So the Associated Press just called me!

Started by Rico, April 21, 2009, 12:51:17 PM

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Well, this is very weird and kind of cool.  I just got a call from the Associated Press in Washington.  They saw my Twitter from this morning about   They were looking for video of people doing new and creative stuff to land a job.  She liked the web site idea a lot, but they are more interested in people out on the street doing stuff - something like giving out ice cream, etc. trying to get noticed.  So while she loved the web site idea and stuff she is more in need of video.  I got her contact info and she told me to email her if I found anything like that or had anything myself.  So close!!

So, now I'm trying to figure out the next step - if there is one.  Maybe give out balloons at a mall on the weekend with on them.  Something.  Any ideas gang??


Wow that's great Rico!

Is there anything you could do using your chemistry skills? Perhaps some sort of demonstration that you could present in a public place that could 'wow' an audience? This could get you in the press and immediately highlighting your skills to an employer at the same time.

Just thinking out loud....


Yeah - I had that idea too.  Time to brainstorm a bit.



Yeah, how about a rock with written on it, you could say i'm a chemist and this is my product. Not sure how easy it would be to do but you can pick up marble rock, or the funky green stuff pretty cheap.


My idea was more along the lines of some sort of presentation that would entertain a crowd as well as work on video which is what they are after.

Is there a way of burning "" onto a surface (it could be a slab of rock) through a chemical reaction? That would stand out and be great on video.


Handing out ice cream is exactly what they did on the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" (Long Night of Sciences) in Berlin. They froze it right in front of their audience, wearing white lab coats. Handing it out made them quite popular.

A small science show with all that colorful fluids becoming another fluids, Mentos in coke, things with water ( would be nice, but I don't know where you would do something like this and what target audience would be interesting. But you would do it for the video, as long the people watching are entertained.
Needs training and material, competing with youtube and TV is hard.

Oh, do it in front of a cinema, when you've seen Star Trek enough. Plenty of geeks, waiting for the movie. And you could also promote TSF, that would be quite cool. (At least in my mind...)