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Is your Fav TV show coming back next Season?

Started by Geekyfanboy, May 17, 2009, 05:43:06 PM

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Is your favorite show coming back next season..  take a look


The Bachelor: Already renewed.
Better Off Ted: Could go either way. Now officially renewed.
Brothers & Sisters: Already renewed.
Castle: Could go either way. Now a safe bet. Now officially renewed.
Cupid: It's a goner.
Dancing with the Stars: Already renewed.
Desperate Housewives: Already renewed.
Dirty Sexy Money: Officially canceled.
Eli Stone: Officially canceled.
Grey's Anatomy: Already renewed.
In the Motherhood: It's a goner.
Lost: Already renewed.
Private Practice: Already renewed.
Pushing Daisies: Officially canceled.
Samantha Who?: Could go either way. Prospects brightening.
Scrubs: Prospects brightening. Now officially renewed.
Supernanny: Already renewed.
Surviving Suburbia: A long shot.
Ugly Betty: Already renewed.
The Unusuals: A long shot.
Wife Swap: Already renewed.

The Amazing Race: Already renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.
Cold Case: Could go either way.
Criminal Minds: Sure thing.
CSI: Sure thing.
CSI: Miami: Sure thing.
CSI: NY: Sure thing.
Eleventh Hour: Could go either way. Now a long shot. Hearing the crew is looking for other work.
Flashpoint: A long shot. Could continue airing in Canada.
Gary Unmarried: Could go either way.
Ghost Whisperer: Sure thing. Officially renewed.
Harper's Island: It's a goner.
How I Met Your Mother: Sure thing.
The Mentalist: Sure thing.
NCIS: Sure thing.
New Adventures of Old Christine: Could go either way. ABC poised to pick up if CBS passes.
Numb3rs: Safe bet.
Rules of Engagement: Safe bet.
Survivor: Already renewed.
Two and a Half Men: Already renewed.
The Unit: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner.  Back to being a long shot.
Without a Trace: Could go either way.
Worst Week: A long shot.

24: Already renewed.
American Dad: Already renewed.
American Idol: Already renewed.
Bones: Sure thing. Now officially renewed for two seasons.
Dollhouse: Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot. Prospects brightening. Now officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Family Guy: Already renewed.
Fringe: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.
House: Sure thing.
King of the Hill: Officially canceled.
Kitchen Nightmares: Already renewed.
Lie to Me: Sure thing. Officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Prison Break: Officially canceled.
The Simpsons: Already renewed.
Sit Down, Shut Up: It's a goner.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A long shot. Now officially canceled.
'Til Death: Already renewed (unfortunately).

30 Rock: Already renewed.
The Biggest Loser: Already renewed.
Celebrity Apprentice: Already renewed.
Chuck: Could go either way. A safe bet. Now officially renewed. (Yay!)
Friday Night Lights: Already renewed.
Heroes: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.
Kath & Kim: It's a goner.
Kings: It's a goner.
Knight Rider: It's a goner.
Law & Order: Safe bet. I hear they're already working on next season's episodes.
Law & Order: CI: Could go either way.
Law & Order: SVU: Already renewed.
Life: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner. Now officially canceled.
Lipstick Jungle: Officially canceled.
Medium: Safe bet. Reportedly renewed for 13-16 episodes.
My Name is Earl: Could go either way. Fox may rescue it if NBC passes.
The Office: Already renewed.
Parks and Recreation: Safe bet. Now officially renewed.
Southland: Sure thing Officially renewed for 13 episodes.

The CW
90210: Already renewed.
America's Next Top Model: Already renewed.
Everybody Hates Chris: It's a goner.
The Game: It's a long shot.
Gossip Girl: Already renewed.
One Tree Hill: Already renewed.
Privileged: Prospects brightening.
Reaper: It's a goner.
Smallville: Already renewed.
Supernatural: Already renewed.


Cupid was pretty bad.  Not sorry to see it go. 

Brothers and Sisters, imho, needed a boot out the door long ago.  Only made me mad how corrupt the (real-world) system can be. 

Samatha Who should also be booted. Don't see the appeal. 
Better off Ted went from a great possibility to already worst than crap within two episodes.  (Did we seriously need to hit sex-line again?  Bad enough with Grey's Anatomy...)

Eli Stone: Was one of the few shows worth watching that wasn't Sci-Fi oriented.  I'm disappointed.

Grey's Anatomy: Keeping in mind that I was a fan for 4.5 seasons, I think this show needed to go. (even though it isn't) Its pretty much as bad as desperate housewives in the plot/how much sex there is.  Several plots just make me wonder why they put them in there.  Overall, I just don't care for the show anymore.

Lost: Already renewed.  Sweet, of course its staying, you'd have to be insane not to.  Its the last season for crying out loud.  :)
Private Practice: Already renewed.  Eh...my Mom I think likes it.  I don't. 

Pushing Daisies: Tried watching it, but couldn't really get into it.  Another "too quirky show" for my taste. 
Scrubs: Eh....
Supernanny: Don't see the appeal.  All it does is confirm that Americans can't raise their children properly. 
Ugly Betty: Seriously?  I don't see the appeal of this show either. 
The Unusuals: Too quirky for me, but I guess its ok. 
Wife Swap: Already renewed. <-Lame

The Amazing Race: Good.  But I kinda quit watching.  Simply too much drama. 
The Big Bang Theory: Sweet, can't wait to get back into watching this show more.
Cold Case: Good show, but lacks strength. 
CSI All: Sweetness to my ears. 
Eleventh Hour: This is a good show, Mom likes it too.  Hope it stays on.  Its like CSI + Fringe combined. 
Flashpoint: Ok show, kinda quit watching. 
Ghost Whisperer: Never liked it.
NCIS: Sweet!
Numb3rs: Great!
Survivor: Last season got predictable, this show needs new blood.  People are too predictable early on. 
Two and a Half Men: Good show, is pretty hilarious.
Without a Trace: Ok show
American Idol: Good part is in the beginning, after that its blegh...
Fringe: Sweet!!  Great show!!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A long shot. Now officially canceled. <--Ehh, it was ok.
'Til Death: Already renewed (unfortunately). <--Ugh

Chuck: Could go either way. A safe bet. Now officially renewed. (Yay!) <---Awesome!!!
Heroes: Hopefully it improves from last season. 
Kath & Kim: About time, who actually watched this show?  Its "popularity" in my opinion was faked. 
Knight Rider: Good riddance. 
Medium: Good, another show my Mom likes. 

And that, is my opinion.

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Out of all those shows the only one I even remotely care about is NCIS and if that was to bite the dust life would go on. That list is a fine example of why I no longer subscribe to cable or have a TV antenna. It's such a vaste wasteland and a waste of precious time.

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