeting two men he had only just been reading about at SFA.  

(2372) Joseph meets Commander Ryker again  at a jazz competition. Joseph had taken to learning the piano since his time in France and enjoyed playing whenever he had the chance. He came second in the competition and received his award from Commander Ryker. Joseph, Ryker and the winner played a set together for the after competition party. After the party Joseph was invited to a poker game with Ryker and he subsequently lost, remembering the young Joseph in the saucer section of the crashed Enterprise Ryker handed him several poker chips back and gave him some advice. "always remember your friends, and invite the Captain of your ship to a game"

(2373) Joseph decideds to set a goal and that was to become chief of security and ultimately become a Commander. His journey hits a climatic start when he was responsible for escorting Tekeny Ghemor to Deep Space 9, he ends up staying aboard and is enlisted to serve aboard the Defiant. While back on board DS9 Joseph meets up with his brother Theran who is there to pick up the dax symbiont.

(2374) Spends his entire vacation back in Australia with his family

(2375) Whilst aboard the defiant that Joseph meets and works along side Commander Chet Coleman and he becomes a mentor to him. Joseph Is aboard the Defiant when it visits AR-558 on the front line of the battle with the Dominion, he is one of the casualties and suffering from burns and broken ribs. Joseph gets promoted to Lt JG for his actions aboard the Defiant. He is fit enough and attends Chet Colemans leaving party and hands him a poker chip, remembering what Ryker had told him, he tells Chet this story and the two shake hands and promise to stay in touch.
(2376) Joseph decides to head to earth for a year and participate in extra training in security and tactical advancement. He meets up again with K'Lath and he studies various Klingon fighting techniques. He stays with his family and bonds with his adopted sister Susan D'Callan
It is here on earth that Joseph is asked to be in charge of the security arrangements involving the return of the USS Voyager. The mission goes exceptionally well and he is awarded in his personal report. He celebrates by getting drunk with several of the Voyager security crew. One of the crew tells him "should you ever get the chance to work aboard an Intrepid class ship he should put his request in straight away no matter where he is or what he is doing" They all pass out and they are found in the morning in a holodeck lying on a pool table.

(2378) It is while Joseph is on earth that he is asked to be in charge of the security arrangements involving the return of the USS Voyager. The mission goes exceptionally well and he is awarded in his personal report. He celebrates by getting drunk with several of the Voyager security crew.  They all pass out and they are found in the morning ini a holodeck lying on a pool table.

(2379). Joseph Joins USS Titan and gives Ryker back one of his poker chips during a poker tournament, he wins the chip back from an amused Ryker. He takes position as security officer under Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru. It is aboard the titan that Joseph receives a promotion to Lt. He returns with the Titan to Earth after his first five year mission and accepts the role of  Chief of Security aboard the USS Tiberius.

(2381) Joseph D'Callan is promoted to Lt whilst aboard the USS Titan

(2383) Susan marries Ben Caine. Joseph is best man

(2384) Joseph joins the USS Tiberius under Captain Quinn.

(2385) Helps the evacuation of the Tiberius and is one of the last to leave the ship leaving only the Captain and Commander Sevryll aboard

(2387) Joseph joins the USS Arabella and is promoted to Lt Commander and put in charge of security.


The flames got bigger and bigger and Joseph stood looking at it not really sure what to do. He looked over at his room mate who was running around in circles. "Will you stop running around what the hell are you doing?"

"We need a fire extinguisher or something?" Joseph raised his eyes and put his hands out to warm them. Suddenly a burst of grey smoke came from above and the experiment was put out. Their tutor came up to them. "Boys. I don't think you'll be any use in engineering, do you" The two students shook their heads, not that Joseph minded, he hated anything to do with engineering, he wanted to be in the action not under some control desk swapping coloufull slides to make a ship go slightly faster. Looking up at the tutor Joseph looked slightly worried as a bigger folder came his way. "There you go Joseph. extra study for you, I want a deatailed report back tomorrow." He nodded and looked over at Murphy who held a similar folder. "No ale tonight mate"


Joseph stood on the metal plate surface and was impressed with the calmness of the heroic officers that scrambled out of the broken glass top. Suddenly a voice came from behind him.

"Ensign. We have everyone evacuated from the saucer section, go down there and make sure the area is clear, we need to have this shipped back asap" D'Callan nodded "Yes Sir" and grabbed hold of one of the deploy lines and hooked it through his karibiner and dropped down. The bridge of the USS Enterprise was in tatters, smoke bellowed out of the terminals and the view screen was shattered. All of the chairs were thrown forward and blood was visible all over the once neat carpeted floor. Joseph stood there for a moment and imagined what the scene must have been like as  Enterprise was attacked causing the emergency saucer section deployment and subsequent crash landing.

Enterprise D crash

His thoughts of how the crew must have felt in those terrifying moments were broken as he heard a noise come from the side room. He looked over and saw the back of a man covered in dirt and blood.


Ryker turned round. "Yes Ensign"

D'Callan stood to attention "Sir, I need to have everyone off this section. We have shuttles waiting for you and...."

He trailed off as Captain Picard came into view clutching some belongings. "We'll be with you in a moment Ensign"

D'callan smiled and nodded and made his way to the back of the destroyed bridge. He picked up some of the plexi glass and  and at the mess around him. Tapping his combadge "D'Callan to Commander Hughes, Commader Ryker and Captain Picard are the only ones left, I shall make my way out once they have left and the opening is made secure"

Just as he finished Picard and Ryker came out of the room and looked up at the opening above them, Joseph tugged at the back of his pack and produced several cable connectors and a small metal device. "Excuse me sir, if you wouldn't mind me just attaching this to your waist"

Ryker raised an eyebrow at his Captain as Joseph put the harnace around him.

Joseph smiled at him  "Bit snug there sir but i think it will fit" Before Ryker could comment the button was pressed and the automatic mechanism activated taking him to the top of the saucer. Joseph turned to Captain Picard who was looking at the wreckage.

"She was a good ship Ensign."

Joseph looked at him. "She will be again Sir, I'm sure. Now shall i take your book while you head on up"

Picard looked at him and then back at the book. "I'll think I'll keephold of this thankyou Ensign. Carry on"

Joseph connected a similar mechanism to the Captain and soon he was out of the saucer section and off with Ryker on one of the shuttles. Standing there on a command Bridge he breathed in the air of action. Grabbing his  own line he reconnected his own device and activated it.